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“Harry they all look the same.” You saw him roll his eyes at you as you took a seat on the plush couch in the middle of the Gucci store.

When Harry called you and asked for you to accompany him on a shopping trip you knew this is where the two of you would end up. What you didn’t expect was to spend half an hour looking at four pairs of black boots that all looked the same.

“This one has a buckle on it,” You turned your head and let out a sigh as Harry picked up one of the boots. “This one has some nice fringe like detail and the other is jus like plain.” Harry was now standing in front of you with two of the boot options in his hands.

“Get the plain one.” Your answer made him tilt his head and furrow his brows as he stared at the two boots in his hands. “Or get them all.” You added making him roll his eyes.

“If ya help me make this decision I will get you one of those sweatshirts that’s like mine you’re always trying to swipe from my closet.” Harry knew that would get your full attention, you quickly stood up and walked over towards the other pairs of boots he was contemplating on buying. He followed you and stood behind you as you tapped your index finger to your chin while giving each boot a once over.

“The plain one is still what I️ would go with.” You turned around and grabbed the plain boot out of his hand causing him to shoot you a confused look. “You have boots with details, from buckles to fringe. But what you don’t have is a simple plain black boot.” You added and this made him nod his head in agreement, he leaned over and placed the other boot he has holding back on the display table.

“I agree, need a boot to wear fo my mo casual days.” This made you laugh as Harry slung his arm over your shoulder as the two of you walked towards the front of the store.

“Now about that sweatshirt.” You looked around the store and a small frown took over your face once you realized they didn’t have any out. Harry just pulled you closer to his side once the two of you made it to the counter so Harry could pay for his boots.

“Can have mine love.” He whispered in your ear before placing a quick kiss to the top of your head. He dropped his arm from your shoulder so he could pull his wallet out from his back pocket. You took this opportunity to walk around the store to avoid hearing the absurd dollar amount Harry was about to drop of a pair of shoes.

You were in front of the store by a window looking at a purse when you heard it, it was a quiet tapping and when you heard it again you turned your head and looked around the store. You only saw Harry and the lovely man who was currently ringing him up. When you turned to look out the window your eyes went wide when you saw you were face too face with an excited fan and her iPhone. You looked around and saw a group of fans outside the door waiting for their chance to see Harry, this wasn’t anything new to you but it still always took you off guard when they snapped pictures of you as well.

“I really didn’t think they would find us here.” You heard Harry let out a groan as his free hand ran through his hair. You just pulled your sunglasses out of your purse and slid them on your face as you walked towards the doors. “Oh, not so fast love.” You felt Harry’s hand grip around your wrist causing you to stop moving and turn your head so you could look at him.

“Want to go out the back?” You questioned and when he saw him start biting at his bottom lip you knew he was thinking of a plan in his head. He released your wrist and you took out his phone and before you could ask who he was calling he put it up to his ear and walked off.

“Okay, I’m going to go out the back where Jeff will be waiting and you go out the front and just head towards the coffee shop.” Harry’s words quickly took you out of your daydream and back to reality. You gave him a confused look as you slid your glasses up to hold your hair back so you could stare at him.

“Harry we can both go out the back, it’s not a big deal.” You reassured him but he just slid on his own sunglasses as he turned to looked at you.

“I can’t be seen with you right now.” You felt your heart drop a bit as his words sunk in. “I’ve had too many rumors about me dating whoever I’ve been see with recently and I don’t need another one at the moment.” You knew he wasn’t happy about people assuming he was dating everyone he was seen with but he never let it affect the two of you before until today.

“People know we aren’t dating Harry.” You shot at him in attempts to make him change his mind about letting you leave with him. “They know me, we’ve been seen together quite a bit and no one has started a rumor.” You added and when he just let out a sigh you thought maybe you had gotten to him.

“Don’t want to risk it.” With that he spun around on his heels as his phone beeped making you assume that it was probably Jeff letting him know he was outside. “Meet you at the coffee shop.” He shouted over his shoulder as he quickly made his way towards the back of the shop and when you heard the back door open and slam closed you felt your heart sink.

You took a deep breath and let it out slowly as you slid your sunglasses back on and headed towards the door. You put on your best smile as you pushed the door open and when the fans soon realized it was just you their smiles faded to looks of disappointment.

“Where is Harry? He left you?” You tired to ignore the slight stinging sensation behind your eyes as the girl you had seen earlier through the window stood in front of you.

“Had an emergency come up.” Was all you said before walking past her and down the sidewalk towards the coffee shop, you saw the black SUV turn the corner and you smiled when you saw it drive towards the coffee shop. Your smile quickly faded as you saw it drive past it, You rolled your eyes as you felt you phone vibrating in your back pocket. You slid your thumb over the lock screen and brought it to your ear as you crossed the street.

“Don’t be mad,” you couldn’t help but let out a sigh as Harry’s voice filled your ear. “Jeff needs me to go over a few things. I will see you at the house tonight. Don’t let Niall pick the movie until i get there. Love you, bye.” And with that you heard the line go dead, you shook your head in hopes to make the tears threatening to slide down your face go away as you slid the phone back into your pocket. You quickly just decided to skip the coffee and head back home thanking the heavens that you didn’t live far.

“He did what?” Niall shouted from the kitchen as you plopped down onto the sofa in your living room. You had just gotten done telling him about your little shopping trip with Harry and to say he was upset was a mild understatement. You just reached for the soft throw blanket that was behind your head as Niall made his way into the living room.

“He doesn’t want to risk it, totally understand that. I mean who would want a rumor going around they were dating me?” You explained as you pulled the blanket down and threw it over your lap.

“Now dats a load of shit and you know it.” You felt Niall sit down next to you and you instinctively leaned into his side as his arm found its way around your waist so he could pull you closer. “He’s a right dickhead fo makin ya walk out da front instead of leavin wit ya. Gonna give em a piece of me mind when he shows up.” You felt Niall’s grip on you tighten as you rested your head on his shoulder.

“I know he didn’t mean it in a rude way Ni.” Your voice was low and you couldn’t help but sniffle a little, you hadn’t even noticed you had tears coming out of your eyes until you reached up and wiped your face with the back of your hand.

“Bloody hell, when did it decide to get cold outside? We live in California for crying out loud.” You sat up a bit when you heard Harry complain as he walked through the front door. Niall quickly got up from his position on the couch and you knew by the look on his face he was about to let Harry have it.

