These are all the lovely blogs and people who make my dash so beautiful and that much better!

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I probably missed some people, and I’m sorry! I love you all very much! You guys make tumblr so much better for me! Thank you, lovelies! xx

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1)What is your favourite time period to learn about? My favorite time period to learn about is the 1920s through the 40s.

2)Song that you are currently in love with? Bottom of the river by Delta Rae

3)Celebrity that you are the most sexually attracted to? This one’s really REALLY hard actually…but we’ll just go with Evan Peters, heis pretty high up there.

4) Favourite scene from a film? Why? My favorite scene from a movie would probably be from The Breakfast Club. When they are all just alking and realize they all face the same problems even though they are different people. When they all just connect for the first time, i absolultey love it, and from that scene on i just fell in love with the movie.

5)TV show you relate to the most? Why? Probably survivor because sometimes i feel like i am on this island all alone. Slowly but surely my friends are just leaving me and i’m left behind, stuck to try to pick up the pieces and stay strong.

6)Do you want to go to uni? Where? (If not, what else?) (Have you already been?) I want to study abroad in another country and go to uni there.

7) What is your favourite drink when you are getting drunk? (or favourite other drink if you are tea-total) water, which sounds kinda lame so i’ll go with sprite zero cranberry

8)A concert/festival you wish you were present at, or have been to? Being at a MCR concert would be awesome comsidering they aren’t together, but i loved the twenty one pilots, p!atd, and fob concert i went to.

9)Celebrity you wish you looked like? I wish i looked like Beyonce, because who doesn’t wanna look like Beyonce. Or Emma Watson

10)What do you like the most about being the age you are? i actually hate my age, but probably that i still don’t have to pay bills

11)What is the song you listen to when your sad? Car radio by twenty one pilots

1. What is the one song that can always put a smile on your face?

2. What is the meaning behind your URL?

3. Something that’s constantly on your mind

4. Which swear word do you use the most?

5. Your favorite month and why?

6. If a director was going to make a movie about your life what would he/she call it? Why?

7. If you could have a band narrate your life who would it be?

8. What is your ideal dream job?

9. Name 3 of your biggest phobias.

10. One celebrity you’d want to drink/get high with and why?

11. How do you define yourself as a person only using four words?

Thanks for continuing this!

And you perfectly know that i love you to infinity and beyond babe!
You’re my rock you know that right? Without you i don’t know what would have happened with my life!
I’ll be forever thankful for what you’ve done to me babe! x


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If you could be part animal which animal would you be? Tiger! They are fierce!
Who is your favourite superhero? Batman!
Do you know what you want to name your kids if you want them? Girl- Kennedy Grace and boy- Drew Edward or William Louis.

Flats or heels? Both!
Does seeing the film before reading the book matter? Depends
Have you seen your favourite musician live? Yes!
What’s your relationship status? Forever single!

Fruit or vegetables? Veggies!
Do you consider yourself healthy? Somewhat, I guess.
What was your first kiss like if you’ve had one? Awkward and stupid.
Use the questions above! xx