My dear tumblr friends and followers! I’m from Ukraine. It’s the country which is situated between EU countries and Russia. We are independent for 20+ years , but all this time we’ve been under the pressure of Russia. Integration of the Ukraine to EU was our only  Silver Lining to escape this “USSR situation” but our “president” Yanukovich declined it. Ukrainian citizens made something really huge and special . It’s called “Euromaidan”. It was a peaceful protest against the politics which take place in our country.It’s counted that the biggest meeting “Narodne Viche” gathered near 1 million people. But then it became a violent mess. The government ordered the police to disperse Maidan and they started to beat young students and women… It took place in the end of November 2013.. Till this day (27. 01.2014) EuroMaidain is living, fighting for our freedom and police is just killing innocent people: students, simple citizens and public activists. People, we’re not fighting for integration. This revolution is fighting for democracy and killing the dictatorship. For those who tell something like “But you voted for this president” NO, WE DIDN’T. You can’t even imagine the level of corruption in the Ukraine which  rules the voting system. Share this information, tell this things to your families, friends. Because now,information is our only weapon. Innocent people are killed by government. My friends are beaten by the police just for protection of their rights!

 It is not because of the EU. It’s not your Schengen zone, not your values, standard of living, culture and so on.

 Our “president” was twice imprisoned for robbery in his youth. Our “premier” does not speak Ukrainian. In English, none of them speak at all. All our courts are corrupt and work for the interests of the Mafia family Yanukovych. The country thrives raiding. Our police are raping women, killing people and avoids prisons. Sons of our deputies and the deputies themselves kill people, sitting behind the wheel drunk. And they never end up in prison.Police taking bribes on the roads ALL. They have not fixed the breach. They just demand bribes. You can help just with sharing this information! It’s our mutual future! We’re fighting for freedom! 

Pray for Ukraine! Glory to the Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! Glory to the people,who gave their lives for the best future. Слава Україні! Героям Слава!

April 27th is a national holiday and a work-free day in Slovenia (dan upora proti okupatorju “Day of Uprising Against Occupation”). It commemorates the founding of Anti-Imperialist Front (Protiimperialistična fronta (PiF)), later renamed to Liberation Front (Osvobodilna fronta (OF)), on April 26th [sic] 1941 (it was for a long time believed the meeting happened on 27th, which is why it’s the date of the holiday today).

During the war, Slovene OF and the partisans, though part of the wider Yugoslav umbrella organisations were in essence autonomous, because of territorial remoteness and the fact that Slovene lands were parts of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy proper (Slovene envoy also couldn’t participate at the 1st Anti-Fascist Council for the National Liberation of Yugoslavia (Antifašistični svet narodne osvoboditve Jugoslavije sln./Antifašističko vijeće narodnog oslobođenja Jugoslavije bcs. (AVNOJ)) because of intense fighting in the Slovene territory). Slovene organisation also differed from the rest of the Yugoslav ones, in that the leading oragnisation was the civil OF, directing and managing its military fraction, while it was the other way around elsewhere. Slovene OF truly united with the Yugoslav organisation in 1944.