It’s not quite as blatant as Nozaki, but sometimes I can’t help but notice that Wakamatsu’s appearance is at odds with his personality

Like, he’s this big naive puppy who regularly spouts moe-moe flowers and bursts into sobs when he’s feels like he’s being picked on, 

but then he also is the second most physically built in the cast and he actually has fairly narrow eyes which gives him these unintentionally imposing looks like this

And I think it’s kind of hilariously mismatched. 


I was tagged by @slytherinzayn to pick my nine favorite Zayn pictures. It took wading through 1500 pics and my eyes are burning from all the beauty but here they are!

I tag @deatheater-hearmeroar, @soloziamwillbetheendofme, @tiarasandwanderlust, @secretlydirectionerfangirl, @perfectroes and anyone else who wants to show me some beautiful Zayn pics!

Here’s the other father/son parallel. :D Malachi’s hair was meant to be fluffier but, something went wrong? I’m to tired to fix it. Here ya go either way.

Garroth/Levin Parallel

Astounding Affection
  • Featuring: Takeda Shingen from Samurai Love Ballad: Party
  • Rating: M, smut content
  • SLBP Week: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7
  • Author’s Note: Oho, my first SLBP smut piece. And this concludes SLBP Week! Thank you for sticking around. Enjoy! 

Shingen had felt this way before, but what surprised him was the intensity of it.

His dark amber gold eyes landed on Suzume and Yukimura, who were making conversation while underneath the shelter of a tree. She was free to talk to whoever she wanted, obviously. He wasn’t restricting who she was able to talk to simply because they were lovers. Still, the sight of her laughing at something his long time retainer said sent his thoughts into overdrive. His eyes narrowed when Yukimura’s face turned red, as it was prone to when he heard anything remotely suggestive. He was more than aware how passionate Suzume was when they were alone, and the very unlikely image of them both engaging in such intimate activities popped into his head.

Shingen smiled wryly. He was assuming the worst. He trusted Suzume and Yukimura not to betray him. They were just talking. Talking while Yukimura munched on donuts. His fingers curled up, forming a fist. The thought of losing her weighed heavily on his mind recently. She spoke of how she was afraid to lose him to the wars, but they both knew another reason might separate them. Forcing himself to relax his hand, Shingen headed towards them, not even needing to make himself known before Yukimura turned around.


Shingen received a smile from him. Ah, if only he knew how close he had been to being punched.

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