Here’s a translation of the extra comic that came out with SnB 150! I love Heliohapt’s mandrakes so much! ^^ But sometimes I feel really bad for them. Poor mandrakes… ;^;  

***Please keep in mind that my Japanese ability is nowhere near perfect, so some parts of this translation could be partially wrong or even completely wrong! I do these translations for practice and for fun!

nohroutlawdragon  asked:

Um, is it possible to get reactions to baby's first steps for the Heliohapt boys?

*Love towards Heliohapt boys increases* Yes, yes, yes. Enjoy!

Armakan Amun-Ra:

  • Is in the throne room in presence of some important visitors when he sees his child sliding into the room as they crawl.
  • Still manages to keep his focus on the matter at hand, looking as unfazed as possible; he hoped a servant would appear to take them away at the moment… How did they arrive in there?
  • Soon, he got his answer as he saw his toddler clumsily pulling themselves into a shaking standing position, and can’t help but show mild surprise and, well, in all honestly, he is very proud.
  • Asks Narmes to take the baby back to his s/o, and to tell her about the milestone until the visitors leave.
  • Later, he goes with his s/o and baby, and the first thing he does is scold his lover for not focusing on the baby; it could have ended in a tragedy, in truth.
  • Then, his mood lightens and he pats the child’s head to congratulate them. Would want to take the little one to the floor and help him walk a little himself.


  • When he was told his s/o was calling him because of their child he became a worried mess and nearly slapped the person who told him out of nervousness.
  • Wow, he certainly wasn’t expecting seeing his baby clumsily walking towards his s/o, and he forgets how to breathe for a second.
  • Softly calls his child’s name and watches as they turn around, fall on their butt (he nearly falls forward to catch them), get up again and try to walk towards his extended arms.
  • He cannot erase the silly smile on his face, and is sure that nothing any time soon. Seeing him calling his child closer is so cute and pure, to be honest.
  • Swings his baby around when their chubby hand grip his wrist for support, overjoyed, and expresses just how happy and proud he is.
  • Runs away and tells everyone because all Sindria deserves to know about his child’s achievement. He is so damn happy for a whole week, he just can’t help it.

Sphintus Carmen:

  • This totally caught him off guard. One second he was standing next to Titus and the next thing he knows is that something has bumped against his leg.
  • He looks down to see his baby giggling and gripping at his sandals, looks forward to see his s/o, who is smiling brightling, and then looks at his child again to see that they are not by his leg now.
  • Instead, they had stood and were now tumbling towards his s/o. The fell when one knee buckled, but Sphintus was somewhere else to actually notice.
  • It’s Titus who brings him back to life by standing up and going to help Sphintus’ baby. The next moment, the dark-skinned boy is bringing his baby up in the air.
  • What the hell are you saying, of course he is NOT CRYING. Everyone knows he cried the day his baby learned to walk.
  • Takes the baby for walks in Reim to help them practice. Besides, his heart melts a little when his kid jumps a little, stumbles, trips and does anything that basically makes him kneel down to help with their balance.

Narmes Titi:

  • It was his day off that he was going to spend with his little family. It had already been some weeks that he had been trying to help his child to walk, but not successes yet.
  • But when he walked into his quarters, where his s/o and baby, presumably, were, he wasn’t expecting to be tackled by the cute ball he called his kid.
  • Kneels down and smiles widely as his baby jumps while gripping his arms, before turning around and slowly running towards their mom.
  • So genuinely happy, and tells both of them how happy he is, because this certainly was a surprise. He is going to start a group embrace since he really doesn’t know where to pour the joy.
  • Wants to tell so many people about this great day but cannot decide who to tell first, so ends up talking to statues and even tells his s/o, but dear, they already know.
  • The best way to light his days up from then on is finding his child going to greet him at work. Still gets worried when they trip or slip, and fall, but knows that they’re doing a great progress.
Sinbad no Bouken 150 RAW

Here are the raws for Sinbad no Bouken 150, which is titled “The Founding Ceremony”. The day we’ve all been dreading has finally arrived, and it starts off as such a beautiful day too… 

As many of you already know, I am no longer providing detailed summaries of the chapters. For a more detailed summary, be sure to check out chapter summaries done by @itsdanystormborn!   I will, however, provide a very brief description of the chapter down below so I can share my thoughts on it! I hope you enjoy~! ^^b

*** Disclaimer : Sinbad no Bouken is not my work. Please be sure to vote for Sinbad no Bouken every day on the MangaOne app if you have it!

