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Narragansett Towers Cupola - RI Images - Made From RI

The Towers in Narragansett, Rhode Island; nobody will dispute that this structure is an icon. In point of fact, this structure is a cultural and architectural gem.

When in Narragansett, take a moment to walk around this building and look up for a moment. Consider the cupola. The cupola is beautiful in itself and tells much of the history and recovery of this stone structure. The Narragansett Towers cupola is architecture speaking, and we should really listen closely.

The story of “The Towers starts in 1885 when the structure was part of a non-gambling casino (perhaps resort in the modern naming). The Towers themselves consist of two stone turrets connected by a 50 foot stone arch. 

In 1900, tragedy struck in the form of a fire that was sourced in the attached hotel. The fire spread and destroyed all of the wooden structures, leaving the stone turrets and arch remaining. Of course, the cupola was destroyed along with the rest of the building.

Skip forward a century. There were various rebuilds in this time before the turn of the century and millennium in 2000, but nothing that brought the whole of this wondrous architecture to its former glory.

A project was put forward to honor the Towers as they should be. The shingles were stripped off the roof and replaced with materials that could withstand hurricane force ocean winds. Windows were replaced with wind resistant energy efficient glass that replicated the integrity of the original.

To crown this icon, an architecturally and historically accurate cupola was built off site.  The cupola was trucked in and ceremoniously, respectfully, hoisted to the the top of the building. In placing this cupola in its proper place, the signal was sent to the rest of the world that the Towers of Narragansett, architectural symbol of Narragansett, South County, and Rhode Island, were fully restored.

Don’t just pass, admire, and walk around the Towers when visiting. Stop, observe, and listen to the long and wonderful story. It’s worth the time.

Written & Photographed by: Keith R. Wahl, Co-Founder / Co-Owner of Made From RI LLC

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Stillhouse Cove [ Explored ] by Michael St. Jean
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The snow stopped and the skies cleared.…

Black Point Tide Pool - RI Images - Made From RI

Whenever we decide to start traipsing around the boulders we find the love stopping by and taking a good look at the tide pools. If one visits the Rhode Island shore at all, they can be found everywhere (be it Watch Hill, Point Judith, Rocky Point, Beavertail, or here at Black Point in Narragansett).

Every tide pool is a little different as is the life that can be found in them. At Back Point, we typically find some mussels, a variety of algae, and often hermit crabs. The life that will be found depends on a number of factors such as the amount of light on the particular spot and how often how often the water is refreshed. These factors mean that we can find several tide pools in the same area that have different life in them.

Another option is to just sit and watch these wonders. The patterns made as the waves wash in is often mesmerizing. 

Made From RI LLC
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Tonight’s offerings, @dizzy-redhead. A simple boilermaker (sort of, as I’m not pouring decent bourbon into my beer). And no, I don’t usually drink my whiskey from a tiny goblet, but as the only tumbler style glasses I have in my house are deep purple glass, this photographs a lot better.

Also ‘Gansett, which brings back lots of good Rhode Island memories. As you do after a couple of drinks, of course. ;)