“Better question is when da ya turn into an absolute prick Styles?” Niall crossed his arms over his chest as he glared at a very confused looking Harry who just shrugged off his jacket before hanging it up on the coat hook by the door.

“Am I s’posed to know what the hell you’re goin on about?” Harry shot back at him as he walked towards the kitchen. Niall rolled his eyes and uncrossed his arms as he followed Harry into the kitchen.

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath before standing up and throwing the soft blanket back onto the couch before turning and heading for the kitchen. You knew if you left Niall in there alone with Harry there would soon be plates and mugs being thrown and that was never fun to clean up later.

“Ya jus gonna up and leave her and Make her walk out into da swarm of fans fo what? To avoid a bloody rumor?” You watched the realization of Niall’s words hit Harry as his face went from a scowl to a look of almost horror as he looked over towards where you were leaned against the entry way of the kitchen.

“She could’ve gotten hurt Harry, all over a stupid bloody rumor that wouldn’t even be dat bad for ya to have goin around right now mater of fact.” Niall snapped at him as he glared back at Niall who took a step in front of you when he saw Harry make a move towards you.

“Oh come off it Niall, not gonna hurt her.” Harry argued causing Niall to roll his eyes as he stood between you and Harry. “I wasn’t thinking.” He added causing Niall to laugh and shake his head.

“No fookin shit ya weren’t thinkin.” This made you laugh a little causing Niall to look over his shoulder at you and shoot you a little wink. You watched Harry let out a huff as he stepped to the side in attempts to be able to reach his hands out towards you but Niall just smacked them down causing Harry’s jaw to clinch, a clear sign he was getting annoyed.

“Niall, move.” Harry’s tone was one of annoyance mixed with anger and you just gave Niall a small smile when he looked at you as if to ask for your permission before moving to the side.

“Make her cry again mate and we will be throwin hands. Dats a promise.” With that you felt Niall lean down and place a quick kiss to your cheek before turning and making his was back to the living room.

You heard Harry let out a sigh of relief as he finally was able to step closer to you and reach for your hands. You slowly looked up towards his face as you felt him intertwine your fingers with his, the corners of his mouth were turned down into a slight frown as you saw his eyes scan over your features.

“I’m so sorry love.” He squeezed your hands as he ducked down a bit so he could look you in the eyes. “I’m an absolute ass, I️ shouldn’t have left ya to face the fans alone. I don’t know why I did that.” You could tell by his tone that he was sorry, but it didn’t really help you feel any better about the situation.

“I know why you did it, you don’t want anyone thinking we are dating. I get it, you have rumors flying around about you all the time. Don’t need one involving me added to the mix.” You dropped your attention from his eyes to the floor so you didn’t have to see his face drop even more as the words came out of your mouth.

“I don’t want you to be a target princess.” You felt him drop one of your hands so he could place his thumb under your chin and lift your head so you were once again looking him in the eyes. “I don’t care if people think we are dating, hell half the nation thinks Niall and I are dating.” You couldn’t help but smile as Harry dropped his hand from under your chin.

“Ha! Ya bloody wish we was datin! Damn good boyfriend I am!” You saw Harry roll his eyes as Niall shouted from the living room causing you to laugh as Harry shook his head.

“What I mean is that I just don’t want you to be a target for anyone to say anything mean or untrue about you love, I am truly sorry fo makin ya walk out the front while I ran off through the back. I still can’t believe I did that, I’m sorry you thought I just didn’t wanna be seen with you.” You felt him drop your other hand and soon you hand his arms wrapped around your shoulders and was being pulled towards his chest. You slowly wrapped your arms around his middle and gave him a little squeeze so he knew it was okay.

“Don’t do it again.” You mumbled into his chest as you felt him kiss the top of your head. He began rocking you back and forth a little as his hold on you tightened.

“So sorry fo makin ya cry petal,” you felt his chin rest on the top of your head as he pulled you as close to him as possible. “Won’t happen again.” You just smiled and nodded as you saw Niall enter the kitchen with a huff and a roll of his eyes as he saw the two of you hugging.

“So about that sweatshirt?” You teased as you lifted your head up from his chest.

“Better buy her da whole store.” Niall stated as he walked over and smacked Harry upside the head causing Harry to drop his arms from your shoulder and try to smack Niall back but he quickly dodged his hands and headed for the fridge. “Dat was for makin her cry again. Told ya we would be fightin.” Harry looked down at you with wide eyes as he made sure you didn’t have any new tears streaming down your face.

“She’s not cryin ya dick.” With that Harry walked over and smacked Niall in the back as he was reaching into the fridge for one of his beers he kept on the bottom shelf. Niall flinched and almost smacked his head on the top shelf of the fridge.

“Jus fo tha I’m pickin the movie tonight.” You rolled your eyes as you watched them bicker at each other like an old married couple. Harry crossed his arms over his chest and pouted as he looked over at you.

“Oh no, I’m not in this. You two figure it out, I will be waiting in the living room.” You explained as you turned and left them standing in the kitchen. You took your usual spot in the middle of the couch covered with your blanket as you heard the two of them argue over if it was a romantic comedy or action movie type of night.

“Well ya made her cry so you don’t get ta pick anythin for tonight. Dats yer punishment.” You held back a giggle at Niall’s words, and soon you saw Harry walk into the living room and drop down next to you looking defeated. You placed a hand over his thigh and gave it pat.

“We are watchin a good ole action movie and havin Chinese!” Niall exclaimed as he sat down in the loveseat after grabbing the remote to the TV off the coffee table. You laughed as you heard Harry let out a groan and run his hands over his face.

“I will buy you the whole Gucci store if you tell him you don’t want Chinese food.” Harry whispered in your ear as he pulled you a little closer to him. You laughed and shook your head no at him making a playful whine come from his lips.

The rest of the night Niall made sure to point out that Harry didn’t get a say in anything from what action movie we were going to watch all the way to what he ordered from the Chinese restaurant.
You knew Harry was sorry by the way he made it a point to tell you he loved you every so often during the night, even made sure he left you a certain pink sweatshirt on the end of your bed when he went to go put his new boots away in the closet of the spare bedroom.

You had forgiven Harry because you understood he didn’t care if you were seen together, it happened all the time but at this moment he just didn’t want you to get he same amount of hate the other people he was seen out and about with were receiving. You knew he wouldn’t do anything to deliberately hurt you, this was just his way of protecting you. If there was one thing you knew about Harry and Niall it was that they would do anything to protect you and that’s something you loved about them.

