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something that worries me is that frankly calling trmp htlerr doesn’t work and part of the reason why is that a lot of people don’t understand that natsee germany was bad before world war 2 because the part that’s drilled into our heads is the hlcaust

that’s why so many people say “WELL YOU CAN’T CALL HIM THAT UNTIL HE’S MASSACRED 6 MLLION PEOPLE!!!!” and it’s like

guys life fucking sucked for any minority in natsee germany before they started killing them

yes the caust is one of the most mind numbingly horrifying things in history but it’s not the only thing the natsees did, i mean i thought kristallnacht was well known but honestly now i’m not so sure

and lots of people don’t even seem to think about the suffering in day to day life, it’s like people who only think of racism as “people throwing bricks through your window and attacking you” while ignoring the much more insidious ways it functions on a societal level (which are a lot harder to make a catchy feel-good movie about because you can’t just fight them like you can fight a racist person)

but so much of our school system focuses on the holcst as “the thing the ntzi did that was bad” instead of showing how people walked up the stairs of disrespect to societal exclusion to prison camps to literal execution and so people can just keep telling themselves “Well im not a natzzi if no one’s dead” can’t they

and that’s why constantly harping on calling trump and the alt-not-left natzsiks isn’t going to get anything from people who don’t really fully understand why germany was bad or how it became the thing it was at the beginning of the war

actually what /really/ bothers me about the american school system is its obsession with figuring out who to "blame"

because like

let’s say test scores are lowers one year


education system explodes into arguing over who whose FAULT it is

“oh the teachers need to teach better we should dock their funding if they don’t conform to THESE new rules”

“obviously the schools are taking all the money we need to lower their funds if they didn’t do good”


“their parents are obviously not trying hard enough, let’s crack down on parent child relationships”

and EVERY YEAR i hear this bullshit and it’s just

it’s not arguing “what can we do to make it better?”

it’s arguing “who can we blame for it and punish”

golisopod as a gen 1 poke

Golisopod - The Hard Scale Pokemon

   Lv 1 - Leech Life
   Lv 1 - Sand Attack
   Lv 30 - First Impression
   Lv 36 - Swords Dance
   Lv 41 - Slash
   Lv 48 - Pin Missile
   TM 01 Mega Punch
   TM 03 Swords Dance
   TM 05 Mega Kick
   TM 06 Toxic
   TM 08 Body Slam
   TM 09 Take Down
   TM 10 Double-Edge
   TM 11 Bubblebeam
   TM 12 Water Gun
   TM 13 Ice Beam
   TM 14 Blizzard
   TM 15 Hyper Beam
   TM 17 Submission
   TM 18 Counter
   TM 19 Seismic Toss
   TM 20 Rage
   TM 21 Mega Drain
   TM 27 Fissure
   TM 28 Dig
   TM 31 Mimic
   TM 32 Double Team
   TM 34 Bide
   TM 39 Swift
   TM 40 Skull Bash
   TM 44 Rest
   TM 48 Rock Slide
   TM 50 Substitute

   HM03 Surf

New Move: First Impression
60 BP - Bug - +1 Priority
No other effect.

oh hey gen vii ou statistics out

that makes about the sense i expected

aegislash tore everything up before getting banned, pheromosa still tearing everything up (people ran aegislash partially to stop ol phero)

tapu koko was popular so i kinda expected that, didnt think it’d be phero

toxapex is really exciting to a lot of people because it’s basicaly bulkier tentacruel with regenerator so it can heal reliably

landorus, genesect, yawn

tapu lele is of course game changing, a little surprised about tapu fini being more popular than tapu bulu despite havin generally worse effect - maybe just easier typing to fit in?

marowak-alola slightly niche ish but a good counter to pheromosa and shuts stuff down even if its bad…

celesteela can run anything

zygarde , of course

and then we get into standard ou stuff



you know what pokemon i think people are super unfair to?

yea. that’s right, folks, i like druddigon.

so let’s talk about druddigon’s problems. druddigon has the lowest stat total of any fully evolved dragon type, tying with two newly added dragons in sun and moon. before those two dragons were added, druddigon was the ONLY non-legendary dragon with no evolutionary relatives.

