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i wish the naruto anime ended with a team 7 moment instead of a marraige :// this story wasn’t about naruhina, it was abt naruto and his journey with bonds, goals and never giving up. i really wish it ended with naruto’s most important people – the actual main characters – the people he’s valued and cherished since he was 12. rly disappointed in sp again. tbh the anime should’ve ended at ch. 699, a team 7 moment instead of of a marraige, or chp. 698


i made some sns icons from a couple of the recent endings, if anyone is interested v: each of them is 150x150

It’s just that when I hear you blabbering about carrying everything on your shoulders.. I can kinda.. Feel the pain too. It really Hurts. There’s no way I can just ignore it!
—  Naruto to Sasuke (chapter 698)

This kitty name is Lucretyiio.

He’s a smiler, you can’t see it now. But he is.

(He’s also gorgeous, but that you can see, I’m sure.)

Ah, strongholds. I built a big Nar Shaddaa one because subscribers got rooms for free. I built a Coruscant bolt hole for Summary Execution Trooper. And I built a Dromund Kaas stronghold for Ruth. It had a big desk. It had Imperial banners. It had a big garden outside, the kind you could get lost in. Its operational room had an auction house, a mailbox, two banks, three battle droids, and no human contact. And it was dreary. All my other characters operated out of Nar Shaddaa. Ruth, this being her canon post-Act 3, brooded.

I can just imagine it now, Wynston having taken Ruth up on her offer of shelter for once:

WYNSTON: I used your estate. I needed a place at a certain distance. Thank you.
RUTH: I trust everything was in order.
WYNSTON: Yes, it was fine. Just fine. [beat] Ruth…
RUTH: What?
WYNSTON: You need help.
RUTH: My, would you look at the time. You have someplace to be.

egbert-in-space  asked:

Have u ,, ever possibly seen ,,, a hammer shaped chewy ,,, like itd be strange to find one but i have like add and anxiety and im ho/mes/tuck kin with john and gosh hammers are just ,,,, so good ,,, and chewing is too ,,,,,, and on stimtastic they have the mushroom one and my implusive self almost bought one i dont even like mushrooms that much but sorry this is rlly long now u can delete if u arent comfy with homestu/ck kin (its touchy for some ppl)

I have seen vaguely hammer shaped chews before. these ones from NAR isn’t supposed to be a hammer per se, but it definitely looks like one to me; and they’re cheap. 

I’ve seen these “mjolnir” ones from the Helles collection that are SUPPOSED to be thor’s hammer but don’t exactly look like one to Me. 

i have seen tool shaped teethers in stores before, but these are the only ones i could find online, they have hammers/drills/wrenches/ etc. good luck!

I find wearing less makeup looks better to me, yeah in photos a lot of makeup, contouring, eyelashes looks good but in real life it’s just not the same. I have dry skin so a lot of makeup just doesn’t work with my skin. Less makeup just looks more flawless, and what I mean by less I mean a small amount of each product, trust me it looks better, try it ☺️

On my lips I’m using Rimmel lipliner spice, then I put my cream on top so my lips aren’t dry and look natural.

I used nars sheer glow just one pump, It covered my face i put a thick layer of cream prior, so when I put my foundation on top it blends and covers the whole face & gives you a nice healthy glow.

To contour I used a darker foundation which is also quite sheer so it blends in nicely. I even used it on my eyes to make them more defined I’m wearing eyeshadow only in the corner of my eye.

I stopped wearing mascara for 3 weeks and my eyelashes have gotten thicker and darker so now I don’t have to use as much mascara just one coat, coconut oil helps lashes grow.

On my cheeks I’m wearing a cream blush, I used nars multiple in orgasm it works both as a blush and highlighter it’s very dewy.

And I’m wearing Mac Pro longwear under my eyes with no setting powder because I have dry skin and it causes my eyes to feel tired, so I didn’t wear anything else and it didn’t crease at all, it actually looked better.

Honestly don’t feel pressured to wear lots of makeup, I know I felt like I had to after watching makeup tutorials and seeing photos on Instagram, and most of the time it doesn’t look as good in person. Just do what works for you ☺️💕 I promise you’ll prefer it a lot more 💜


All of this was like over the course of 3 days and i took most of the packaging bc i forgot i was gonna post pictures. And these are canadian prices and some i had to guess bc i forgot what the original prices were soz

Urban Outfitters

booties 30$

sunglasses x2 40$ (one pair not shown)


Mini brush set 10$

Olay face brightening cream 10$

Clear Nailpolish 8$ (not shown)


Fibre 1 bars 3$

Essie Top Coat 7$

Essie Fast Drying 7$

Nail Polish Remover 6$

Victoria’s Secret

lace thongs x3 31.50$

sports bras x3 49.50$

black sweater 30.50$

Chapters (it’s a bookstore)

Yes Please by Amy Poehler 20$ (not shown)

Egghead by Bo Burnham 17$

It by Alexa Chung 23$ (not shown)

Winners (kind of like marshalls or ross)

Black lace bra 18$

set of travel brushes 16$

converse socks 7$

knee high socks 9$


Interstellar palette 55$

semi sweet chocolate palette x2 118$ (one not shown)

makeup forever hd foundation x2 98$ (one not shown)

Nars concealer x2 70$ (one not shown)

YSL lipsticks x4 156$ (two not shown)

Urban Decay setting mist 36$

Urban Decay Shadow primer 24$

Nars pore primer 34$

black beauty blender 26$

BB hair powder 31$

Anastasia Brow pencil 30$

nars matte lip pencils x2 62$

kat von d liquid liner pen 18$

too faced melted lipstick 25$

lancome lipgloss 18$


Coco madam x2 180$

Face wipes 6$

Eye brightner thing 22$

Lipgloss stuff that makes ur lips big 22$

Maybelline Foundation 13$

Theyre Real Mascara 23$

l'oreal eye liners x2 20$

l'oreal liquid liner 11$

Earbuds 14$

cuticle clippers 11$

oil wipes 4$

Biore Nose Strips 8$

Biore heat masks 8$

Dior Mascara 30$

Porefessional 27$

Eye Contour kit 23$

Maybelline Eyeliner 7$

Maybelline Shadow Stick 8$

Essie Nailpolish 13$ (not shown)

Matte Nailpolish Coat 13$ (not shown)

Total Saved: 1,606.50$

If it says not shown that’s because i lifted that stuff for my best friend and she has it haha.