It had started off as a day that was going to be “fun filled” as promised by Niall, who you were planning on going to the movies with to see the latest superhero movie. You didn’t argue over what to watch because he had promised a bag of popcorn and a giant pickle, two of your favorite movie theater snacks. But when you found yourself face to face with a rather annoyed looking Harry in your living room you knew the fun filled day wasn’t going to go as planned.

“Goin somewhere love?” His arms where folded over his chest and his tone was one he only used when he caught you doing something he didn’t approve of. You looked down at your feet as you messed with the drawstring that was hanging from the jacked you held in your arms.

“The movies?” You didn’t mean for it to come out as a question but when you finally managed to make eye contact with him the glare he was giving you made you nervous.

“The movies? That’ll be fun.” His tone was sarcastic causing you to just roll your eyes as you pulled your phone from your back pocket. “Want ta know what else would be fun?” He took a step closer to you as you checked the time on your phone.

“What else would be fun Harry? Please enlighten me.” You knew he wasn’t going to like the tone you were using but you honestly had no idea why he was annoyed with you in the first place. Harry shot you a glare as he stepped closer to you and snatched your phone out of your hands and quickly tossed it onto the couch.

“Spa days.” The moment the words came out of his mouth it all clicked in your head. You took in his appearance and when you noticed he was in sweatpants, a loose solid t shirt and his hair was in his signature bun you knew he was dressed for a relaxing day at the spa you two frequented often.

“Oh Harry I’m so sor-“ you were in the middle of apologizing when your front door swung open.

“Der ya are! Been in the drive for ages waitin on ya!” You rolled your eyes as Niall closed the door behind him and made his way towards the living room. He looked at Harry and raised an eyebrow when he noticed the glare he was sending you. “What’s all this?” He asked pointing between you and Harry.

“Our lovely little Princess here has forgotten all about our spa day that I booked months ago.” You felt your face drop into a frown as Harry answered Niall’s question. Niall just nodded and then looked at you and gave you a small smile.

“Go have yer spa day, da movies aren’t goin anywhere.” Niall told you causing Harry to just let out a huff as he threw his hands up in the air.

“That’s not the bloody point! The point is she forgot and if I wouldn’t have come over to use her blender for my morning smoothie she would’ve gone with you to the movies and I would’ve been at the spa all by myself getting a couples aromatherapy massage!” By the time Harry was done getting his point across his face was a bit red and he was breathing heavy. You closed the small gap between the two of you and wrapped your arms around his middle and rested your cheek against his chest.

“I’m so sorry Harry, you know I’m shit with remembering things. I haven’t looked at my calendar today. Don’t be mad.” You felt him relax a little as he wrapped his arms around your shoulders and rested his chin on the top of your head, something he knew you hated because it just showed off how short your really where compared to him.

“Oh ya gotta forgive her Harry. She’s wobbling the lip!” Niall teased and you playfully stuck your tongue out at him causing him to laugh. You felt Harry pull you closer to his chest and when he gave you a big squeeze you knew he was no longer mad at you.

“How could I stay mad at her?” He pulled his head back to shoot you a wink as you looked up at him. “She was about ta have to sit through a whole movie with the guy who can’t keep his commentary to himself and steals bites of your nachos when he doesn’t think you’re looking.” You laughed as Harry dropped his arms from your shoulders.

“Well she wasn’t even gonna get nachos.” Niall mumbled as he walked off towards the kitchen. “We both know she gets da pickle coz she knows I don’t like em.” He added causing Harry to laugh and nod his head in agreement.

“You know what would be fun?” You watched Harry turn and look at you with a raised eyebrow while Niall poked his head out from the kitchen. “All of us having a spa day!” You smiled as Niall rolled his eyes and went back to whatever he was doing in the kitchen while Harry just shrugged.

“Oh no, I’m not goin to da spa. Don’t need me nails or hair done.” You rolled your eyes as you walked towards the kitchen, Harry following behind you.

“You don’t have to get your nails done Ni, you can get massages and facials.” You explained as you went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. You heard Niall let out a groan causing Harry to laugh as he got out your blender from under the sink.

“Could use a facial mate, lookin a bit tired lately.” Harry joked resulting in a smack upside the head from Niall as he walked over to the kitchen table.

