narrative intersections


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This is from a Tumblr that doesn’t exist called Brangela Davis. All captions are quotes from American political activist Angela Davis. All images are of Game of Thrones character Bran Stark.

Daveed Diggs in Word Becomes Flesh. [A] series of performed letters from a young, single father to his unborn son, [the] play integrates hip-hop theater and contemporary dance performance to deconstruct black male identity in the 21st century. This show critically, lyrically and choreographically shares one man’s personal experience of fatherhood—and in doing so examines the legacy of patriarchy and male privilege, the continuum between fathers and sons, and the relationships of women and men. Together these narratives confront the intersection between the reality and the mythology of the black male body—from the cotton field to the athletic field and all spaces in between.