The work of love
becomes its own reason; like the heart’s
relentless feedback loop, which is infinite
until it isn’t…

like the ocean, having been the ocean
long before we arrived, each wave
newborn and buried at once; like us,
standing breathless at the edge,
astonished by our own lungs.
—  Franny Choi, from “We Biked Forty Miles to Narragansett,” Floating, Brilliant, Gone

HANDMADE - Bristol & Warren, Rhode Island

Bristol, a quiet old town under the elms on the shore of Narragansett Bay, was probably named for Bristol, England. The prevailing atmosphere is old-fashioned and restful, its tone is quiet, its temper conservative. It is generally known as the place where international racing yachts are built, but few realize that this was once the fourth busiest seaport in the country.  -Rhode Island: A Guide to the Smallest State (WPA, 1937)


We checked in with New England Guide Michael Cevoli this week to see what he’s been up to. He generously shared some photos from a fabrication/handmade project he’d been working on. He succinctly summed it up for us with these words:

“It’s actually three shops. One is called Shaws Engineering (Harley and tattoo shots) in Bristol, the old timers and wood shop photos are at O&G Studios in Warren (very high end furniture makers), and the welder is at Millers Metal, also in Warren… all towns in Rhode Island. What links them other than geography is everything is done by hand (yes with machines), but all done in-house in traditional manners of working.”

Mike will soon be guest-hosting our Instagram feed, so grab your smartphones and head over to @americanguide​ as he takes us out to sea.


Guide to New England, Michael Cevoli, was born and raised in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. He moved to Providence, Rhode Island in 2000 to attend the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). After completing his BFA in Photography in 2004, he taught high school photography outside of Boston and completed a documentary project looking at various historically important prison designs around the United States. In 2007, he returned to RISD to earn a MFA in Photography, and has since worked as an editorial and commercial photographer. His work as been shown throughout New England, New York City and Europe and is currently in a variety of museum and private collections both nationally and internationally.

Cevoli lives and works out of the sea faring town of Bristol, Rhode Island, on Narragansett Bay. You can see more of his work on this websiteTumblr, and Instagram.


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