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Translations for Strade’s Text in This Is Not Romance

I gathered all of this shit, so here we go. Also, apologies in advance because this is going to be a very long post.

***DISCLAIMER: All of this belongs to @gatobob​ ***


“You should be more careful.”

“Come on, there’s a couple live ones down there.”


“Ha, I see you back there. Come out and play!”

“N-No! Wait! Don’t-”

“Get over here, pet.”

“Come here.”

“I want to see some girl on girl.” (This possibly refers to Raven?)

“You’re disobeying me?”


“I’m wondering what good you are to me alive, then. I bet I could keep the important parts warm.”

“Hahaha! Run!”

The machines read “Beg” and “Cry.” Nice touch, Gato.



“You belong to me. FOREVER!”

This page is a bit of a trip, so I’m going to break it up into pieces.


“Place hand.
Remove personal lock.
> Your body may not be recoverable in emergency situations.”

“Fully armed.”

Also, the very left side of the screen only has the decipherable letters “…narmed.”

“Selin! Selin! Look! It’s Strade~”

I hope this helped anyone that wanted to know what these said and didn’t have access to translate it themselves. Also, for the Strade addicts that need to know every little bit about Strade.

Cosy Vocab in Persian/Farsiقارسی

Taken from @blackteaandlanguages post , who took it from @malteseboy‘s original post.

فیلم – film - film
بقل – baqal - cuddle
بقل کردن – baqal kardan - to cuddle
پولیور –poliver - sweater/jummper
بالش – bâlesh - pillow
قهوه – qahve - coffee
جوراب – jorâb - socks
کتاب –ketâb - book
آسودگی – âsudegi - comfort
راحت –râhat - comfortable
آسوده –âsude - comfortable
پتو – patu - blanket
چرت – chort - nap
بخاری – bokhâri - fireplace
گربه – gorbe - cat
گرم – garm - warm
ستارگان – setâregan - stars
توفان – tufân - storm
چای –chây - tea
شمع – sham’ - candle 
کولاک - kulak - snow storm
برف – barf - snow
آهسته – âheste - soft
نرم – narm - soft
ظریف – zarif - delicate
شیرین – shirin - sweet
خوابیدن – xâbidan - to sleep
خاب آلود – xâb alud - sleepy
استراحت کردن – esterâhat kardan – to rest
خواندن – xândan - to read
باران – bârân - rain
خانه – xâne - home
قهوه خانه – qahve xâne - coffee house
سرما – sarmâ - cold
بوسه – buse - kiss
ماچ – mach - kiss (informal) 
بوسیدن – busidan - to kiss
ماچ کردن – mach kardan - to kiss

This is what good writing does; there’s DRAMATIC MELON DISCOURSE, melon-related conspiracies, and people actually murdering each other over a single melon, and none of it comes off as silly or melo(n)dramatic. It’s genuinely tense and dramatic and heart-breaking and logical. You avoid the Narm, collect 5 skill points and level up your bard.

hugintheraven  asked:

Animals (and CGI) are EXPENSIVE. A movie won't happen because no one would ever want to shell out the money for that questionable a success. Nah, if it ever gets touched again, it will be something much lower risk. I'm half-expecting a comic series, whey could do so much with that.

Yeah, I’ve been known to joke that That Fucking Hawk (aka the questionably-talented actor who played Tobias and presumably shat on Brooke Nevin an untold number of times) was personally responsible for driving the show off the air, because I have no idea how much of their minuscule budget AniTV blew on that stupid bird but it was probably a huge proportion.  Honestly, I’ll never know why the show actually delayed restoring Tobias’s morphing power for so long compared to when the series did it, given that they did save themselves a lot of money (and a lot of narm) by having Visser Three and Ax pretty much always walk around in human morph, and could have done the same with Tobias as well.  

Honestly I’d love to see an animated adaptation of Animorphs (I’m thinking something like Avatar meets Attack on Titan but with transformation sequences straight out of Akira) if I had my druthers, because that would eliminate the budget issues while also cutting down on the likelihood of whitewashing.  There are also a lot of concepts that a live-action show would necessarily struggle HARD to be able to convey (I still cringe thinking about how AniTV shot Jake’s conversations with Temrash 114 while he was a controller) whereas there are lots of Anime and cartoons that successfully convey multiple characters inhabiting one body through various unreal animation schemes that get the point across.  Anime also have a good history with conveying huge discrepancies between appearance and character (I’m thinking of how sweet and adorable Alphonse Elric always seems despite the animators only ever drawing a huge suit of armor), whereas live action adaptations continuously struggle to convey that pretty people can be evil and ugly people can be good (*cough* fans are still trying to redeem Loki post-genocide *cough*).  

anonymous asked:

Can I request some fluff with Hakuyuu, Hakuren, Narmes, Kouen and their clumsy s/o?

