nariall replied to your post:OMFG!!! I JUST REALIZED NIALL’S TURNING 21 IN A WEEK!!!! HE’S GROWING SO FAST!!!! I CAN STILL REMEMBER HIM TURNING 18 GOSH IM FEELING WEAK RIGHT NOW!! ….. Just imagine Niall the day for his birthday.. He would be so happy and keep telling you that it’s nearly his birthday!!! Omg can you imagine..!! Ps love your blog. Your amazing!!

he was 17 when i first heard of them wtf MY BABY IS GETTING BIGGGG

he was 18 when i found them but i wasnt on tumblr for his 19th bday but sTILL HE ISNT A LITTLE CHILD ANYMORE but that doesnt matter even when he is 50 he will still be my baby. hes always gonna b a child at heart