narnia lamp post

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what if when Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy had walked into the closet they’d landed in medieval Scotland, and suddenly had magical powers…


spare oom. by Carrots-Gilly

The Lamp post (NARNIA RP)

Jehan laughed as he hid from his brother in the spare room of the house they were living in until the war was over. He looked around the room for a place to hid until his eyes fell on a wardrobe. He ran over to it, yanking the door open, climbing in before closing the door. To avoid being found quickly, Jehan moved to the back of the wardrobe behind all the coats. He kept moving back, expecting to hit the back of the wardrobes anytime soon, only to find that the coats had been replaced by branches. He turned to face the branches and walked forward, ending up in an opening with snow covered trees and the ground was covered in snow.



Lighting the Way Home.

As a child, one of my favourite books was The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe, by C.S Lewis. I just loved the idea of escaping into a magical world inhabited by talking animals! If you’ve read the book, then you may remember the lamp post, which the children find out in the snowy woods as they enter Narnia & which later guides them home at the end of their adventure.

The author, Lewis was friends with Tolkein (Lord of the Rings) & they spent quite a bit of time together in & around the town of Malvern, where Barney & I now live. The story goes, that the scene with the lamp in the book was first thought up by Lewis while he & his friend were walking home from the pub in Malvern, one winter’s night. He spotted a lit gas lamp, shining out in the falling snow & commented to Tolkein how it would make for a very nice opening line in a book :)

I love the fact that we still have some of these old fashioned lamp posts lining some of the paths on the lower slopes of the Malvern Hills.  We went for a stroll along Happy Valley this afternoon, where Barney’s favourite stream is & while walking through the woods on the way home, I noticed one of the lamps ahead had already lit up…