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Niall and harry's dates stood them up and they're sulking in their booth or table (next to each other) until they make eye contact and a “my date stood me up” so they do their own date. please and thank you. :-)

Sorry this took so long, I am not setting dates for myself to write these prompts because I don’t want this to become a thing I am forcing myself to do. Plus, I wasn’t in the writing mood and I don’t want to give you guys badly written prompts. Enjoy this once again fluffy prompt and thank you to whoever sent this in! :)


His name was Dylan, Louis had hooked him up with him by giving the guy his phone number. Saying ‘you haven’t been out in a while mate, and he’s a really good guy I promise.’ Niall had been a little weary, not liking to go out as often as he used to, but he managed to stalk the lad on Facebook and didn’t really mind his looks, so it wasn’t a horrible thing to have this guy coming on a first date with him.

Only…it’s been ten minutes since the lad was supposed to be here in this downtown London restaurant that they had picked. Niall wasn’t in the wrong place, he knows that for sure because he’s checked the map on his phone almost a million times, plus texted Louis making sure he got the name of the place right. 

So, where is he? Niall was tapping his foot anxiously on the ground of the booth he was sat at, feeling like a complete loser with all these families and couples surrounding him laughing. He’s getting hungry too, smelling food as the waiters and waitresses pass by balancing them in their hands. He doesn’t even have to look at the menu to know what he wants, cause the fish and chips that the dad of a family a booth down is eating looks exactly what he would want.

But he’s declined every offer of food from what the waitress named Katy has asked him whenever she comes over, he’s had two glasses of water though since he couldn’t take her giving him saddened looks that get more dramatic every time she walked past him.

Everyone just knew he was being stood up, it was probably radiating off him. It wasn’t hard to realize though, with the way he was dressed and how there was an empty seat across from him.

He was just grabbing for his phone, feeling like his skin was going to crawl right off his bones if he didn’t occupy himself when his eyes locked with another man sitting at a table a few meters in front of him, he was leaned over it harshly, elbows locked on top and his expression looking nervous the way he was biting at his lip.

It wasn’t Dylan, Niall was sure because he’s checked the guys Facebook enough to know he has more of a beard than that guy, and his hair is blond, not brunet, and definitely not curly. So all he could do was stare curiously at the anxious looking guy that looked to be in a critical situation like him. 

Their eye contact is quickly broken though, the awkwardness of it all being too much for them to hold their gazes. Niall pretends to play on his phone, and sighs when he hears heels clicking along the floor of the restaurant and stopping at his booth.

It’s Katy smiling all sad again, her mouth just slightly turned in a grin with eyes filled with unspoken words saying ‘I’m so sorry love, you deserve better.’

He ignores it though, instead giving her a fake smile that doesn’t reach his ears. Niall just wants her to leave and not waste her time with him, but she flips open her notepad and starts to scribble something down onto it as her eyes flicker onto his hunched form.

“I am getting you a Caesar salad on the house today, you look like you need it love.” She moves a hand out to pat at his shoulder after she caps her pen and shoves the notepad into the little pouch she has tied around her apron. Niall feels a warmth grow in his gut at the nice gesture, and gives her a small nod in acknowledgement.

He’s probably taking up the space in the restaurant, an actual couple going on an actual date could be waiting to be seated. He says that to himself, but when his eyes land on the front entrance of the restaurant, no one is there. Not that cute couple he was thinking about holding hands and waiting patiently, and definitely not Dylan scanning the place trying to find Niall with hopeful eyes.


Katy was coming out of the kitchen a few minutes later, and Niall was surprised to see two Caesar salads balanced in her grip, her not meeting his eyes as she smiles at other costumers. Maybe she felt so bad for him she was gonna give him two salads, but before Niall could think of a way to nicely decline the extra starter, he sees her stop at the table with the man that Niall had locked eyes with before, her setting down the second salad with that same similar upset smile across her face.

It kind of clicked in Niall’s head now, seeing almost a repeat scene of what happened with Niall. The other lads fake smiles towards Katy, him trying not to meet anyones eyes in the restaurant, Katy’s hand along his shoulder before she swiftly left.

Niall was more than curious now, this guy was stood up just like him. It was funny how they were both in the same restaurant as well as being in the same situation. Did this guy have a first date too that didn’t decide to show up? Was it a man or a woman? Or maybe it wasn’t a date at all, maybe his friends ditched him, or a family member.

He was thinking so hard into it, he flinched when Katy placed the salad in front of him. She looked curious herself seeing him jumping off the booths seat, and when her eyes had connected the dots to where he was looking, she almost laughed.

“Looks like two nice young men have been mistreated today, such a shame.” She tapped at the table with her fingers before leaving again. Niall was shocked, because his questions were answered, this poor lad was also left in the dust by his date.

It was stupid though, how Niall wanted to walk up to him and chat. He wanted to take his salad until he stood in front of the lads table, staring down at him with a shaky smile and soft eyes. Maybe shrug his shoulders with a ‘it happens mate’ passing his lips like he was some therapist.

But he was too chicken to do that, he doesn’t like talking to strangers. Maybe if he has a couple mates around his dignity won’t be too fragile, but his feelings have been pretty beat up today already, and if this guy turns him down or gets weirded out that he is talking to him, Niall is sure he won’t recover.

There’s a plate clanking down onto his table, and he just knows it’s Katy again probably with a whole meal now. But he’s almost choking on his lettuce when he sees it’s the guy who got stood up as well, wearing a fancy white dress shirt tucked into black pants. He looks like a prince, some fairy tale beauty that has Niall breathless. He looks amazing up close, better looking than Dylan any day.

“I was told by the waitress that I’m not the only one that got ditched today, sorry if I’m pointing fingers…but you looked pretty lonely over here. Plus, I think she only gives free appetizers to the sad singles in the restaurant.” Niall laughed at the mans words, feeling a blush burn his cheeks. He doesn’t know if he’s blushing cause the lad is that hot, or if it’s cause its embarrassing how obviously lonely he looks.

“Seriously though, sorry someone stood you up.” The guy was serious now, and when Niall looked up from his salad he was sucked right into those shining green eyes. This guy didn’t even know Niall, both of them being just strangers in front of one another, but the way he stared at Niall it made him feel like he cared, like he was actually seriously concerned.