“Fine, do they give ya those nice fluffy robes? M’not goin if i don’t get a robe.” You laughed as you took a seat next to Niall at the table while Harry gathered up all the things he needed for his smoothie. Your nose crinkled up as you watched him drop spinach into the blender along with some mangos and strawberries.

“Gotta start off a spa day with a healthy breakfast.” With that Harry pressed blend in the machine and soon you were being handed a glass full of a light green liquid that you knew Niall wasn’t going to be a fan of.

“Dis shit smells like wet grass Harry.” Niall was making a face of disgust as he brought the glass up to his lips. Harry just rolled his eyes as he took a big gulp of his own smoothie.

“Just drink it, don’t be a child.” With that Niall held his nose with his free hand and downed the drink in about three large gulps causing Harry’s eyes to go wide. “Jesus Niall it’s not a pint of Guinness, no need ta chug it.” Niall just shrugged as he placed the empty glass on the table.

The three of you were soon off to the spa, where Niall was immediately handed a white fluffy robe that caused him to grin wildly. The sweet woman at the front desk let the three of you know your schedule for the day and Harry smiled when he heard that he was getting a hydro facial, something he had been wanting to try for ages.

“We all gonna jus get naked and get rubbed down in da same room?” Harry quickly smacked Niall upside the head as the woman tried to hide her laughter as she showed you three to the rooms where you could change.

By the end of the massage you felt so relaxed that you could’ve fallen asleep right then and there. You were happy that Niall after a few minutes finally shut up about how the ladies hands were cold and started to relax himself. Harry was a pro, he was practically asleep halfway through his massage and you just smiled as the three of you were sat down in big comfy lounge chairs waiting for your lunch. You couldn’t believe that you were lucky enough to get to have days like this with the two of them. You loved when the three of you could go somewhere and just relax with each other with not a lot of talking just enjoying the fact you were together.

notes from dallas

It was a GREAT SHOW, and I am fascinated by how Niall’s live performances are compelling in a completely different way than Harry’s. Harry’s shows are compelling in part because of the very real possibility that they might tip over into disaster at any moment. He might trip over a kiwi, or get tangled in the mic cord, or come in on The Chain at the wrong time, or randomly decide to fix Mitch’s trousers. Niall’s performance, on the other hand, is compelling because he is so completely in command of everything. He knows exactly how he wants the show to go, and he enforces it rigorously, and he delivers exactly what he wants to deliver. It’s self-assurance of a completely different kind than Harry’s, and it’s lovely to see.

It was also meaningful to see that despite that overall sense of command, Niall’s still able to be in the moment and recognize something unique and special about an individual show. Mirrors was really amazing live, and it seemed like something exceptional, although I had no basis for comparison. Then Niall said after the song that it was the best Mirrors has ever been (or words to that effect), so it was neat to have that affirmation that it stood out for him too. And toward the end of the show he said that Mirrors tonight was his favorite moment of the tour so far. I can’t manage to be particularly thoughtful or clever about this; it was just really cool and so I’m writing it down.

Other potato-centric items of note:

  • Conor chewed gum throughout and has a beaming stage smile
  • Gerry is tremendously expressive and fun to watch
  • I am 95 percent sure Bird was wearing Niall’s Tom Petty t-shirt
  • Jake’s solo on Since We’re Alone (or maybe Fire Away, one of the two I don’t like) was fantastic
  • The process of writing about something – a place, a person, an item, whatever – usually makes me fall a little bit in love with that thing and care about its well-being and be excited to see it in the future. This has happened with some weird stuff in the past (random small towns, Sasquatch, the Johnsonville Bratwurst Largest Touring Grill In The World, a particular breed of oyster, Slow Hands, Jack Lowden), but I did not realize that this effect has attached with the very little bit of fic I’ve written involving John Bird’s turquoise bass. Seeing it appear on stage tonight, 25 yards from my face, was a delight.

AND OF COURSE THE COMPANY WAS THE BEST PART. I got to wait in line and debrief with @ticklefightharry and @harrymynewborngiraffe, meet @wickershire and @veryniceandgood, and be unwittingly in the presence of @clarz and @coldbam (and thankfully tomorrow I will be remedying the grievous oversight of failing to meet them). So many of my favorite tumblr people in one place. Fandom is awesome.


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