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Okay but imagine this:

An AU where Harry is a vampire hiding in Nialls attic, but he’s the kinda vampire that literally cannot be in the sunlight so he waits every night for Niall to fall asleep so he can leave and adventure/feed. Niall obviously has no idea but he’s an insomniac so vary rarely sleeps and when he does it’s usually during the day so Harry is trapped wondering why this kid doesn’t have a sleeping pattern like normal people. One night he hears Niall bustling around and is so damn desperate to get out of the space he’s been trapped in so thinks ‘fuck it’ and leaves to loft to go and confront Niall and then they make friends and they drink tea on the nights Niall can’t sleep and are just bros

The art of flirting(Narry edition)

Keep eye contact for more than 2 seconds

Touch him gently on his arm or shoulder

Whisper in his ear(make sure your lips your lips brush against his skin)

Flick your hair hair or fiddling with necklaces

Stare deeply like you want him while he talks

Giggle at his jokes

Lightly tap this arm while sharing a laugh

Compliment his eyes or his smile

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Feelings Stay the Same - catrinahart - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 4/5
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Niall Horan/Harry Styles, Ellie Goulding/Niall Horan (very minor)
Characters: Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Gemma Styles
Additional Tags: Famous Harry Styles, Golfer Niall, Original Character (minor) - Freeform, Niall and Harry are exes, Light Angst, Past car accident injury Niall, Alternate Universe, Mutual Pining, Niall has a tattoo, and its somewhat important, Boys In Love

Harry and Niall are childhood friends that turned into teenage sweethearts. But Harry left Niall behind to chase his dream of making music and movies. He’s achieved many of his goals but he soon realized that they don’t really mean much without the right person by his side. Now he’s decided to relocate back to London, become the friend, brother, and son he always wanted to be and win back his very reluctant Irish ex-boyfriend. He’s in for a shock because Niall is not the same sunshine filled boy that he remembers and there is a lot of pain and resentment that he has to work through before he’s going to get anywhere. The good news is everyone is on his side, well, everyone but Niall that is.

Harrie Things

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Favorite Look: 

Favorite Tweet: Many of them are relatable and good, but this one is very me:

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thank you to the lovely @harrywavycurly for tagging me to do the 6 selfies thingamadoodle!

so this is me. I worked as a dogwalker over the summer, so hence the ridiculous amount of dog-selfies (let’s be real, dog selfies are the best kind of selfie (also, literally the only kind of selfies I have haha)).  I wish I had some more interesting selfies but sadly I do not.  I was stupid and didn’t take any selfies when my hair was pink so I am left with only basic blonde selfies with a side of cute dog lol

About me: so my name is Lia, I love narry more than anything.  I’m obsessed with Harry Potter, One Direction, and all fluffy animals.  My life goal is to pet every single dog I see. lol.  No but actually, I love dogs more than life as you can see haha. I also love fancy tea, accents, the color pink, music, and photography.  So yeah, that’s probably about it haha.

I’m gonna tag @louissgoldchain@butterflytattoohaz, @missy14us,  and @narryrendezvous to do this if they want (no pressure if you don’t want to though) and also literally anyone else that wants to do this too because you are all lovely and beautiful.

I really want to say something about this quickly, as someone who has been in online fandoms since 1998. I have been in Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yugi, Gundam Wing, Nsync and popslash, Lotrps, HP and HPRPS, Firefly and Firefly RPS, Stargate Atlantis, 1D, McFly, Marvel, DC, and the Musketeers. So when I say I am familiar with fandom, I want you to understand my full meaning.

Right now, during this 1D hiatus, my dash and twitter timeline are full of people who have moved on from 1D. It is full of OMG Check Please, hockey fandom, women’s soccer, Kpop, Marvel, DC Comics, Years & Years, Clean Bandit, Teen Wolf, Little Mix, Hamilton, Fear the Walking Dead, bandom revivals, and so on, and so on. These are people who I wrote 1D fic for and whose fic I read, whose gifsets I reblogged, with whom I’ve shared group chats and twitter DMs and whose sofas I’ve slept on and who have flown across the country to visit me and with whom I’ve driven four hours to see 1D perform one last time. 

Changing fandoms doesn’t have to mean you stop talking to your friends. Changing ships doesn’t have to mean you stop talking to your friends. Liking something slightly differently than your friend doesn’t have to mean you stop talking to your friends.

