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  • Something politically or socially crappy: *happens*
  • Me: This would never happen in Narnia under the rule of King Peter the Magnificent, Queen Susan the Gentle, King Edmund the Just and Queen Lucy the Valiant or under Caspian X

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“This isn’t my home!”
Peter says.
Peter isn’t a schoolboy.
Peter is a deep-chested man.
Peter is a king.
“Narnia is my home.”

“This isn’t my home!”
Susan says.
Susan isn’t a damsel.
Susan is a tall woman.
Susan is a queen.
“Narnia is my home.”

“This isn’t my home!”
Edmund says.
Edmund isn’t a little boy.
Edmund is a diplomat.
Edmund is a judge.
“Narnia is my home.”

“This isn’t my home!”
Lucy says.
Lucy isn’t a “silly girl”.
Lucy is a healer.
Lucy is a warrior.
“Narnia is my home.”

“This isn’t our home!”
They say.
They aren’t children.
They are Royalty.
They are Magnificent, Gentle, Just, Valiant.
“Narnia is our home.”

A list of things Edmund has said when being overly dramatic

-“I would rather die than do [insert small social favor Susan asks of him].”

-“I will punch him in the face if he dares say another word to me!” (Though he is super concerned about political diplomacy.)

-“You’re so loud. It’s harder to hear a giant coming into the room.” (When Peter speaks a notch louder in the morning)

- “You bring so much trouble, I would rather command a legion of hornets.” (Actually canon though.)

-“Ugh! I feel smothered in this tunic. Look! It’s restricting my neck, and isn’t good for my health.” (Actually the tunic is a size too large for him and very loose. He just doesn’t like it.)

-“Aslan, Susan, you sound like a banshee.” (When in fact she only let out a small Yelp.“

-"Lucy! Your fingers are like whips! Look at this red mark you’ve left on my arm.” (Lucy only slapped him playfully. He’s just annoyed at the moment.)

-“Don’t place a frame over my bed, Su! It could fall in the night and hit my head. I could die!” (The frame is about 6x6 inches.)

-“It’s soooo hot. Look! I’m getting sunburned!” (When he’s barely been in the sun for ten minutes.)

-“I’m soooo hungry. I haven’t eaten all day!” (Said usually when he’s eating lunch an
Hour later than usual, even if he did have a decent breakfast in the morning.)

-“Peter is constantly nagging and whining.” (When Peter criticizes him with one comment too early in the morning.)

Narnia Needs A Queen... Epilogue

Fandom: Narnia

Characters: Caspian, Female Reader, Drinian

Pairing: Caspian x Reader

Warnings: Smut

Summary: Continuation of Narnia Needs a Queen… For @drinix​ , I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG!!! I HOPE IT’S NOT TOO AWFUL FOR YOU!

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You and Caspian arrived back at the ship with goofy smiles on your faces.
“Where are the others?” Drinian asked.

“The king and queen have returned to their World with Eustace. Reepicheep has travelled into Aslan’s country.” Caspian answered. He looked down at you then back at Drinian. “And we have an announcement to make.”

Caspian grabbed you by the hand and pulled you behind him to the steps up to the helm. “Narnians! This is a day to be joyous. We have defeated the evil and returned our fellow Narnians to this world.” He paused as everyone cheered.

“And this is also a joyous day for me because y/n has agreed to marry me and become the Queen of Narnia.”

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Narnian ladies and flowers. Part 4

Queen Lucy The Valiant,  fireflower. She has very light and warm nature. 

 "In this bottle,“ he said, "there is cordial made of the juice of one of the fireflowers that grow in the mountains of the sun. If you or any of your friends is hurt, a few drops of this restore them» 

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Our Smiling Lucy Pevensie Through The Years


Queen Lucy Pevensie the Valiant of Narnia

As for Lucy, she was always gay and golden-haired, and all the princes in those parts wanted her for their Queen. And she was called Queen Lucy the Valiant