Ren Kouen

  • Kouen doesn’t comment on his s/o’s clumsiness, but certainly notices it. He’s always there to catch them when they trip, and a few stacks of knocked over scrolls isn’t too big a deal. But when it happens repeatedly and often, he starts to get a little annoyed—asking them to please try to be more careful. The look on his s/o’s face is more than enough apology, and later that evening he’ll apologize himself for being short with them.

Ren Hakuyuu

  • Hakuyuu can’t help but be concerned by his s/o’s clumsiness. Each stubbed toe, each bashed finger, each bruise makes him fret for his s/o and their safety—even if their injuries are on the small scale. Hakuyuu kisses each of their wounds and rubs it down with an old Kou healing salve.

Ren Hakuren

  • Hakuren finds his s/o’s clumsiness adorable and loves coming to their rescue. He leaps in to catch them from certain face-to-floor doom with a strong, muscular arm around their waist, pulling them close to his chest. He jokes about being their hero, but it honestly bolsters his confidence even higher.

Narmes Titi

  • Narmes can’t help but laugh a little at his s/o’s clumsiness. So long as it’s just a glass of water spilled over the table, or an ill-placed vase knocked to the floor, he’s perfectly amused in the company of his s/o and doesn’t minds cleaning up here or there.

anonymous asked:

Any relationship or domestic type hcs for Masrur + Muu + Sharrkan + Koumei + Narmes, please?!


  • Masrur likes to put things on the top shelf so he can help his s/o get them down later—but only after he’s watched them struggle to reach it on their tip-toes a little first.


  • Sharrkan is terrible at helping with chores around the house, so for the kind-of-special days (half-birthdays, days off, half-anniversaries, etc.) he does all the chores to try to make up for it.

Ren Koumei

  • Koumei doesn’t get to spend as much time home with his s/o as he might like, so when he is home, he keeps work and pleasure separate. Every time he finds his mind wandering back to his work, he kisses his s/o, determined to focus on them and only them.

Muu Alexius

  • Muu likes dancing with his s/o, taking their hand and pulling them close. He lazily spins them around the room, swaying from foot to foot in a romantic embrace. He especially likes to do this when he and his s/o are getting ready for bed.

Narmes Titi

  • Narmes puts together family dinners with his s/o, his mother and sister, and any of his s/o’s family whenever possible. He pours drinks, and sits by his s/o’s side while they catch up with their families.

Remember when Shadow once implied that he figured that the world would be better off if he was dead? And Vector tried to console him, but stopped in mid sentence because he didn’t know how to respond to that?

Shadow’s solo game was pretty deep at times, if you looked under the narm and meme fuel.

This is seriously one of the best games in the series, if only for the replayability of the levels and the potentially intense storyline you could get of the 326 or so combination. Oh, and the character interactions.

tehsharkster  asked:

Just wondering, how does profanity usually carry over in the localizations you've seen? I know that Persona 3 and 4 have some pretty harsh language in English, and Catherine goes straight for the f bomb. What are your thoughts/insight on that, and how do you think it'll go for P5's localization, since people have noticed the Catherine similarities, edgier tones, and larger amount of blood and violence so far?

This is an interesting question, and one that was one of the first I found myself confronted with when I actually started studying Japanese. You see, the thing is, the Japanese language has a completely different concept of what a “swear” is than English or German do.

Of course, there’s some words you wouldn’t wanna use in public - sexual organ colloquialisms like “chinpoko” and “omanko” come to mind - but “cursing” in general is a lot more of a matter of context in Japanese than it is in the other two language that I speak, and usually it’s not the language used that makes something offensive - it’s how it is used.