What I find interesting is the ways in which larries elevate not 1D, not even their ship, but the WAY they “ship” (read: tinhat) to the status of “fandom,” in order to exclude people. These aren’t even people who say they no longer care about 1D and have moved on, or people who started thinking Narry was more real than Larry. They aren’t even people who don’t think Larry were ever together. They merely dare to suspect they might not be together NOW.

But even as the larries decry being referred to as a cult with this post, the fact is that they have set up their beliefs as something that are being attacked merely by the act of disbelieving: that is to say, it’s “okay” with larries if you stop believing in larrie dogma, but only if you never say anything about it ever again. The approved ex larrie must be extremely careful to never say, “I found it difficult to believe in this based on a lack of evidence,” because HOW DARE YOU SAY AFTER ALL YOU SAW THAT THERE IS NO EVIDENCE HARRY WOULD HATE YOU (AND SO DO I NOW).There’s always space in larrie for the right kind of larrie, just as there is for the right kind of woman, the right kind of mom, the right kind of dad, the most perfect of gays.

And it helps to clarify how it is that larries are so confused by ex-larries (beyond merely being threatened by them, of course): because they don’t understand HOW you can be a fan of Harry or Louis (nevermind the band, the band isn’t even mentioned here - does the band exist at all other than a means to further larrie?) without being a Larrie. So if someone stops believing in the dogma, Larries want to know why they don’t just go away. Uh, because they didn’t stop being fans! That’s what fucking makes it a FANdom. Try, maybe just enjoying seeing Harry and Louis doing their respective things?

That’s just one of the strange, prominent things about the larrie “fandom” as it exists now; that the point has become about winning and being in the community of winners. They don’t even see a point in just being a consumer of the media, and recognizing their place as fans who are the recipients of condoned interaction. They crossed the fourth wall with gusto, maybe never even recognized it existed (which is why I find their claims of experience in prior fandoms ever so slightly dubious), and have no idea how to live inside of it. They derisively call ‘houies’ those who just want to enjoy the fictional idea of Harry and Louis together in stories and media, or perhaps the Harry and Louis that were, without recognizing that THAT IS HOW EVERYONE OUTSIDE OF THEM HAS BEEN ENJOYING THEIR FANDOMS ALL THE WHILE.

They forgot, or lied to themselves until they forgot, that shipping was never tinhatting outside of a derided few, and then, when they cannot for the life of them understand why fandom sees them this way, decide it must be because their only crime (not cyberstalking, not cyberbullying, not accusations of child abuse, not spamming TMZ with demands, not popularizing conspiracy theories in the media, not trying to tank the search results leading to someone’s name, not buying up domain names to fill them with dreck, and certainly not mocking the relationship their idol has with his son) is saying, in this world where Troye Sivan and Olly Alexander and Nick Grimshaw and Colton Haynes are among the faces that cross my dash in new fannish form, that two men are gay.

"Narry can't be real because..." Debunking reasons :)

[NOTE: None of these pictures are mine, i took them from tumblr, twitter, Instagram, etc. All the credits to their owners

Basically, i’ve seen loads of post saying that “Niall can’t be real because…” So, this post is all about debunking the “reasons why narry can’t be real”. And we got an anon asking for this, so enjoy :)

1. Fan service: 

“Narry is pure fan service”

Let’s take a look…

Fan service:

Is a term originating from anime and manga fandom for material in a series which is intentionally added to please the audience. It is about “servicing” the fan- giving the fans “exactly what they want”. [Source Wikipedia]

What’s the difference between fan service and narry? 

As you could read above, fans service it’s to GIVE fans what THEY WANT, but narry isn’t what fans exactly want. Harry and Niall are the most popular ones of the band, and the youngest ones, the majority of girls that are around 12-13-14 have a massive hope to meet one of them and them to fell in love, it makes it way easier and believable to fell in love with the youngest ones of the band, the ones that are closer to your own age. Even if it wasn’t for this reason, narry isn’t what they want, back on 2011, everything was “Larry, and Niam” so, both are the bromances, friendships the majority of the fans like and want to see often, narry isn’t. Plus, narry has nothing to do with fan service, let me show you why…

Fan service is all about “public events” such as concerts, interviews, performances for promo, that’s it. Yet, fan service doesn’t mean “You must hang out with this dude all the freaking time as if you were on a date”. What is absolutely weird and curious about Narry is that they genuinely hang out very often, out of the public eye, as if they don’t want to be discovered, as if they are hiding something..? They do hang out a lot and, yes, they could be really good friends, but i don’t see Niall and Liam hanging out as much as harry and niall, or harry and Louis hanging out as much as narry.. That definitely must tell you something.. Let’s take a look at some “narry dates”..