He managed to act like it was nothing, well, because it really was not a big deal. He will find someone else in his life, Dylan wasn’t the only fish in the sea. So, he shrugged and gave the guy a genuine smile now unlike the fake one he gave Katy.

“It’s alright, life is too short to be sulking over one guy I barely knew.”

The guy nodded with a pout, agreeing with Niall’s word whole-heartedly and still showing such a keen focus on Niall’s actions and expressions. Love and adoration just steamed off this guy like he was just coming out of a sauna, Niall could see every bit of care this guy showed to people on this earth.

“A guy yeah?” The man had spoken, but it was more to himself as he grabbed at his fork and started picking at his food. Niall almost didn’t catch it in his little fantasy daze, him now raising a brow at him.

“So, I didn’t catch your name?” He didn’t let Niall get too far into his head about the comment though, moving on to another question that had Niall feeling stupid that he didn’t answer it sooner.

“Niall, yours?”

“Names Harry, Harry Styles.” The guy wasn’t hesitant to answer back, firing his own name out and sneaking in his last one too. Niall couldn’t help but smile, the name even sounded perfect, so posh and pretty.

“What’s that smile for?” Harry asked, looking up through his lashes as he chewed on a piece of lettuce, pretending to mix the dressing in with the salad more. Niall felt his blush come sneaking back, not realizing that he probably looked like a stupid school girl in front of her crush.

He just bloody met this guy, poor Dylan has been replaced that fast.

“D'know, you have a nice name.” Niall shrugged, barely getting those words out of his mouth because this Harry Styles guy had a hold on him that felt vice tight like he could barely breath. But it was in a good way, he felt balanced and secure under the intimidating mental grip of his green flashing eyes.

“I mean, not to be so forward already but you’ve got a nice face, too” That was the end for Niall, the words that had him choking on the water he was attempting to swallow down.

“Our poor dates have already been forgotten about.” Niall chuckled out when Harry started grabbing for the menus that Niall had pushed aside, putting them in front of them.

“It’s their loss for not coming, but I mean I’m fine with this date too.” Harry was giving Niall a sly grin, being cheeky and so perfect. Niall was a melting puddle in the booth seat.

“Oh so this is a date now?” Niall couldn’t stop blushing, he was almost worried it would become permanent and taint his cheeks red forever. If this Harry guy was going to become long-term, it probably will.

“I mean, if you want it to be.” Harry looked worried now, trying not to show it but stiffening a little when Niall had said that. But Niall was frantic right after, definitely not wanting Harry to think he didn’t want this.

“No, of course I’d love this to become a…y-you know, date.” Niall was stuttering, biting at his lip right after when Harry just smiled and looked at him like he created earth itself.


“M’just saying I think you could do better.” You glared at Harry as he placed his left hand on your knee. He just shrugged as he began blowing on the nails of his right hand.

“You asked me to paint them for you Harry, you know I’m not the best with nails.” You snapped at him causing him to just roll his eyes as you twisted the cap of the black polish back on so you could give it a little shake. “Now if you need me to apply a face mask or contour your cheekbones I’d be happy to help you out.” You watched Harry tilt his head and give you a look causing a small smile to form on his face.

“Jus the nails fo now princess.” You nodded and twisted the cap off the polish so you could begin to paint his nails. You felt him hovering over you as you scraped around his nail with your thumb nail to get the polish that had accidentally run off the sides as you painted. “Is black too basic?” You sat up a bit so you could look at him as he held his right hand out and looked at the color of his nails with his bottom lip tucked between his teeth and a furrow in his brow.

“I mean It’s a neutral so it goes with everything.” You watched him just tilt his head causing you to giggle before you reached down and picked up the bottle of black nail polish. “You could do a pink?” You twisted the cap back onto the bottle as his eyes flickered over to your hands more importantly at the color on your nails.

“Maybe next time?” You just gave him a smile as you nodded your head. “So tell me, what’s the news with this Nick fella?” You laughed as Harry crossed his arms at his wrist and looked at his now fully painted nails.

“The news is that,” you leaned in closer to him as he crossed his legs on the couch. “He’s great in bed.” You whispered making Harry’s eyes go wide and his mouth to drop open causing you to lean back into the armrest of the couch and laugh.

“You ruin every moment,” you couldn’t stop laughing as Harry just shook his head as he glared at you from across the couch. “Tell me you’re joking. I don’t want to have to strangle him with my freshly painted nails.” You finally got your laughter under control so you could lean over and place a hand on Harry’s cheek.

“I’m kidding, have no clue what he’s like in bed.” You gave his cheek a little pat only making him roll his eyes at you when you dropped your hand onto your knee.

“My bloody washing machine is on the fritz.” The two of you turned your head as Niall walked through the front door with a laundry basket on his hip. You had to cover your mouth so he wouldn’t see you laugh while Harry raised an eyebrow at him when he noticed he was wearing a pair of swim trunks. “Oi! It’s laundry day ya arseholes dis is the only clean pair of shorts i could find.” You watched him just make his way down the hallway towards your laundry room, he made sure to glare at the two of you on his way.

“On the fritz? When did Ni turn into an 80 year old nan?” You heard Harry’s loud laugh fill the room as you turned your head to make sure Niall was out of earshot. When you looked at Harry you couldn’t help but smile, he was laughing so hard tears were forming in the corners of his eyes and his cheeks were getting red.

“What’s all the commotion for?” You just shrugged as Niall walked into the living room and stood there with his hands on his hips looking between you and Harry who was still having a laughing fit.

“Niall can I paint your nails?” You asked with a smile, you watched him raise an eyebrow at you as you leaned over and picked up the black polish off the coffee table.

“I don’t tink so Princess,” he took a few steps closer so he could reach out and take the bottle from your hands. “M’not a black nail polish type of guy. Ya have a clear?” You laughed as he looked at the bottle before placing it back on the table. Harry finally got himself under control as he swiped his thumbs under his eyes and cleared his throat causing Niall to look over at him and smile when he saw his freshly painted nails.

“You like em Ni?” Harry reached his hand out and wiggled his fingers causing Niall to chuckle as he walked over to the side of the couch Harry was sat on so he could take his hand. You watched Niall give Harry’s nails a once over and when he just nodded his head you couldn’t help but smile.

