narrow beam

 Psychiatrists have compared a psychopaths gaze to a ‘narrow-beam searchlight’. When he loses interest, and looks away, it feels as if a light was suddenly switched off.

Detective Robert Keppel remembers that in interrogating Ted Bundy:

the only time he looked at me was when he was manipulating me. At other times Bundy’s eyes darted around rapidly in their sockets, following whatever movements were in his area.”

Source: Alison Summers 

I’ll continue to dream

even when I’ve lost all steam,

even when the light narrows to a single beam.

I’ll continue to hope

even when the universe says nope,

even when I’m seeing only a limited scope.

I’ll continue to pray

even if I don’t know that I’ll see another day,

even when the response is after much delay.

I’ll continue to dance

even if I’m not granted a deserved chance,

even if my moment’s magic fails to entrance.

I’ll continue to create 

even if I share my art too late,

even if my efforts are met with hate. 


He sits on the edge of the bed, and with flowers
and fruit, asks me to be his.

The blinds are dusty
in the window behind him.

I rub my arms. Bars of light stretch
across my skin.

He asks if something is wrong.

Motes of dust, suspended in narrow
beams of light, disappear in shadow.

I had been waiting for this: chocolate-coated
cherries—a colored bouquet.

He turns—brown irises igniting,
for a second—catching sunlight.

I had been waiting, I realize, not for that light,
but the proof of it: the flowers, the fruit.

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Meditation has more than one component. Concentration, the focus of consciousness is the first discipline we learn and the one upon which all the others are based. Think of your mind like a light beam. At first it is dispersed like the light from an automobile headlight.  Then through concentration we narrow that beam onto a single point. Now it is far more intense.  

Then, once this is achieved, we can focus this beam on an idea. It can be a universal quality such as beauty or a passage of scripture.  It can even be an issue in your life which needs resolving. This is contemplation of the concrete. The next is contemplation of the divine.  This involves focusing this beam upon the nature of the One and the divine.  This is the road to enlightenment.

Concentration is the result of directed thought. Whatever and whenever thought is directed down a certain channel – good or bad – that attitude of mind is then termed as concentration. Contemplation is something slightly different. It is a state of mind where, number one, the thought is controlled; but, number two, the thought is left open to receive. 

As an example imagine concentrating on a rose you would examine and note every detail of the flower, the petals their color shape etc. In contemplation your mind is open to the actual experience of the flower in its totality. You are open to receive. This can also be done with an idea or a passage from a sacred text or even a poem. Instead of breaking it down we accept it holistically as one thing as it truly is.



“Amuro’s nervous system went into action. And because he was a Newtype, he was capable of moving with blinding speed. Taking immediate advantage of the confusion he sensed in the Zeon pilot, he instantly drew a bead with his beam rifle and fired. A narrow beam of light zapped out of the rifle barrel and seared a gaping hole in the enemy machine’s cockpit.

In the instant before he evaporated the full force of billions of searing mega particles, Challia Bull’s last thought was one of pure shock, and a belief that he had been shot by a mentally deranged Newtype. Then the Braw Bro’s main engines blew, and the entire machine flowered into a ball of light.”

- from Mobile Suit Gundam: Confrontation Novel by Yoshiyuki Tomino

In the light of it all,
you have got glamour and glory
and a hell of a lot of stories
and you are a champion,
not taken down so easily.
But in the dark,
you have got monsters that lurk
and fires that burn
too weakly to be called a flame,
and you are beat and you are
hurt, and they take you down
like they are the hunters and
you are the game.
Nobody will ever have it all
and in pain you will sometimes fall
but you need to remember to keep
your head, both when you are standing
and when you have hit the ground shaking.
You have got to know how to balance
on this narrow beam we are forced to walk
because darling it is a thin line between
life and death and you gotta choose to live.
—  Keep your head up, even as they are watching you fall