1. Miami, the lovely Miami, we’ve got a lot of narry moments there and i loved it. We’ve got “Narry pool date”

What is wierd about this whole situation(narry dates) is that they are apparently never alone, even if we only get pictures of the two of them, there’s always rumours that someone is there with them.. 

“You’re going to the pool? Great, bring friends, a baby and her whole family”


-Narry yacht date(still in Miami)

I praised the lord this day, there were some rumours like “narry is alone” and all, but it happened that the 5 of them were there, which was cool, they’re friends and all, well we stil got Narry moments and as i said above, there were no cameras, so if narry was fan service, this would have happened in a public place not in a private yacht..

Aw, how cute, well after that, we got this..

This is weird, really weird, even if you don’t ship narry, you have to find this weird, why?

  1. Niall is using someone else’s shoes (harry’s) and carrying his own.
  2. Harry is shoes-less

My opinion, Harry gave niall his shoes, because…? And when they finally made it to their room, Niall gave them back to harry.

If you don’t agree with me, let me know your theory on this situation, please.

And we got this too…

Niall and Harry leaving their hotel, alone… I believe liam, louis and zayn got their own car, not sure though.

2. Rolling Stones concert..

So, apparently, some guys from 5SOS were there, but there were only pictures of niall, harry and a girl(could be a friend..?) Weird..

 What I’m trying to prove is that narry is way more than just “cute moments on the stage” they enjoy to be around each other, they want to be with each other, and that’s not fan service. 

3. “Is a cover for Larry”

There are millions of theories claiming how “narry is just a cover for larry” which is a bit weird, why would modest cover a gay relationship with another? It makes 0 sense. To be honest, i don’t believe modest can control their sexuality, their public sexuality, i’ve seen a lot of post saying that Lance from Nsync didn’t come out untill Nsync ended, although is true, it doesn’t proof anything, Mark from Westlife came out while he was in Westlife(Irish boy band), so it doesn’t affect or mean anything here. 

And, Narry has way more possibilities of being a REAL relationship than larry, let’s see why..

  • Niall and Harry have been single for a while (except for haylor but it was just 2 months? Yes)
  • They hang out a lot
  • They seem to be absolutely obsessed on each other
  • Niall and Harry have this magic everytime they look straight at their eyes
  • They’ve been close since The X Factor, but it has been always larry so no one actually paid attention to these two
  • There’s a lot of sexual frustration
  • It makes more logic

4. “It’s all a joke”

I don’t understand this, i talked with a larry shipper on twitter because she said ‘Narry is a cute friendship, it’s all a joke for you to stop shipping larry’, again, why would modest wanted you to stop believing in larry and start believing in narry? IT MAKES NO SENSE. Plus, the fact that they really don’t do anything and then they start laughing, they seem really serious about whatever they do or say, not to mention that fact that they hang out on private dates, with their mutual friends and they aren’t joking…

with Ed

with friends…? They look so cute 

out of the tour bus..

dinner time, alone, niall and harry, alone having a dinner.. Date?

They stayed at the same hotel, wow what a joke

They’re always together, so cute :)

Anyway, the thing is, narry can be real because of a bunch of reasons, and they do give loads of proofs, the difference here is that a lot of directioners pay way more attention to Larry and Ziam than to these two, which is wrong.

If you have any disagreements with this post, let me know here x and if you have any requests, you can also ask them there or here x Thankyou for the anon who asked for this, please ask analysis, we’ll write them happily. :) Thanks for reading, follow us and reblog if you like this.

