narnia cosplay


Susan Pevensie cosplay from the Prince Caspian movie! 

I absolutely adore this dress and it’s been a dream of mine to own it since I was 13 years old! My inner 13 year-old is amazed that I was able to make this, and dress up like her, and I’m so thrilled with how all of these photos are looking! I feel like a fairytale princess! Maybe some day I can do a group cosplay of all the Pevensie children and Caspian from this scene in the movie! 

Cosplay made and worn by beleggs

Photos by theshatteredsilhouette


The crown for the #whitewitch is coming along nicely! Our first performances are 2 weeks from today…eek! #theatre #Narnia #cosplay #thranduil

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I took a break today to look though the Katsucon pictures that I still haven’t touched and found these gems taken by the spectacular @koalois! I’m so glad we got these before, you know, the maid cafe caught fire.

Hopefully I can wear this babby again soon! I put a lot of work into this (namely chainmail), and it was my first legit armor, but there are still a lot of found pieces that I would like to replace with my own.

So I’m almost done with this lady’s dress, I’ve got that fur cloak of hers and the icy things in her hair. I haven’t got her hair.

How do you think I should do that? They’re dreadlocks, obviously, but those are a LOT dreadlocks and that costs a lil bit too much for me. I could do it with wool, but I don’t think it gives the same effect and I’m not sure if they’re going to hold it when I put them up like that. 

Any of you know a Jadis wig?