For example, a decade or two ago or so, the Pokemon Fandom was complaining in great rages about the Anime being “censored”, but not because of the usual 4Kids stuff, but because a Fansub where Ash kept yelling “Damn!” and “Shit!” whenever something bad happened came out. The truth behind the matter is that this particular translation choice of 4Kids didn’t actually involve any censorship whatsoever: While the Japanese exclamation “Kuso!” is a quite literal equivalent of our swear “Shit!”, it’s not a word the Japanese feel the need to protect their children from - it’s not considered offensive to use it on a children’s show, as long as the character isn’t directly addressing someone with it; that’s when it becomes offensive. When a character calls another “Kusogaki” (shitty brat), for example, then it’s far more cutting to the Japanese ear than them just exclaiming “Kuso!” into the air with no direct goal it is addressed to. That’s why Ash using “Kuso!” in Pokemon is not exactly offensive, but Adachi calling the IT and the world “Kuso” over and over sounds extremely harsh. 

This doesn’t only apply to this one word. There’s a lot of other expressions in Japanese that would be considered offensive in one context, but perfectly harmless in another. Another thing is that in Japanese, more often than not, it’s grammar and sentence structure that make dialogue sound harsh and rude, much more than the actual contents of said dialogue. The dialogue of Kanji from Persona 4 contains actually almost no outright “swearwords” in the Japanese version; what makes him sound so aggressive and rude is the way he uses his grammar and constructs his sentences, how harshly he tends to roll his “R”s, how he shortens down words like he didn’t care for them to sound correct, how he slurs words and even whole sentences almost constantly. There’s no outright offensive vocabulary needed to make him sound rude; it’s all in the way he uses his words. 

Something else that can make dialogue sound offensive are word choices: Using any male pronouns harsher than “Ore” (sometimes even “Ore” will do the trick); having characters refer to others as “Anta”, “Omae” or even “Kisama” for “You”, using just a little less respectful terms to refer to your family members than what is common… None of these things is considered “Too offensive” to be shown on children’s TV in Japan, yet they’re impactful enough to make a character seem positively rude if used right and it high enough measures. That’s what this dialogue is: Not censorship worthy, but harsh enough to make the audience flinch a little when the characters talk. Something that can’t always be accomplished in that way in our more clear-cut western languages.

And then come us translators and try to somehow put this stuff into German or English. Hoo Boy.

At this point, we usually have two options: Make the dialogue sound less rude than it actually sounds in Japanese, resulting in a loss of emotion, or make it sound just as rude, making it so offensive in the process that it requires a T or M rating to pass by anything. 

Ace Attorney usually goes for the first option. It’s characters, no matter how rude they are in the Japanese version, are usually translated in a way that doesn’t exactly raise the game’s rating in any way, at the cost of sounding a bit… unrealistic or even “Narm”-y at times. (”You scoundrel!”)

(Btw; This method is also what gave birth to the famous “You spoony bard!” line, in an attempt to retain the rudeness of the term “Kisama” along with the game’s low age rating.)

Persona, on the other hand, usually goes for the later option, seeing how the game, given its contents, doesn’t have any hopes to get anything other than a T or M rating to begin with anyway! So the translators go nuts; any instant of Kanji being rude gets peppered up with a lot of “Damns” and “Assholes”, every occasion that Yosuke is frustrated has his feelings conveyed through a realistic use of “Hell”s, “Crap”s and “Damn”s. None of these terms they use so frequently have any direct equivalents in their Japanese dialogue; Kanji merely has the pronunciation and grammar of a Yakuza-goon, while Yosuke speaks with a very heavy “Young, Male, Tokyo City”-dialect. The swears are merely used to convey the emotions their dialogue expressed in the original, which, without them, just isn’t really possible in the English language.

That’s why it’s sometimes so hard to judge if a Japanese medium has had its script “censored” or not in translation; It’s just not as simple as that. Several valid translation choices exist, and which you pick is simply determined by the priorities of the project you’re working on. That’s the truth of the matter. 

Therefore, what P5′s english script will be like, too, is going to depend all on what Atlus of America make their priorities during translation. If they deem the non-dialogue contents of the game so heavy that they can’t escape the M-rating anyway… Well, chances are we’re gonna get a nice dosis of F-bombs whenever they feel it fits the emotions of a scene. 

Sinbad no Bouken 106 RAW and a Summary!

Here are the raws for Sinbad no Bouken 106! In which Sinbad seems to be back to his old self!  … or at least, he is doing his best to~ <3 

Just a reminder, to anyone who follows me and enjoys these raws/summaries, parts of or even all of these summaries could be completely wrong, so be advised as you read them as I am by no means a professional translator!

*** Disclaimer : Sinbad no Bouken is not my work. Please be sure to vote for Sinbad no Bouken everyday on the MangaOne app if you have it!

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