Lard Nar has horn replacements

In art for the Trial Lard Nar is shown to have shorter and thicker horns than he does now.  For the shorter thing, it’s likely due to him being young.  However, they’re MUCH thicker than when he’s older, and now have some weird base around them.  You can see the differences below. 

It could be chalked up to him wearing some kind of horn armor, but then why are they thinner?  Saying they get thinner as they get older wouldn’t make much sense, as him and 777 are most likely around the same age, having worked on the Massive together, and armor that squishes them down to that size would most likely be very painful and inconvenient. 

If you look at other Vortian’s horns they look completely fake in comparison.  Even the Vortian in Foodcourtia who seems to be a clone of him has different horns than he does, ones that look much more real and fit in with other Vortian.  The only Vortian that seems to be similar to him looks to only have those bases because it’s part of their mask, not their actual horns.

So I propose, at some point, Lard Nar lost his horns at some point.   They were damaged completely, or down to nonfunctional nubs.  To Vortian, I feel their horns are very important to them, and without his, Lard Nar was depressed.  To fix this, he made replacements (or had them made for him) that connect to the nerves where the old horns were, so it’s like he never lost them.

How he lost them, I’m not sure.  I imagine they could have been damaged in a lab accident, or possibly he was caught by them while trying to escape Vort before forming the Resisty.  The latter would definitely give him all the more reason to hate the Irken, as if what they’ve done wasn’t already enough.. I’ll definitely be thinking more about this more later.


NARS Audacious Mascara Review

We all know I’m a huge fan of the Audacious lipsticks which launched in 2014. I love the payoff, the range of flattering colors that range from best-in-class classics to modern brights, and I love the satin texture and presentation.

This year, NARS launches Audacious mascara. And this formula promises to be all all-rounder that is:

  • non-waterproof but smudge-resistant formula
  • volumizing
  • lengthening
  • lifting/curling

Sounds like every other mascara’s claims? Well I put it to the test and I’ll say - it’s:

  • pretty lasting for me and stiff enough when set to hold curl well, which is usually not the case with many non-waterproof mascaras, but bear in mind I have medium-fine lashes and they’re not too stubborn usually
  • easy to remove with cotton pad and cleansing water - no scrubbing and rubbing
  • non-smudging on me, but then I do not have oily lids so I am probably not the absolute best judge; it doesn’t start running the moment it gets wet but be careful not to rub your eyes too hard
  • very lengthening; those curved spikes on the wand that look like the fangs of some monstrous carnivorous plant do manage to grab your lashes and separate them well
  • not extremely volumizing for me; I did find that it had a tendency to grab some lashes and coat them thickly, but not others, so you end up with inconsistent volumization
  • sorta clumpy; this doesn’t turn my fringe of lashes into 5 fat stumps - it’s not that sort of clumpy. But it does have a tendency to deposit fatter clumps around the tips of your lashes if you try to build up the product a bit, because the nature of the formula and the wand makes NARS Audacious mascara lengthen faster than it can build thickness around each strand. So you sometimes get a slim long lash with a bent “match-stick” bulb at the end. I’d like to know your experience with it, and if you had a different experience!
  • very black. If you have light lashes, this does a very good job of coating and darkening every strand.

All in all, I would say this is just not mascara designed for layering (unless you actually like clumpy dramatic lashes). It CAN give you pretty good results in a single coat as you can see above. I think it’s a great mascara if you want length and separation with moderate volume. It also holds curl moderately well although I can’t speak for those with stubborn thick lash strands. But if you like to slowly layer, you will need a clean disposable mascara wand to comb out the clumps between coats. 

I also find this works better for me if I just pull from root to tips, instead of wiggling back and forth sideways (cos then it becomes clump-central).

Note: with any mascara that you layer and layer, you might also be more prone to flakiness. Flecks of black crumbling onto your cheeks over the day. I didn’t experience that with Audacious mascara wearing just one coat, so I daresay you’ll be fine if you don’t try to get TOO audacious with it.