But as Glaurung was passing over Narog, Mablung drew aside and lay under a rock, and remained; for it seemed to him that he had an errand yet to do. He knew now indeed that Glaurung abode in Nargothrond, but he was bidden also to learn the truth concerning Húrin’s son, if he might; and in the stoutness of his heart, therefore, he purposed to cross the river, as soon as Glaurung was gone, and search the halls of Felagund. For he thought that all had been done that could be for the keeping of Morwen and Niënor: the coming of Glaurung would be marked, and even now the riders should be speeding towards Doriath.
  Glaurung therefore passed Mablung by, a vast shape in the mist; and he went swiftly, for he was a mighty Worm, and yet lithe. Then Mablung behind him forded Narog in great peril; but the watchers upon Amon Ethir beheld the issuing of the Dragon, and were dismayed.

“The Journey of Morwen and Niënor to Nargothrond” - The Children of Húrin - J.R.R. Tolkien


Here I gathered very single quote relevant to the Petty-Dwarves from Tolkien’s works! The only comments I added where to give context on the quote, so this oughta be an opinion-free resource for those wanting to know more about what little we have on the Petty-Dwarves in the available canon and semi-canon sources.

The order that follows it: 

  1. The Silmarillion
  2. The Unfinished Tales
  3. The Children of Húrin
  4. The History of Middle Earth

If I have missed something or if there is anything wrong with the post, please inform me, it will be edited and added to the post body with due thanks for the collaboration :)

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anyway @alikuu here’s my further thoughts on how the AU where Tuor and Voronwe drag Turin to Gondolin would go, I’m sorry I got overinvested:

- Turgon remembers Hurin, and he feels sorry for Turin. He lets them both stay, but on the same terms as in canon - like Tuor, Turin can enter Gondolin, but he can’t leave. (Gwindor parts ways with them well before they reach Gondolin, he wants to go back to Nargothrond. Turin gives him the rest of his lembas for the road.)

- Turin spends a lot of time exhorting Turgon to bring the war to Morgoth. Tuor supports him in somewhat more tactful terms (this is not hard), or, like, at least tries to suggest they should do something other than dig in and wait. Turgon, being a more forceful character than Orodreth, is sympathetic but unmoved. If he didn’t listen to Tuor and Ulmo he’s not going to listen to Turin either. Turin is loudly angry, unhappy, and critical of Turgon.

- It’s worth remembering at this point that despite everything, Turin and Tuor are both very charismatic people who attract followers easily.

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spekeparott  asked:

A terrible AU for your consideration: Celegorm and Curufin join Finrod and Beren's quest for the Silmaril.

If it’s just the two of them joining the quest, as opposed to an un-couped Nargothrond providing Finrod et all all the support it can, Mrogelec and Nifuruc aren’t gonna avert the whole Captured By Sauron Thing. The question then becomes one of what, exactly, about the Kinslaying Sauron turns back against them. He used shame and hypocrisy against Finrod buuuut Celegorm and Curufin are fuckers who don’t seem to be ashamed of what they did - certainly not enough not to be super psyched about doing it again. So maybe the power (and….amorality) of three Princes of the Noldor is sufficient to overthrow him. 

Which means they’ve gone on their way before Luthien gets there. And without her badassery, maia power and raw sex appeal they don’t stand much chance of actually reclaiming the Silmaril. Probably Morgoth imprisons them and tortures them some - he is notorious for not killing his prisoners when there is irony to be had - until she rocks up and roofies him as per canon. She rescues them, they grab the Silmaril, everything’s awesome, happy ending oh no wait there’s that awkward matter of the Oath hanging over things. 

Beren is killed in the ensuing fight, the dipshits flee, Luthien dives into death to get her man back, and all proceeds as per canon. 

Either Finrod is dead of Sauron, Morgoth or Shitty Cousins, in which case we’re on track for the Nirnaeth, or he’s alive which is a hypothetical I feel like I’ve run before. A living Finrod:

  • Is more likely than Orodreth to send troops to the Nirnaeth, not because he forgives his cousins but because he can read the writing on the wall and is vastly more proactive than his brophew. Probably they still lose, lol. Doom etc. 
  • If he survives the Nirnaeth, will almost certainly prevent Turin’s plan to bridge the Narog, which won’t prevent Nargothrond from falling ever because DOOM, but might buy it more time, allow for a less messy end with more survivors. 

Finrod + Nargothrond ⟶ requested by @sunshinemage

“The largest kingdom of Noldor Elves in Beleriand during the First Age was that controlled by Finrod Felagund from his fortress city of Nargothrond. This was a powerful underground fortress carved in the caverns of the Narog River and from it Finrod ruled most of West Beleriand.”

Finrod's Adventure Part 2

Finrod: *finally somehow majestically makes it to the Caves of Narog*

Finrod: … hmm. This would be cool to make a replica of Menegroth here.
Dwarves: hey man. I heard you want to build things.
Finrod: Oh, hey. You’re from the Blue Mountains.
Dwarves: Yep. We totally helped make Menegroth too.
Finrod: Oh sweet. Hey, help me make another Menegroth. But we’ll call it … uh … Narogthong … or .. hm .. that sounds silly. How about Nargothrond?
Dwarves: Sure.
Nargothrond: *is built*
Finrod: *gets some sweet fuckin gifts for the dwarves from Tirion, the watch-tower*
Finrod: Hey guys, this is for you.
Dwarves: *AWE*
Dwarves: Look, we made a thing for you. *gives him the Nauglamir* King Felagund!
Finrod: My name’s Finrod –
Dwarves: Felagund! Felagund!
Elvish Followers: That has a nice ring to it. Felagund, yo!
Felagund: … okay. Finrod Felagund it is.

Oaths and Doom and all that: The Beren and Finrod Edition

I said I wanted to produce more Beren content, so here you go.

During my time in the tumblr Silm famdom, I’ve seen a lot of posts about Finrod’s oath and his decision to join Beren’s quest, and I think most of them have been pretty inconsistent with what actually happens in canon. So here’s my take on that, first with quotes, then with a little headcanon/speculation of my own. 

It is told in the Lay of Leithian that Beren passed through Doriath unhindered, and came at length to the region of the Twilight Meres, and the Fens of Sirion; and leaving Thingol’s land he climbed the hills above the Falls of Sirion, where the river plunged underground with great noise. Thence he looked westward, and through the mist and rains that lay upon those hills he saw Talath Dirnen, the Guarded Plain, stretching between Sirion and Narog; and beyond he descried afar the highlands of Taur-en-Faroth that rose above Nargothrond. And being destitute, without hope or counsel, he turned his feet thither.

That’s it, folks. That’s Beren’s big plan when he goes to Nargothrond. He’s got nothing except for the clothes on his back and some ring he took off his dead dad’s severed hand so he would have something to remember Barahir by. With no other options, he decides to use the ring to get into Nargothrond, because at the very least he could use a good meal and maybe some better gear.

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