20 Things That Are Really Cute

-general politeness
-you’re a sweetheart
-nerdiness or geekiness
-you’re very mysterious
-blue eyes
-fangirling over stuff
-being self conscious but at the same time liking yourself
-creativity or artisticness
-wearing scarves, sweaters, dark colors in general
-laugh lines
-pale skin
-being average height
-very skinny
-you’re Scottish
-always look angry when you’re not smiling
-you have curly/wavy hair
-narrow face
-brown or grey hair
-you were a punk
-Peter Capaldi

anonymous asked:

Why is Bellamy always the hottest when he's being an asshole? Like he's beautiful regardless, but like season 1 and season 3a Bellamy are like a whole other level of just amazing.

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No, yeah. You’re right he is. I have sincerely thought about this. Honestly, I think it’s something to do with the way Bob holds his face. He narrows his eyes and scowls and tightens his jaw and it makes him smolder. When he isn’t playing angry, his face is softer and more open. More likable, but the dangerous beauty eases back.

I find it remarkable that Bellamy doesn’t actually look a whole lot like Bob Morley. You see him with his puppy or talking to fans and he does not look like Bellamy. He’s all smiley and gentle looking. It’s freaky.

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