[druddigon is VERY slow, with decent defenses and good attack]

druddigon is a weird unexpected dragon no one really wanted, and frankly, it’s a bit garish. it looks kind of like the kind of dragon a child draws.

but that’s part of why i like the dang thing!!! it’s a funky little dragon that ust exists to be a sort of storybook dragon fella. is it simple? sure. but what benefit is there to all the crazy pseudolegendaries of the dragon type without some normal pokemon to compare them to?

that said, druddigon isn’t /just/ a dragon… it has a lot of other seemingly grab bag traits too. it originally appears only in a tower, despite being referred to as a cave pokemon. it’s actually adapted to narrow passages, with a specifically strongly armored face to help face prey in close quarters

what i find interesting is the mention of warming itself with sunlight and body temperature issues. this is a common trait of reptiles, sure, but here its interesting. a winged dragon that lives in towers and often freezes still? the combination of dragon wings with a more humanoid than normal body plan on a dragon adapted to artificial areas leads to the following (perhaps obvious) conclusion - without quite telling us directly, game freak made a gargoyle pokemon!

as a side note, pokemon with no evolutionary relatives often end up with a relatively varied movepool to make up for it.

druddigon’s level up movepool only features 4 attacking types, but they’re interesting ones, with fighting type moves hitting the one type that resisted dragon in the era before fairies showed up. it’s a very OFFENSIVE movepool, with no support moves after level 20, but i think that helps fit its image. druddigon is also blessed with a wide variety of tms available.

i think that druddigon, as a 485 base dragon, is just good enough to work as part of the dragon type’s baseline. druddigon might not have many fans in my experience, but i think it’s a fundamental part of the type.

support ur local drudd


bug is a type im often very fond of, as you can probably guess from my general aesthetic

here’s a pokemon i don’t get to discuss much

wormadam is cute but unfortunately lacking in-




anyway, mind blown aside, wormadam is the female evolution of burmy, a very weak little bagworm dude who i don’t know what to think about. in a twist based on real bagworms, which experience great gender variation wherein apparently only the males metamorphose, female wormadams keep a bagworm cloak throughout their entire lives. their gimmick is that their type varies depending on whatever location burmy was in during the last battle before it evolved. wormadam’s 3 available types are -

Bug/Grass (originally shared with the Paras line) - 60 HP / 59 ATK / 85 DEF / 79 SPATK / 105 SPDEF / 36 SPE

Bug/Ground (originally shared only with Nincada) - 60 HP / 79 ATK / 105 DEF / 59 SPATK / 85 SPDEF / 36 SPE

and Bug/Steel (originally shared with Forrtress and Scizor) - 60 HP / 69 ATK / 95 DEF / 69 SPATK / 95 SPDEF / 36 SPE

to be honest, all of this variety with gender evolutions and different forms is a bit crazy for a little worm, and it’s very unfortunate that the pokemon that results in the end has never been particularly good. wormadam’s stats aren’t terrible, but they’re not very impressive either, with it being limited to low level attacking and being very slow. bug is, unfortunately, a pretty bad defensive typing! bug/steel works well because steel’s so good, but it’s very outclassed by the others.

for me, wormadam was always kind of cute, and i’ve been meaning to use it some day… i just never have! it’s only really commonly seen in diamond/pearl/platinum, (and apparently accessible in x/y? i should note that if i ever replay the game…), and i never really felt the need to choose it for a main party before. the ground typing of wormadam is pretty cool and it’s the only fully evolved bug/ground, a typing that might not be very powerful overall but is still pretty cool! that wormadam suffers from a movepool with no ground type moves…

BUT it’s blessed with a nice tm movepool including EARTHQUAKE and dig for the earlygame, so i could see it working out as an interesting pokemon. it’s cute!

so wormadam’s ultimately one of those funky gen iv pokemon that was kinda forgotten because it wasn’t super impressive. it’s main ability, anticipation, might as well not exist at all ingame - but its hidden ability, overcoat, is kind of cute i guess. wormadam’s definitely gotten a better deal than the other evolution of burmy, though… mothim has a single pretty bad typing, and despite how it appears really isn’t all that fast (though it’s certainly much faster than worma)!

one last thing to note is that because wormadam evolves from burmy, one of those pokemon meant to be kind of useless, it can’t really get any moves from breeding. oh well!

and that’s my thoughts on a somewhat hard to use pokemon that nevertheless is pretty cute!

anonymous asked:

normal type!