“Could use some glitter or s’mthin.” You saw Harry’s eyebrows slump down as he took his hand out of Niall’s grasp. “M’jus sayin ya always do tha black, I remember when ya would paint em when we was on tour and then you’d have ta take it all off and I know it made ya upset.” You watched Harry swallow hard and bite on his bottom lip as Niall talked. “But now yer on yer own H, if ya wanna paint yer nails you can. I jus say go all out, i mean yer already out der in all glitter suits mate.” You couldn’t help but chuckle as Harry looked at Niall who offered him a reassuring smile.

“Get the glitter Princess.” With that you got up off the couch and headed for your bathroom to gather your glitter top coats. You couldn’t help but feel proud of Harry, he was doing what he wanted not just with his nails but with his whole career. You knew that he was aware that he always had you in his corner but hearing Niall tell him he should do what he wanted and go all out just helped him realize that Niall too would always be in his corner supporting him through it all.

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Will you make that flowers fic narry based too??

Female Version

Pink Boxers Equal White Roses

“Niall fucking Horan!” Harry whines loudly at the washer. Niall hadn’t separated the colors properly and washed it in the wrong temperature water. Now all the whites (and his) were soft pink due to the red wool socks that made it into the wash.

Harry knows it’s an accident. But fuck.

Niall pokes his head into the wash room, having heard him from the living room. “Yes my darling?” He murmurs, his eyes soft and full of love.

Harry raises his brows and hold their now pink boxers in one hand and one of his and Niall’s white t shirts. “What colours are these supposed to be, babe?” Harry stands up and gives Niall a long look, taking in his gym clothing.

Niall flushes a deep pink. “I-uh.” He scratches the back of his neck awkwardly.

“What colour, Niall?” He raises a brow.

“White.” Niall mumbles and hides half his face behind the wall.

Harry nods and pulls out the red socks and put them on top of the washer before starting another load and putting bleach in. “What colour are our boxers and our shirts now?”

Niall lets out a noise and completely goes completely behind the wall. “Pink.”

“Pink!” He nods and leans against the washer. “Because you washed your red socks… with all of our whites.” Harry sighs.

“I’m sorry.” Niall peeks back around.

Harry sighs again. “I separated the laundry. Why were there red socks in the whites?” He asks calmly.

“I don’t know.” Niall says honestly. “I switched the colours to the dryer and loaded the whites. Maybe the socks got left behind, stuck.” He says and bites his lip.

Harry nods and runs his fingers through his hair. “Okay.” He murmurs and passes Niall, leaning in kissing his cheek. “Thanks for switching the laundry. Have fun at the gym.”

Niall pouts and watches him go. He knew Harry isn’t mad but he could tell he is tired. “Love you!” He calls out.

“I love you.” Harry calls back and start to make the bed.

Harry hears the garage door shut and he flops down onto the bed. He whines and buries his face in Niall’s pillow. He is just overly tired and jet lagged. He feels bad for snapping at Niall and knew he needed to apologize. After laying in the bed for a while he forces himself on a walk.


Niall worked out hard with Mark and they were leaving the gym, Niall telling his personal trainer the drama of the pink clothes and Mark can’t stop laughing.

“Oh mate. He’s probably just tired,” he claps his back.

“I’m gonna pick him up some flowers.” Niall smiles and nods. “White ones.” He unlocks his car.

“Good luck mate. See you tomorrow.” Mark waves and gets into his car.

Niall stops by a floral shop and gets a dozen white roses and drives home. He sees Harry walking back up to the house, headphones in, hands buried in the sweatshirt he stole from from Niall’s side of the closet, and slightly flushed cheeks. A soft smile takes over Niall’s face and he walks towards Harry, a sheepish grin taking over his face. “Hey baby. I’m sorry about the pink clothes.” He says and holds the roses out to Harry.

Harry looks at the flowers and looks at Niall. “White roses for the white clothes your ruined?” He teases and takes them from Niall, taking in the scent of the roses.

Niall blushes and scratches the back of his neck. “Didn’t think about it that way.” He mumbles and gives Harry a smile and a thumbs up.

He pulls Niall into a tight hug, sighing when his arms wrap around Harry’s waist.

“I love you.” Harry whispers and rubs his back. “Thank you for the flowers.”

Niall kisses the top of his head. “I love you. Let me draw us a bath and we can order in and I’ll order take out and we can watch-“

“Footie.” Harry interrupts, “Or golf.” Harry smiles and pulls away, taking Niall’s hand firmly in yours, leading him inside through the garage.

“And we will order new white things online.” Niall says and leans against the counter.

Harry trims the stems, put the flowers in a vase, and set them in the bar.

“Sounds good.” He leans over the counter and give Niall a gentle kiss.

Niall kisses Harry back and lets his hand rest on his cheek gently. “Love you, pet.”

“Love you.” Harry murmurs and search Niall’s eyes.


“N’other one please Rob!” Your voice was loud causing the man sitting a few barstools down from you to give you a hard glare. You just rolled your eyes at him as a fresh cosmopolitan was placed in front of you. “Thanks, yer the best!” Rob, your favorite bartender in the whole city just chuckled as he grabbed your third empty glass of the evening.

“Boys will be here soon.” This statement made your bottom lip poke out in a slight pout making Rob just playfully glare at you as he cleaned the glass. “Don’t give me that look, cant let you walk home like this.” You just took a sip of your drink as he spoke.

“Didn’t ave to call them both.” You mumbled making him laugh as he placed the clean martini glass on the shelf behind him. You knew that you only had maybe five minutes tops before your little night out alone was interrupted by two men who without a doubt would have annoyed looks on their faces once they saw the state you were in.

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Stylan Island

Inspired By Tags

Harry walks in, tossing his phone onto the couch next to Niall, pouting.

Niall glances up at his pouting boyfriend. “What?” He hums and leans back, letting his boyfriend that’s all limbs cuddling into Niall’s lap. “What’s wrong my pop star?” His hands rub down Harry’s back, his silk shirt slightly catching on Niall callouses.

“Don’t wanna say.” He mumbles and buries his face in Nialls neck, lips brushing against a faint bruise Harry had made a couple nights ago.

Niall sighs and slips his hand underneath the shirt, rubbing the smooth skin gently. “Cmon pet, you can tell me.”

“You all ready know.” He whines and starts to kiss along Niall’s neck trying to distract him for prying.

His head turns to the side, giving Harry more access. “I know what you’re trying to do.” He reaches for Harry’s phone and puts in their anniversary to the passcode. Harry was busy biting and sucking into Niall’s warm skin.

