Fotoğrafçı Vadim Rufov’un sosyal medyada fotoğraflarını paylaşmasıyla bir anda fenomen haline gelen açık sarı saçları ve porselen gibi teniyle Sibirya‘da yaşayan 8 yaşındaki Nariya.

Vücudun renklenmesini sağlayan melanin pigmentinin yokluğundan ya da azlığından kaynaklanan Albino, Nariya’nın akranlarından daha farklı bir görüntüye sahip olmasına sebep olmuş.

Blind Faith || Prologue || [Reaction + Open]

Needless to say, Nariya was confused. Confused and very, very disorientated. Having woken up in a completely unfamiliar room was jarring to say the least, but to have woken up to the presence of another unfamiliar individual and that strange announcement to top it all off? Nariya was feeling uneasy to say the least. But seeing as the first person she met as she woke wasn’t a bad fellow, both Nariya and her new acquaintance made their way towards the foyer. It was in situations like these that Nariya truly felt hindered by her lack of sight. Yet the feeling of frustration and distress did not leave her as she and Ichiko arrived at their destination. Thanking the other for her help, Nariya slowly went on her way, the sound of her heels clacking against the floor with each tentative step she took.

She stopped, turning her head slowly as she tried to get a feel for the space she stood in. Every so often, she’d feel the presence of another brush past her, disturbing the air around her. But before she could even open her mouth to offer a greeting, they had already left her tiny field of perception. Nariya grasped her hands together and rested them at the front of her gown. The uneasy feeling filling her once more. How could she get someone to pay attention to her in a state like this? A true lady such as herself need not beg for the spotlight. It should all come naturally like a fish to water or a bird to flight. And so, she decided to simply wait. Smile and wait.


… This was gonna take a while.

Thank you for applying to Liar’s Gambit! The students who have been chosen to visit Flagfall Manor are:

Aoi Kimura, SHSL Otome Gamer
Banchō of Ikebukuro, SHSL Juvenile Delinquent Leader
Henry Mullins, SHSL Arctic Researcher
Ichiko Inuzuka, SHSL Bishoujo Gamer
Kakeru Kinokyu, SHSL Stuntman
Kaori Nakajima, SHSL Heiress
Ken Sugita, SHSL Pyrotechnician
Kokoro Teishi, SHSL Horror Mangaka
Kouki Akimoto, SHSL Detective
Nariya Katabukiyama, SHSL Songstress
Niru Nanzo, SHSL Parapsychologist
Oka Kanowari, SHSL Programmer
Petit Fours, SHSL Polyglot
Roxanne Kagome, SHSL Tango Dancer
Soleil, SHSL Electropop Artist
Taichi Akiyama, SHSL Cardiac Surgeon
Toshiko Ryuzaki, SHSL Curator
Verruct, SHSL Screamo Artist

Discord invites to the OOC will be issued shortly. Thank you all so much for applying, and don’t be too upset if you don’t get in! Mod Ven will be reblogging some group promos in a bit!


okay so  @thirstykurapika and I have this au of next generation hxh - I know some ppl already did it but we want to share our ideas too! -

so two of them are her ocs and two them are mine
starting with leopika child , his name is nariya   his mom  was followed by people who wanted to kill her  and she saw kurapika , and it was like this awkward  moment when someone ask you to hold their child for them and they’ll go do something real fast and come back , but yeah she didn’t and pika ended up taking care of nariya with leorio  , as you can see in my drawing my baby have lost his eyes in an accident , and guess what pika gave up scarlet eyes for him ;w; -because they love this child - and leorio did the surgery - btw idk if this’s possible but yeah!- , and now he have scarlet eyes , and pika is being over protective about this child -he’s afraid that people will kill him for his eyes-

now @thirstykurapika oc

Amon is chrollo’s biological son, but barely has a relationship with his father and was mainly raised by the troupe
He seems serious which he is most of the time but can be very dramatic the rest of the time
He only seems to be hanging around Nariya for the scarlet eyes

aaand you got hisoillu child too……kinda …sorta , her name is kiriri, hisoka killed her parents infront of her when she was 2-3 y/o and you know what kind of look she had on her face?  one happy amazed smile hisoka thought she’s one of us i gotta keep her XD but he doesn’t know how to raise a child so ,“illumi take my child ” “no” “then take my pet ”“ okay” -sorry that was weak -as you can see she’s a ray of sunshine -u- that talk about killing and human parts like talking about candy , and she likes to flirt with “tafiri “ the girl with black hair, btw kiriri is my oc

Tafiri is one who seeks all kinds of knowledge and will do almost anything to obtain it
she can be a bit brash at times but she is the second most sensible one of the group she is the teams medic!and isn’t too amused by Kiriri’s flirting attempts and tafiri is @thirstykurapika ‘s oc

i hope she tells us more about it , you might see some fanarts of them on our blogs , i hope you like this post ! if you have any ideas well just text us! or message both work ^^-