anonymous asked: Who’s style do you like more? Niall or Harry’s?

I mean…. Is there actually a difference?

anonymous asked:

What about narry?(I know lots of people hate narry but I feel like it's a parallel of lilo, where they're literally each other's best friend, if that makes sense)

I don’t hate any of the friendships in 1D, to be honest. I quite enjoy Narry’s dynamic. They’re just so endearing and entertaining. Like, I don’t know WHY they do half the things they do, but they just do their thing.  I don’t even think Bill Nye the Science Guy could explain it. NO MATTER what it is, Niall will go along with whatever Harry is doing or encourage it.

Holding Me Hostage

by sakabelle

by sakabelle

Niall Horan is content to keep to himself for his thirteen month prison sentence. He’s content to stay out of trouble. Content to do his time and get out. But within the walls of HM Forest Bank, everyone’s got a secret. Everyone’s got a purpose. Everyone’s got to get through their time somehow.

Which is how Niall finds himself with a lot more problems than he ever had on the outside.

Words: 29599, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1N67cVA