Harry’s phone was opened to his last phone calls and Niall recognises the out of country area codes. Niall holds up the phone to Harry, “Were you on the phone with real estate to buy an island again?”

Harry’s lips freeze at the spot on Niall’s freckled neck.

“Haz,” he sighs and shift back to look at the sullen face. “And they hung up on you again, didn’t they?”

Harry pouts again. “I just want an island we can call ours! Is that too much to ask?”

Niall sighs and pulls Harry to his chest again, fighting the chuckles.

“I don’t know why they hang up on me! I’m Harry fucking Styles.” He whines.

A soft laugh comes from Niall. “How about we book an island for a holiday and if you like it we can look into investing in an island–“

“The Stylan Island.” Harry interrupts, smiling at Niall. “A nudist island. Full of kale, avocados, tequila–“

“Lube.” Niall gently scratches at Harry’s scalp.

A soft sound comes from Harry. “And coconuts. Maybe Guinness on hand for you.” He teases and rubs Niall’s bicep.

Niall snorts. “How thoughtful.”

“And level 2,000 SPF sunscreen for my Irish cherub’s precious porcelain skin.” Harry cups Niall’s face.

He pulls his face out of Harry’s hands. “I’m not a cherub and I’m just pale. No need to make it sound fancier then it is.” He grumbles and swats at Harry lightly.

“Just don’t want my boyfriend sunburnt. You get moody when you are.” Harry points out and shifts to lay down on the couch, feet resting in Niall’s lap.

Niall hums and texts his PA to book a two week long holiday on a private island. He shifts and tucks himself behind Harry, taking his role as big spoon.

“Tess is booking our holiday. She knows to check with Chels.” Niall murmurs into Harry’s hair, hand rubbing down Harry’s inked arm until his hand finds Harry’s, lacing their fingers together.

“I’ll have Chelsea be sure to pack the most powerful of sunscreen and book a private jet.” Harry whispers and kisses Niall’s knuckles.


They were cuddled next to each other, still smelling of sunscreen, coconuts, and sea breeze. Harry is nicely tan and Niall doesn’t seem quite as pale and is lightly sunburnt.

“I want an island.” Harry says sincerely. “I want us to have our own island.”

Niall hums and rubs Harry’s side. “I think it’ll be a nice thing to have.” He nods.

Harry beans and turns to look at Niall, “Really?”

“Really.” Niall murmurs. “They won’t hang up on both of us.” He teases and kisses Harry’s temple.

Because @1dmademedoit was begging.

Right, so, I ligit went to the very last page in Niall Horan/Harry Styles on AO3 and worked my way back to the beginning. So…here this is. {I MADE THIS BACK IN JULY AND I HAVE NOT UPDATED IT SINCE THEN}

PLEASE NOTE: I have separated the fics into two categories, rated NC-17/M and rated G-T. Those fics containing smut/PWP will have a note saying so. For fics that I am particularly fond of I will make a notation. They are not in any certain order. Please remember these are fics SOLELY from AO3. {SIDE NOTE: Any and all smut is bottom!Niall. If you’re looking for bottom!Harry…you won’t find it here.} I’m also rather picky soooo…



I Want You So Much (But I Hate Your Guts) by siempreniall {SMUT/PWP} NC-17 AU
Tags: Angry Sex, Blow Job, Barebacking, Orgasm Denial
Summary: Niall doesn’t know what he’s still doing there. This isn’t really how he likes to spend his Sunday nights. He doesn’t want to be yelled at and made to feel guilty for something that happened months ago. All he wants is to leave, really.

{One of my favorites!} Once In Your Life by wearecities (falsetto) {Contains bits of smut} M
Summary: Niall and Harry make a marriage pact.

{super hot. Love this author} Baby You’re a (Porn)Star by trespresh {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Anal Sex, Blowjobs, Slutty!Niall, Riding, Sex Tape
Summary: “Is it weird that I kind of want to watch us having sex?” Niall asks nonchalantly one morning, and Harry chokes on his cereal. “I mean, it’d be hot, right?”

{love this one} Gentle by aguantare M
Tags: Angst, Slash, Sexual Content
Summary: “I’ll be gentle,” the first guy Niall decides to sleep with tells him.

Bottle Blonde by PoisonApple M
Tags: F/F, F/M, Girl!Niall, CisGirl!Niall
Summary: Niall is twelve the first time she dyes her hair blonde…

Trial and Error by strawberryfinn M AU
Tags: Friends to Lovers, Fluff and Angst, Slash, Hurt/Comfort, College/University, First Time
Summary: Niall falls in love five times before he finds the one, and Harry? Well he’s been there all along. Or the one where Harry and Niall are best friends who fall in love.

Bienvenido a Miami by rivers_bend {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Marijuana, Stoned Sex, Rimming, Friendship
Summary: Harry and Niall share a joint and a bed on a yacht off shore while visiting Miami.

We’re All Just Broken Hearts, So it Yours To Mine by explicitones M AU
Tags: High School, Angst, Boys pining, Jealousy, First Time, Public Sex, One Sided Niall/Louis
Summary: In which Niall spends a lot of time pining after Louis, and Harry very patiently waits for him to figure things out. Though, that’s not to say he doesn’t play dirty. Highschool!AU

{very hot read} Underneath Me by leitmotifs {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Fingerfucking, Rough Sex, Overstimulation, Dirty Talk, Multiple Orgasms, PWP, Mild Dub-con
Summary: Harry just really wants to ruin Niall.

Leviticus 18:22 by KelliDiane AU NC-17
Tags: Catholicism, Sex in a Church, Physical Abuse
Summary: Harry is the new kid with a bad attitude and Niall’s the son of priest who’s never even thought about girls- let alone boys. Somehow, they make it work.

Let Me Ruin You by KayleeJohn {SMUT/PWP} NC-17 AU
Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Anal Sex, Alpha!Harry, Omega!Niall, Bathing/Washing, Felching, Knotting, Missionary Position, Punk!Harry, Rimming, Scent Marking, Snowballing, Side Zouis, Mild Dub-con
Summary: Niall is dragged to a party by his friend, Zayn, who is only there to hang out with his ‘not-my’ boyfriend, Louis, and Louis likes to play matchmaker so, naturally, he introduces Niall to his friend, Harry. Or the one where Niall runs into someone from his past and, wow, this is not how he saw his night going at all.