ah, normal, amusingly enough the strangest and most varied of types because of its grab bag nature

let me see

let’s go old school. pokemon gen iii has an important position in my life because i played it when i was young enough that i didn’t know how to look up spoilers or information online. i still remember very vividly playing sapphire for the first time at one of those trial game boys in a best buy and flipping out over all the NEW POKEMON (after all, i was at least vaguely familiar with most of the first 151 from the pokerap, i loved the show as a child)

i was not yet familiar with johto at the time, although i’d seen a few of the episodes, so that was still a mystic land of opportunity as well

anyway, i loved my sapphire game so much that it simply fell the heck apart over the course of many very intense years, and there’s no game i’ve played more often on the computer (i would probs play later games more if ds emulation wasn’t so slow still, compounding the already slow pace of gen iv lol)

and one of the pokemon i remember fondly training during the days when i had no dang clue how most things worked (but was still fairly competent) was…

good ol skitty. a somewhat odd looking pokemon when you examine it, but still cute. plus listen to its adorable cry!

i remember training a skitty to level 40 and wondering what it’d evolve into before one day realizing it could be moonstoned. i guess it’s possible that i looked that evolution method up, i can’t remember. anyway, skitty was adorable. there have been periods of my life where i was pretty basic about how much i loved cats, and skitty was the only one available on rs (plus it was more appealing than meowth IN MY OPINION ANYWAY) so there it went

unfortunately, skitty has some… problems. skitty is really, really, really weak… and delcatty, in addition to being kinda funky looking imo, is… ALSO really really weak. like. really weak

[delcatty’s stats]

there’s something to be said for using weak pokemon because you like them, but at some point it becomes really really difficult because… you just keep dyin all the time, you know? it’s really unfortunate because i would love to try to use delcatty more.

that said, the thing i distinctly remember loving about skitty was one particular move, that i think really endeared me to it: assist

Assist randomly selects one of the moves known by the user’s party allies (including fainted Pokémon) and executes it. A move called up by Assist counts as the last move used. A Pokémon will be able to use a move that is disabled in its own moveset if called via Assist. If there are no moves that can be called in the party, the move will fail.

skitty gets assist at level 19 in rse, and it was such a cool move for me with my game complete party. was it any good? not really, but the idea of a skitty using BLAZE KICK (from blaziken, my first gen 3 starter) and HYDRO PUMP (from kyogre, because, kyogre, dudes) was cute and fun enough that i had to do it

other things i remember are hoping skitty’d eventually get a cool move and being ultimately disappointed by its movepool that ended at level 39 in those days with double-edge, which i never liked because it was a recoil move…

however, it had heal bell, which was cool, and Covet, which was REALLY COOL… A NORMAL TYPE THIEF? NICE

these days, delcatty has only one real notable thing about it (although its speed was buffed 20 points in gen vii, for all the good that’ll do it); delcatty has some pretty funky abilities since generation 4

the signature ability of delcatty since gen iv has been Normalize, which is.. bizarre

Normalize makes all moves (including status moves) used by the Pokémon with this Ability act as though they were Normal-type instead of their usual type.

Generation VII

Affected moves now receive a 20% power boost.

this means, of course, that a ghost will completely ruin your day. on the other hand, skitty gets STAB on everything, and can thunder wave ground types, and silly things like that. is it any good? not really. but is it something only skitty and delcatty can do? yep!

so that’s an interesting adventure into a rather disappointing but still pretty neat pokemon. oh skitty. some day they’ll give you an item that makes u usable…

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went ahead and dug up an old cover i made in march of last year. it’s probably in the backlog somewhere

i should really cover this song again considering i like it so much. shout out to that vibrato lead though that’s the standout of this imo

it’s really simple because i was going to try to use it as a baseline for mega man hacking lol

golisopod would be pretty mind boggling in generation 1 with those stats, actually.

with 140 base defense, and 75 base hp, golisopod would have the second highest physical bulk in the game after cloyster (50 hp/180 def), with its defense lagging a bit behind onix (35 hp/160 def) but made up by superior hp. golisopod’s attack would also be phenomenal, tying with pinsir and gyarados at 125 and outdone by only 5 pokemon.

of course, golisopod’s low special would mean it would be quite vulnerable to incoming special attacks and also relatively bad at using its special movepool, unfortunate for a water type. its speed would cost it too because in gen 1, critical hits are based on speed, and at 40 base golisopod would have a normal crit rate of… 7.8125%. with slash, that’d be a much more respectable 62.5%, but that’s still a bit of a coin toss.

