narry-golfing harry is really bloody important

probably because he looks so damn good in golf gear  

but seriously there is about an infinite number of reasons as to why golf harry is important

a magical moment between a camera lens and the man himself





golf harry gave us THIS 


Do you understand the meaning of respect golf harry

don’t freaking think so

thank you for edits like this

but golf harry gave us TINY harry do you realise the amount of importance. THE GOLF BAG IS NEARLY AS BIG AS HIM THANK 




harry sreriosjl? 

golf harry gave us golf NARRY (as a bromance thnx but no thnx narry shippers) 

dammit harry with men 

did u really feel the need to add another one @ owner of this picture


This Day in 1D History - September 23


  • Narry have the BEST TIME golfing
  • Liam works out by the hotel AND ISSUES A WARNING
  • Zayn arrives at venue with A Look
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Adelaide, Australia 


  • “Vanessa was too scared to talk to Louis, so Harry came over and hugged her and took her over to the guys. She cried, of course!!” 
  • Where We Are Tour concert – Tulsa, USA


  • “Can I have a cigarette in peace?!” (outside the Mahiki night club in London)
  • Louis meets Pele! (and Niall is in awe) 
  • Niall posts his Apple Music Festival Insta with the tomato emoji lmao
  • new bios and pics go up on the official website!

I didn’t realize how much my heart wants Niall to be Harry’s red-carpet date for the Dunkirk premier….Like, my heart actually, actually yearns for it? I can already tell you Niall’s going to watch it, and may even attend the premier, but it would be icing on top of the cake to be his hot date; both dressed in nice, fitted suits, photographed whispering in the others’ ear to make the other laugh spectacularly. I’m so ready for this.