Fine Again by elounarry M {Warning: Contains Non-Con/Rape}
Tags: Mentions of rape/non-con, Sexual Content, Protective Harry
Summary: When Niall gets raped by Justin Bieber he has to work on getting his life back together. Thankfully Harry’s there every step of the way. Except he doesn’t expect it to end the way it does.

My Baby, I’m Afraid I’m Falling For You by smuttythings {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Age Play, Kink Negotiation, Daddy Kink, Developing Relationship, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Barebacking, Dom/Sub Undertones, Spanking, Phone Sex, Kink Exploration, Watersports
Summary: Harry and Niall have a thing. They’re sleeping together and it’s fun and easy and wonderful. Then everything changes because of one word and they have to figure it out together.

(NOTE: You have to have an AO3 account to read this. I do not have the author’s permission to hand it out.) In The Back of The Closet by CerinityKS {SMUT/PWP} NC-17 AU
Tags: Underwear Kink, Daddy Kink, Shameless Smut, Rimming
Summary: Niall likes wearing women’s underwear, and Harry is more than okay with this.

{A+ smut fic} Pretty in Lace by MemoirsofNarry {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Crossdressing Kink, Feminization, Lace Panties, Dirty Talk, Light Angst, Light Dom/Sub, Aftercare
Summary: In which Niall learns that Harry wants him to dress up real pretty for him and it’s weird until Niall finds himself in panties and he kinda likes it.

Any Daddy Would Be Proud to Say I’m His by MemoirsofNarry {SMUT/PWP} NC-17 AU
Tags: Sugar Daddy Harry, Sugar Baby Niall, Light Dom/Sub, Daddy Kink, Feminization, Feminine Niall, Light Angst, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Genderbending
Summary: From the first whiff of the sugar vanilla body lotion on the boys skin and his blue eyes shining in the dim light of the club, Harry knows this boy is his. In which Niall is quite feminine and is Harry’s sugar baby.

(NOTE: You have to have an AO3 account to read this. I do not have the author’s permission to hand it out.) Love Like Whoa by CerinityKS {PWP/SMUT} NC-17
Tags: Light Bondage, Overstimulation, Felching, Dom/Sb Undertones
Summary: Harry just loves teasing Niall and pushing his boundaries, and Niall loves it just as much

Selfish Pain by nuuuge M AU
Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega!Niall, Alpha!Harry
Summary: Prince Niall is the youngest son of King Tomlinson. His older brothers Louis and Liam are Alphas while Niall is an Omega. Everything changes the day King Malik comes for a state visit.

Anticipating The Days Ahead by glamourinthegutters M AU
Tags: Harry is 27, Niall is 17, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Daddy Issues, Mild Sexual Content, Subspace, Underage Relationships
Summary: What he doesn’t suspect is that Niall knows exactly what he’s doing, his actions calculated when he gets up on his tiptoes to reach Harry’s jacket which is slung over his wardrobe door, revealing a pair of pale pink, particularly feminine-looking underwear as his shirt comes up over his hips.

Doubly Blessed by butterflytattoohaz {PWP/SMUT} NC-17
Tags: Double Penetration
Summary: “Lube. We need lots of lube.”

Let’s Spin The World Around by jamesniall {PWP/SMUT} NC-17 AU
Summary: Harry learns spanish thanks to Niall’s dirty talk.     


{love!} A Guide To The Human Mind by orphan_account T AU
Tags: OCD, Mentions of dyslexia, Fluff
Summary:  A super self indulgent fic where Niall has OCD and Harry likes him.

Lost At Home by brokendrums G
Summary:  Harry gets home from tour but feels terrible so he goes and finds Niall to make him feel better.

These Arms Of Mine by brokendrums Strong T
Summary: Companion to Lost At Home but can be read alone. Niall is naturally a touchy feely person - he’s grown up with people comforting him with his hands. A look at how his friendships, especially with Harry and Zayn quickly turn into something more.

{Really, really love this} Ache for Home by Indigotuesday T
Tags: Asexuality, Homophobia, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Cuddling & Snuggling
Summary: Niall is asexual. This changes things, eventually for the better.

And Then One Day by significationary T AU
Tags: Stripper/Exotic Dancer, Stripping
Summary: Harry goes to a strip club and meets someone.

{MY FAVE NARRY FIC} Are You There God? It’s Me, Niall by wendydarling T AU
Tags: Fluff, Angst, Family, Romance, Comedy, Marriage, Same-Sex Marriage, Drama
Summary: Life was perfect for Niall. That is, until he discovers that his classmates in the nursing department have a fanclub dedicated to his husband Harry Styles, an MD student, and that no one knows he’s the one Harry married.

{Really, really love this. Another favorite of mine) Want To Hold You High and Steal Away Your Pain by leitmotifs Strong T AU
Tags: One-sided Louis Tomlinson/Niall Horan, Angst, Self harming behavior, Abusive Relationships (NOT Louis and Niall), Mentions of eating disorder
Summary: (That’s not what the voices say, and Niall loves Louis but best friends are supposed to tell you things like that. Niall nods wordlessly whenever he hears it, but he knows; it’s his fault his parents didn’t love him, it’s his fault he’s never good enough.)

(He thinks there’s some saying that goes, we accept the love we think we deserve.)

(This is a love he knows he deserves.)

Or: Niall and Harry are both a little broken, but somehow fall in love anyway.

Carry You by LonelySparrow G
Tags: Claustrophobia
Summary: Niall gets stuck in a lift, and Harry’s not there to calm him down.


“Can you see anything? Do i need to zoom in?” Your voice was low as you messed with the phone in your hands. You looked at the screen and smiled when you saw Harry giving you a little smirk.

“I can see, but mind switching the camera love? All I’m seeing is Julian’s face. Not that I mind lookin at him or anythin.” You laughed as you turned to look over your shoulder and saw Julian giving you a thumbs up. You brought your phone down a bit and quickly switched so Harry was now seeing what was in front of you.

“His award is the next one up.” You bit your lip as you looked down the row and saw Niall sitting there tapping on his thigh, something you knew he did when he was trying to distract himself a bit. “Looks a bit nervous H.” You whispered causing Harry to let out a huff.

“Who’s he sitting by? Why are you so far away from him?” Harry’s questions made you roll your eyes, you knew if Harry was here he would be sitting next to Niall with you sat next to him.