Bye :)

The reason I love Narry is because their relationship means more than just sex. They have sweet little moments and treat each other like boyfriends should. We don’t think they are soulmates because they stand next to each other sometimes, we know it because of the way they look at each other and the way they act towards one another. Its not rough, its gentle and sweet, and that’s how it always should be

anonymous asked:

Why do so many Larries blindly reject even the idea that Ziam is real? I keep seeing all these meta posts about Larry, with the OP being like, "SIMON HAAAATES LOUIS SOMETHING HAPPENED NOBODY KNOWS WHAT BUT IT WAS BIG." Like, here's a thought, maybe Louis helped guide Liam's ass out of the closet and right into Zayn's waiting arms, completely ruining the no-homo narrative management was so desperate to maintain when they enforced the original no-contact-gag-order-nonsense on Louis/Harry.

I’ll be honest…I thought it was nothing more than any other ship such as Narry or Zouis that seemed entirely fictional and just for fun because they’re two hot dudes. 

I mean, I didn’t need the possibility of this being real to support it - look at them! 

HOW-EVER, as you will have noticed if you’ve gone through my sao ziam tag, I have changed my tune and seen the way. 

I was literally just discussing with someone how goddamn mad all the Larries would be if Ziam came out first. I don’t think that’s likely to happen, but they’re certainly causing less drama than Larry at the moment. I think that’s about to change though. I’m hoping it’s not going to follow the pattern of last year which was:

  1. Around this time Louis and Eleanor broke up (yay Larry!)
  2. Louis in the pool with the most awkward bomb kiss of all time (no homo Louis!)
  3. Zayn quits (Ziam-related holy shit explosive news to overshadow basically everything, we never hear of pool girl ever again)

If that were to be the case this year I think it would be something like:

  1. Babygate ends 
  2. Louis amps up with DC
  3. Liam comes out with JP as his Adidas promoing “bf” and Larry lay low together while no attention is on them, casting doubt as to how there could possibly be three (forget four for now) queer members in a band randomly put together

But I hope I’m wrong about those last two given that I firmly believe that Liam is with Zayn and him coming out with someone who is not his partner would be quite ridiculous. This entire thing sounds ridiculous, but ever since I read that weird voodoo shit about Zayn being exactly 385 days older than Harry and exactly 385 days younger than Louis I’m convinced this band has been conjured up by some kind of black magic to ruin my life. 

Of all the things I’ve learned, that birthday fact has uptown fucked me up the most. 

I know that doesn’t answer all of your question but I haven’t had coffee yet today and I am too lazy to scroll back up and see what else you said, so hopefully this tangent is sufficient. 

Oh yah and Ziam is real. They’ve joined Larry in my chart of elements - Earth, Wind, Larry, Air and Ziam. They’re just things that exist with absolute certainty to me.  

Thank you for your message xx 

EDIT: I just re-read the question and saw this part: “maybe Louis helped guide Liam’s ass out of the closet and right into Zayn’s waiting arms,”

Um…I don’t think anyone in their right mind would need to be pushed or guided into the arms of Zayn Malik. I mean…

He is literally unreal.

How does this man exist amongst mere mortals?

Noo! Don’t stare directly at him…it’s like staring at the sun. 

Gotta Zayn.

mycatsnameisllama  asked:

You're amazen! :p love your recs. Hey, do you have some recs of jealous!harry? Pleaseee? :)

thank you so so much ♥ 

and here some jealus harry, love ♥ 

oh, and I think I have posted some of Jealous!Harry before, so I’ll put it in here too.

the first one, I actually don’t know if this is jealous!Harry or not, because there’s kind of jealous!Harry in there.

More than this

Narry smut story with a little bit of fluff thrown in


Harry has always been making Niall jealous(Not cheating on Niall but just being flirty with others)on purpose and now it’s Niall’s turn to make him jealous. Harry gets furious and jealous and Harry ‘punishes’ Niall


Harry shows Niall whom he belongs to.

Belong to me

Niall and Harry are visiting Ireland when they run into Bressie, a friend of Nialls. Niall invites him to have dinner with them and by the time their done, Harry’s feeling jealous and has to show Niall who he belongs to.

um, this is with top!Niall but Jealus!Harry :

I love you, Forever

Harry thinks Niall has something with Demi Lovato, They’re fighting and it ends with fluff and smut


LOL honestly Harry looks so pissed at Niall cuz  he is whispering into someones ear instead of his. Harry’s probably like: Oh your in so much trouble mister! You know what? Yea you keep talking im gonna take a picture of this as proof as to why i’m ignoring you later and it’s gonna take more than just banana’s to cheer me up!