The Adventures of the Pevensie Children

And she stumbled on out of the wardrobe into a magical land…

Lucy steps through the magical wardrobe and, instead of ending up in Narnia, she ends up in the forest by Camelot. Instead of a faun that worked for the White Witch, she meets a cheerful young warlock who was out practicing magic away from the kingdom that condemns him for having it. He quickly complies to her request to see something magical and conjures up a horse made of smoke. 

Edmund x Reader - Eavesdropper

Can you do an imagine where the reader and Edmund like each other, and one day Edmund accidently overhears the reader confessing to Lucy and Susan or the other way around? (Btw, you will be seeing a lot of me requesting stuff)

Edmund x Reader - Eavesdropper
Setting: Really could be during the Golden Age or Modern. Idk, you choose.
Contains: Mer
Word Count: 1126


(Y/n) let out a deep sigh. She laid sprawled out on her bed with one arm draped over the side of the bed and the other on her chest. She stared up at the ceiling and sighed again. Her room was filled with a gloomy sort of texture. If one just walked into it, they would suddenly have a sort of wave of depression. Now before you go off and jump to conclusions, no (Y/n) doesn’t have depression (I’d hope so at least, it’s really not fun). (Y/n) has fallen into a deep, deep pit. A pit that was known to give people an illness called lovesickness.

Edmund sat at the dinner table with his siblings but one chair was empty. (Y/n)’s. He looked over at her chair and his brow furrowed. A grave look was planted on his face. The three other Pevensies exchanged glances until Susan spoke up.

“I’ll go check on (Y/n).” Susan’s chair scraped against the floor as she got up and her spoon clanged against the bowl when she let go of it. Edmund’s eyes followed her as she walked out then darted back down to his dinner, his appetite had escaped him. He rested his head against his hand as he moved his food around in his bowl. 

Lucy and Peter looked at him worriedly. (Y/n) wasn’t the only one that was lovesick. 

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laflenkenway asked:

Send me an au thing: Redwall; Deyna admits to being Taggerung to Ruggan Bor instead of abandoning his adopted culture. The three characters you remind me of: you kinda give off a "Lucy Pevensie" vibe, I'm not solidly sure on the other two, I just don't know you well enough. Perhaps "silent" Sam?

God, it’s been forever since I read Taggerung.

1. Deyna keeps his tattooos. 

2. To protect Redwall, Deyna offers a fight to the death to Ruggan Bor and wins, effectively gaining control of the Juskabor. 

3. Deyna doesn’t stay at Redwall, but visits semi-frequently

4. Deyna rules the Juskabor (now the Juskatagg) fairly, but is far from an innocent woodlander. His upbringing has influenced him, after all.

5. Is eventually killed by another, and the title of Taggerung is passed on, but not for a few decades at least.

(Send me an AU and I’ll give five headcanons)

I’ll take Lucy Pevensie. That’s the last thing I expected to read, but that’s not a bad thing at all. 

The signs as fantasy places we all wish we could live in

Aries: Atlantis (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)

Taurus: Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland)

Gemini: Neverland (Peter Pan)

Cancer: Narnia (The Chronicles of Narnia)

Leo: Camp Half-Blood (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

Virgo: The Shire (The Hobbit)

Libra: Oz (The Wizard of Oz)

Scorpio: The Spaceport (Treasure Planet)

Sagittarius: Hogwarts (Harry Potter)

Capricorn: King’s Landing (Game of Thrones)

Aquarius: Camelot (Merlin)

Pisces: Halloween Town (The Nightmare Before Christmas)


Narnia + Instagram

  • Lucy:There's a world in this wardrobe!
  • Her siblings:That's stupid, Lucy. You're wrong.
  • Her siblings:Wow, there actually IS a world in this wardrobe.
  • Her siblings:We're sorry, Lucy.
  • Her siblings:We'll never doubt you again.
  • - On Their Second Trip To Narnia -
  • Lucy:I see Aslan!
  • Her siblings:That's stupid, Lucy. You're wrong.