You’d have to place me in a derelict barn right out of Rhode Island. My frame would be twisted and mangled around a station wagon wheel, my tongue draped over the urine coated hay. My eyes bloodshot and ears deafened by the raucous and insane noise that is Coachwhips.

It is exciting to hear. You cannot resist the oddball collision of distortion and stripped down sound fuelled by a sexual energy. You’ll be jumping round in an attempt to shake off your rabies infested ass.

Our key conspirator is John Dwyer, antagonist seen in a plethora of bands on the Rhode Island/San Francisco scene such as Burmese, The Hospitals, Dig That Body Up It’s Alive and currently the Oh Sees, formerly OCS (Orange County Sound) He tears his guitar strings and fingers to shreds in a fury of compassion, aggression and rawkus composure. He is joined by Matt Hartman cranking up the adrenaline on the skins whilst Val-Tronic strikes Casio keyboards with her palms embellishing the lo-fi madness.


Women And Children - Oranges

All Tomorrow’s Parties have announced that reggae and dub legend Lee “Scratch” Perry will be playing their May 2011 UK event, which is curated by Baltimore’s neo-psychedelic outfit Animal Collective.

The festival runs from May 13 thru 15, and will be held at Butlins Holiday Centre in Minehead, England. Tickets are on sale now, and can be purchased via


Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Grammy Award winning album, Repentance, which was produced by Andrew WK, is available via the Narnack Records store.


Raucous and dirty, an abrasive date of tactical espionage with secret agent X-27 is one that you’ll remember…

“It’s a long way down from the bottom of my skull to the top of my anus, where I keep all my hopes and my dreams and my thoughts and this picture of you”