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I’m laughing because well knowed newspapers and news networks used the terms “bloggers”, “activists”, “social justice warriors” more often to de-legitimate them, meanwhile they informed me about:

  • Ferguson 
  • Syrian Refugees
  • chinese activists disappereance
  • Orlando
  • Aleppo
  • Ni una Menos
  • Poland women’s right march
  • Flint
  • Philippines’ president Duterte
  • Standing Rock protest
  • and Boko Haram nigerian massacre

faster and better (and sometimes were the only ones), and with more accurancy and proofs that said newspapers and news networks did. 

So how about, instead, @well knowed newspapers and news networks, you examine yourself, your ethic, your morals, the present and your work, and start doing what should be YOUR  FRICKING JOB?!? 

Bad Boy Ashton's Tutor - Ashton Imagine - Requested



Just you know, come on and tutor the bad boy. I sighed to myself pushing the door open to the classroom the teacher said to use. I had to tutor Ashton Bad Boy Irwin because well, because the guy doesn’t give a damn but he needs to fucking pass school. But I bet it’s not going to work because he doesn’t care enough to make it work and you gotta care, just a little.

Nope. He doesn’t care. He sits in the back of the class, making rude and crude comments and high fiving his little friends, Calum and Michael. Luke was his friend too except Luke did care about school so well, Luke did not sit with them in class. And Ashton had that annoying thing where he just assumed every girl out there wanted to ride his dick to Narnia. News flash, I don’t.

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anonymous asked:

For the ask meme: Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia? (I don't think I've ever seen you reblog Narnia stuff, but you reblogged as C.S. Lewis thing recently, so what the heck).

Lord of the Rings hands down. It’s in my top five formative narratives. It’s subtle, beautiful, heartbreaking, and never easy. Reading it made me fall in love with the world, with the numinous and the terrible, and even (eventually) helped me love myself.

Narnia is…well. There are still parts of Narnia I love a lot. But it’s also kind of irrevocably caught up in my fundie Christian related issues. (Fun fact: my childhood preacher encouraged us all to read Narnia because it was good wholesome Christian writing. But he thought LOTR was a path to the devil. Or worse, Catholicism. (And since I later became Catholic, at least partly because of Tolkien, he may have been right lol.))

Ultimately my opinion on Narnia is pretty close to Tolkien’s actually. There are some good story elements, and some great characters, and some clever bits of writing, but it’s far too heavy-handed and didactically allegorical, and I like Tolkien am not really about the allegory.