on the other hand, generation 1 critical hits ignore your own attack stat, so having a low speed would make it easier for golisopod to accomplish something with that stat. golisopod would be notable as a bug who gets pin-missile - a trait shared only with beedrill in this gen, and would thus be theoretically capable of very high (though unreliable) damage versus psychics.

if golisopod got first impression in any form, it’d be terrifying - high attack combined with a usable bug move would be excellent. if said bug move had priority, even for only the first turn it came out, golisopod would be able to consistently force out psychics it could switch in on (although switching in on ice beam would be its best bet, since it resists it - it’d have to be very careful because getting frozen in gen 1 never wears off.)

the moves that would matter the most for pod would be: First Impression, Swords Dance, Slash, Pin Missile, Body Slam (spreads paralysis), Surf (although coming off 60 Special, the ability to threaten Golem and Rhydon would be extremely useful), Blizzard (accurate in gen 1, hits Zapdos, who would switch in, chance of freeze is always good), Hyper Beam (doesn’t force recharge after use if it kills the target in Gen 1, so works as a finisher), Rock Slide (better choice for killing Zapdos)

unfortunately, pin missile is really quite bad, so without first impression golisopod would still lack reliable STAB. nevertheless, it’d be something off that attack stat.

i would guess it’d probably end up using

- Swords Dance
- First Impression/Pin Missile
- Surf/Blizzard
- Slash/Rock Slide/Hyper Beam/Submission

unfortunately, golisopod doesn’t have amazing matchups with a lot of OU pokes…. hmmm. a lot of this depends on how strong First Impression ends up.

then again, a bug type quick attack would work really well after using swords dance a time or two… this seems pretty neato.

I don’t know if this is confirmed or anything, but it kinda makes me upset thinking about the fact that the Fire Temple was probably in the middle of a city at some point.

Now I know they never say it out loud, but they mention a HUGE Population of shieldbearers, like a hundred thousand, in the backstory of the area. Now we also know that the entire purpose of the shieldbearers and the reason they were formed as a group was to protect the crystalist institutions in Eisenberg, right next door to Eternia, and Eisenberg is often said to have a lot of mining and stuff and inventions etc.

In addition, the mithril mine’s position is to the north next to the volcano, which makes sense but also implies that Eisenberg had a lot of stuff near the mountain range.

What this kinda seems to imply to me is that in order to house such a massive population of shieldbearers and also protect the crystal with their main force, the fire temple would have to be their main base and they’d have to have a huge amount of barracks  and industrial places around it, which seems likely to mean there’d be a whole lot of houses and stuff around it… and naturally, not everyone would be in the military, so there’d be civilians everywhere… which is, you know. A city.

So I feel like the giant volcano area wasn’t always all volcano. I also kinda suspect the shieldbearer city whose name I can’t remember wasn’t nearly as close to lava as it is now, and was probably just a military port or something. It’d explain why Eisenberg seems to have been so massively important to Luxendarc despite being incredibly empty after the years of war…


you know i’ve always thought sp00ky scary style was actually a really good mix together i dont even know why but they work really well

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so first i put death by glamour up an octave and that was pretty funny and then i decided why not go whole hog and nightcore it so its at 149% speed now

honestly this is pretty fucking incredible

other things i noticed: death by glamour is #68 in the tracklist and i cant help but imagine it was moved down one on purpose

you ever thought about how weird and coincidental it is that our moon is just about big enough to almost cover the sun? that isnt something that just happens, you know, we happen to be at an orbit distance with just the right sized moon that it fits pretty perfectly into the sun in our sky at certain intervals, and thats really cool to me

also, seeing how many fictional worlds have a single prominent moon like ours that has eclipses like that and such really shows how the world we grew up on affects our creative thinking

imagine, for example, if earth just hadnt had a moon

things would be a lot darker at night, our mythos might be quite a bit different (lots of cultures really like the sun/moon duality, a somewhat interesting thing that rises because again our sun and moon are almost identically sized in the sky) hell, i wonder if nocturnal creatures would be as common without that much light. and races that grew up on a world without a moon probably wouldn’t give their fictional universes moons all the time. might cause less interest in space; having a moon within “arm’s reach” so to speak probably made humanity particularly interested in getting up there