narry tour

@ 1d LISTEN!! okay so after you guys have all released your solo stuff you’re going on tour TOGETHER… yes i know that’s a but confusing bur listen. the first hour is gonna be all about the solo projects y’all gonna get 15 mins each to sing your solo stuff and make the fans go nuts, you guys are basically your own opening act. The fans can swoon during this town, jump during just hold on, bop on liam’s music and dance to harry’s

AFTER THAT you gonna give the fans the MITAM tour and we can all cry together while you guys sing if i could fly and scream during never enough and jam to all the classics…. like pls consider this.. pls pls pls


According to experts in the art of caresses:

“That someone rhythmically caress your body, even if it is soft and through clothing, is similar to the sexual act.”

Niall approaches first to harry to drink water too but then simply he strokes the lower back.

In other words nialler tries harry´s attention and sends a clear message very intimate with that touch, I like his attitude. 

they being cute ♥

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Are we going to talk about Harry protecting Niall, or Harry’s throw going absolutely nowhere. Because both are equally cute to me.

"we don't do choreographed dance moves"

oh you don’t?

what about this?

and this?

and this?

and this one is cool

and this


and fetus dancing?

and this?

and narry dancing?

even in their music videos

and how can you forget this?

and of course… this…