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i love narry is that bad? i want them together :(

Hard same. 

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Look at these two dorks. 

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So pure. 

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So in love. 

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Gentle angels. 

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Playful puppies. 

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Brother for ever. 

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Narry for life. 

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Why does it always look like Niall and Harry are about to lean in and kiss whenever Harry goes up to whisper something in Niall's ear or vice versa? Like no offense but the ear and mouth look completely different and are far enough apart to distinguish them.


Harry just…

Like I’m sure that probably a whisper, but it was also definitely a kiss.


Harry legit thought Niall was leaning in to kiss him, like LOOK at that initial reaction. And then he’s like, “Oh, whoops, he’s just trying to talk. Talk now, snog later.”


AU! where Niall is the leader vocalist of a pop band and Harry is a solo indie-folk singer. They are dating for over 5 years and always support each other.


‘Light the Way’

Quick little Narry Drabble

Word count of 416

Based on the above gif set by @ziall




Mother fucking, Harry Styles.

“M'sleeping, Haz.” Niall groans, shoving his face into the warm pillow he’d just been sleeping on a few blissful moments ago.

“it’s morning, baby.” Harry says, a smug simper evident in his tone as he moved closer to the bed.

“No.” Niall protested, engulfing himself into every part of the bed he could, gripping the sheets in fear of what Harry would do next.

“Niall, come on. I’m bored, we’re in a new city and I want to explore!” Harry chirped, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Go explore then.” Niall grumbles, turning over and moving away from Harry.

“Come on, Niall.” Harry tries, waiting a few seconds before letting out another whine “Baby, please.”

Niall opts to completely ignore Harry at this point, using every ounce of strength he could muster to tune Harry out and fall back asleep.

“Fine, I guess I’ll just be going.” Harry sighs dramatically, walking slowly away from the bed. “However, it is kind of chilly out, so I think I’ll be needing this blanket.” Harry says, tugging the blanket so it slides halfway down Niall’s torso, before losing his grip when Niall pulls back in defence.

“Take a fucking jacket, Christ Harry.” Niall pouts, wiping his eyes, looking rather adorable in Harry’s opinion.

“I’m sorry, love.” Harry simpers, taking in Niall’s beautiful blue eyes for the first time all morning.

Niall did look breath taking, still, Harry wasn’t going to give up his fight to get Niall out of bed; he reached out to grab the blankets once again.

“Harry! Babe, stop!” Niall cries, grumpily pulling back on the blanket so they were having a full on tug of war.

“Not until you agree to wake up.” Harry refuses, tugging the blanket harder.

What he didn’t expect to happen when he tugged a bit harsher is Niall to come with the blanket, crashing into him not-so-gracefully, and flinging them both onto the floor in a mess of limbs and a soft, thick comforter.

Harry lets out a groan and then an apologetic chuckle before turning to face Niall. “At least you’re up now.”

Niall only groans, running his hands through his messy morning hair. “You’re a piece of work, Styles.”

“And so are you, cupcake.” Harry smiles, pressing a loving kiss to Niall’s lips. “Now go get ready.