NARS Audacious Mascara Review

We all know I’m a huge fan of the Audacious lipsticks which launched in 2014. I love the payoff, the range of flattering colors that range from best-in-class classics to modern brights, and I love the satin texture and presentation.

This year, NARS launches Audacious mascara. And this formula promises to be all all-rounder that is:

  • non-waterproof but smudge-resistant formula
  • volumizing
  • lengthening
  • lifting/curling

Sounds like every other mascara’s claims? Well I put it to the test and I’ll say - it’s:

  • pretty lasting for me and stiff enough when set to hold curl well, which is usually not the case with many non-waterproof mascaras, but bear in mind I have medium-fine lashes and they’re not too stubborn usually
  • easy to remove with cotton pad and cleansing water - no scrubbing and rubbing
  • non-smudging on me, but then I do not have oily lids so I am probably not the absolute best judge; it doesn’t start running the moment it gets wet but be careful not to rub your eyes too hard
  • very lengthening; those curved spikes on the wand that look like the fangs of some monstrous carnivorous plant do manage to grab your lashes and separate them well
  • not extremely volumizing for me; I did find that it had a tendency to grab some lashes and coat them thickly, but not others, so you end up with inconsistent volumization
  • sorta clumpy; this doesn’t turn my fringe of lashes into 5 fat stumps - it’s not that sort of clumpy. But it does have a tendency to deposit fatter clumps around the tips of your lashes if you try to build up the product a bit, because the nature of the formula and the wand makes NARS Audacious mascara lengthen faster than it can build thickness around each strand. So you sometimes get a slim long lash with a bent “match-stick” bulb at the end. I’d like to know your experience with it, and if you had a different experience!
  • very black. If you have light lashes, this does a very good job of coating and darkening every strand.

All in all, I would say this is just not mascara designed for layering (unless you actually like clumpy dramatic lashes). It CAN give you pretty good results in a single coat as you can see above. I think it’s a great mascara if you want length and separation with moderate volume. It also holds curl moderately well although I can’t speak for those with stubborn thick lash strands. But if you like to slowly layer, you will need a clean disposable mascara wand to comb out the clumps between coats. 

I also find this works better for me if I just pull from root to tips, instead of wiggling back and forth sideways (cos then it becomes clump-central).

Note: with any mascara that you layer and layer, you might also be more prone to flakiness. Flecks of black crumbling onto your cheeks over the day. I didn’t experience that with Audacious mascara wearing just one coat, so I daresay you’ll be fine if you don’t try to get TOO audacious with it.


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