“That’s Shawn, one of Niall’s friends he just won an award actually! Very talented young man.” You answered ignoring his second question because you didn’t feel like starting an argument over the fact Niall wanted you to sit with his assistant and stylist. You watched the screen and when Harry raised an eyebrow and got a slight pout on his face you couldn’t help but laugh. “Don’t get like that H, know he loves you the most.” You said trying to reassure him, he just rolled his eyes a bit and shrugged.

“That Shawn fellow can’t even go with him for a drink, see how long that friendship lasts.” His tone had a slight edge to it but you ignored it as the lights went a bit dim and an announcer walked onto the stage. “Oh shit this is it.” You looked down the row and smiled as Niall leaned over so he could see you.

You gave him a thumbs up and when he looked at your phone in your hands a grin overtook his face, he knew you had mentioned FaceTiming Harry during the show but it wasn’t until he saw him on screen that you saw him seem to relax a bit. Before you knew it the nominees for best new artists had been announced and the envelop containing the name of the winner was being opened.

“The winner for Best New Artists is Mr. Niall Horan!” You jumped up from your seat with a squeal almost forgetting about your phone for a moment before you lifted it up as Niall made his way towards the stage.

“He did it! Harry, he won!” Your voice was full of pride as you looked up and saw Harry with a wide grin on his face as the both of you watched Niall accept his award.

“Knew he’d win it.” Harry stated as Niall began making his thank you speech. You slowly sat back down as he said one last thank you and exited the stage.

Soon you were being lead backstage while Niall was getting ready to perform, Harry was mumbling about how wobbly the camera was and you just flipped him the bird in response. You couldn’t help but smile as you rounded the corner and saw Niall standing there holding his award in his hands.

“Hey Mr. New Artist of the year!” Niall’s Head turned in your direction as you got closer to him. You wrapped your arms around him in a hug causing Harry to groan.

“Oi! What time is it Harry? Ya lookin a little rough mate.” Niall took the phone out of your hands as he was now cradling his award in one arm and holding your phone with his free hand. You rolled your eyes as you reached over and switched the camera view.

“Oh sorry I didn’t dress up fo the occasion,” you saw Harry roll his eyes making you laugh. “Proud of you Ni, winnin awards all on your own. You’re a proper award winning artist now mate.” You saw Niall’s cheeks turn pink at Harry’s words.

“Thanks H, really appreciate it.” You saw Harry smile and nod. “How’s da show goin? Ya know if dey need any mo models they can give me a call. Since ya know, I’m a model an all now.” You laughed as Harry rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“Niall it’s a lingerie show, doubt they need any male models.” You saw Niall just shrug as Harry looked down towards the award in Nialls arms. “Ya gettin your award all gross mate, haven’t even had it an hour and it’s all dirty.” You rolled your eyes as you took the award from Niall’s arm causing him to raise an eyebrow at you.

“God can i hang up on em now?” He turned his head towards you as he spoke. “Halfway around da world and still finds a way ta bother me.” He mumbled.

“Oi! Ya bloody miss me and i know it, would be in a pissy mood if i wouldn’t have been here fo ya big night.” You laughed as Niall just rolled his eyes at Harry once again.

“Whatever ya say mate, i jus normally wasn’t da one who held de awards when we would win em. Bit bigger when it’s jus you holding em yourself.” You saw Harry’s face drop a bit, you knew the both of them had just realized this was the first AMA award show that a solo member of One Direction was nominated for something and had to attend alone.

“Well better get used to it, gonna be winnin a bunch more awards for ya music. But next time i will be there to help you carry em all out.” You had to hold back the few tears that wanted to spring from your eyes as you saw Niall just bite his lip and nod at Harry.

“Don’t worry H, i will help you carry ya Grammys around.” You saw Harry’s cheek turn pink as Niall turned and looked at you so he could shoot you a wink.

“Right, well i gotta go now. I’m proud of you mate, go get proper trashed tonight but not with that Shawn fellow he’s not old enough yet.” With that Niall was rolling his eyes as he handed your phone back to you in exchange for his award. “Love you both! have a good night princess, don’t get too rowdy.” Niall waved bye and you blew him a kiss before ending the call.

“Thanks fo that.” You smiled as Niall placed a kiss to the top of your head before turning around and heading towards his dressing room.

You were soon being lead back to your seat so you could watch Niall perform and when you looked down the row and saw Shawn smiling at you all you could see was Harry’s pouty jealous face and it caused you to laugh as you leaned back in your seat. You knew Niall was happy that Harry even from across the world still wanted to be apart of his big night. They made each other less nervous, you knew that Harry seeing Niall and talking with him before he went on to perform at the fashion show helped relax him. The two of them leaned on each other and even if neither of them wanted to admit it they were each other’s biggest fans and would do anything to support each other, even if it meant staying up to an ungodly hour just to FaceTime as the other won an award.

All the Love

Inspired [x]

They came out and said their thanks and bowed. Niall clung to Harry a bit tighter in the hug.

Harry likes it. He feels at home in Niall’s arms. Not that he is ever admit that.

Niall feels the same, not like he would say that to Harry though. Or to anyone… except for Louis. Which seemed to be a bad judgement call on his part.

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If you search fashion icons on Pinterest Harry Styles is the only thing that shows up and if that doesn’t prove that he really is a god I don’t know what does

Prince Harry (Part 10)

In which Y/N is the Princess of Scotland and Harry is the Prince of England. They have both been engaged to marry ever since they were young, as part of an alliance between both countries. But prince Harry might now be as welcoming to the idea of marriage. When danger strikes Y/N must go to England, and be with Harry. The weight of two kingdoms are on Y/N and Harrys shoulders.

(I just started watching this show called Reign, so this story is kind of based off that. I would recommend watching it!!)

To Read the other parts Masterlist


sorry for typos, enjoy!!


The dark red blood stained the Kings handkerchief, as the burn in his throat inflamed. He coughed again into the white napkin, and it felt like his lungs would break.

He knew what this meant, no matter how much it pains him to see what’s happening to him.

This has been an ongoing cycle for weeks now, and it’s taken a tole on him.

He is the king of England, one of the most powerful countries. He was a leader of the greatest monarchy’s that have ever lived. His country looked to him for what they could not find in themselves. Prosperity, Hope, Power.

The king has lived to see many King’s rise and fall in his day. The death of any monarch brings panic, uncertainty, and especially weakness for the transition. Especially if the death of a king was detected before hand. The news of the Kings illness would spread like wildfire. Not only to his people, but to his enemy’s.

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