thought about this a bit but

making fun of people for being fat is bad,

and what i’m thinkin about right now is that it’s not just because “some people are naturally fat”

making fun of people for eating a lot and being fat because of it isn’t nice or reasonable either, especially considering this world we live in makes it hard to eat healthy and frankly who are you to judge if people don’t lol

like… i get that there’s a limit where it’s not healthy but

there’s nothing wrong with people being fat, and it’s not your place to go around policing people’s body size

One thing I thought was really interesting about BW2 was that it prominently featured Zinzolin, one of the Sages.

Now, first things first, his clothing looks incredibly bulky and uncomfortable… but I realized that the reason is that he hates the cold. Indeed, the whole thing about Zinzolin kind of confuses me. He has a very odd life philosophy, and it’s partly because he hates cold. Yet despite his hate, he also is a member of Neo Team Plasma with Kyurem and… and it’s kinda weird

Even in BW 1 he hated the cold. You find him in the Cold Storage, and of his f lines one of them is

“All of you–huddle around me! I can’t take this cold…”

Which already sets a very simple trait: he doesn’t like cold. Naturally, he feels like most of the other sages as a throw away character, but the sages got a few lines at the end as you track them down, and they’re kind of interesting. Zinzolin in particular says

“So, you returned? You’re an odd Trainer. All right. I’ve got time enough to satisfy your curiosity.” “…Breathing. Having a heart that beats. That is simple existence and nothing more for a living being. That may be the definition of living, but I don’t think that defines life.” “The experiences of joy and suffering are a vital part of being alive. Ghetsis gave me the sensation of being truly alive… What did he mean to accomplish? That isn’t what’s important.” “Right now, I’m shivering. I’m suffering, but I’m alive.”

I dunno what to think. It’s kinda a deep motivation, and I dunno what to say. But as I said, the Sages felt throw away. Then B@2 came along.

As the only sage to stay in Team Plasma (bar Ghetsis himself) he has some unusual things to say. In Opelucid, when frozen over, he repeats his earlier thoughts from BW1.

“It’s bitter cold. I’m shivering. I’m suffering, but I’m alive! It’s what the essence of life feels like! It’s proof of my existence! But that’s enough of philosophy.”

It’s kinda cool to see a character who has a sort of facing his dislikes thing built into him. Another thing I thought was cool was the fact that a random grunt in BW2 says something like “It must be really hard for Zinzolin… he really hates the cold.”, and I was a little surprised. Grunts don’t usually show compassion.


By the way, I think I know why his clothing is so odd looking. He hates the cold. I bet it’s padded as hell up in there.

So yeah, just my thoughts on a mostly ignorable character.

I don’t know if this is confirmed or anything, but it kinda makes me upset thinking about the fact that the Fire Temple was probably in the middle of a city at some point.

Now I know they never say it out loud, but they mention a HUGE Population of shieldbearers, like a hundred thousand, in the backstory of the area. Now we also know that the entire purpose of the shieldbearers and the reason they were formed as a group was to protect the crystalist institutions in Eisenberg, right next door to Eternia, and Eisenberg is often said to have a lot of mining and stuff and inventions etc.

In addition, the mithril mine’s position is to the north next to the volcano, which makes sense but also implies that Eisenberg had a lot of stuff near the mountain range.

What this kinda seems to imply to me is that in order to house such a massive population of shieldbearers and also protect the crystal with their main force, the fire temple would have to be their main base and they’d have to have a huge amount of barracks  and industrial places around it, which seems likely to mean there’d be a whole lot of houses and stuff around it… and naturally, not everyone would be in the military, so there’d be civilians everywhere… which is, you know. A city.

So I feel like the giant volcano area wasn’t always all volcano. I also kinda suspect the shieldbearer city whose name I can’t remember wasn’t nearly as close to lava as it is now, and was probably just a military port or something. It’d explain why Eisenberg seems to have been so massively important to Luxendarc despite being incredibly empty after the years of war…


you know i’ve always thought sp00ky scary style was actually a really good mix together i dont even know why but they work really well


so first i put death by glamour up an octave and that was pretty funny and then i decided why not go whole hog and nightcore it so its at 149% speed now

honestly this is pretty fucking incredible

other things i noticed: death by glamour is #68 in the tracklist and i cant help but imagine it was moved down one on purpose

you ever thought about how weird and coincidental it is that our moon is just about big enough to almost cover the sun? that isnt something that just happens, you know, we happen to be at an orbit distance with just the right sized moon that it fits pretty perfectly into the sun in our sky at certain intervals, and thats really cool to me

also, seeing how many fictional worlds have a single prominent moon like ours that has eclipses like that and such really shows how the world we grew up on affects our creative thinking

imagine, for example, if earth just hadnt had a moon

things would be a lot darker at night, our mythos might be quite a bit different (lots of cultures really like the sun/moon duality, a somewhat interesting thing that rises because again our sun and moon are almost identically sized in the sky) hell, i wonder if nocturnal creatures would be as common without that much light. and races that grew up on a world without a moon probably wouldn’t give their fictional universes moons all the time. might cause less interest in space; having a moon within “arm’s reach” so to speak probably made humanity particularly interested in getting up there

actually what /really/ bothers me about the american school system is its obsession with figuring out who to "blame"

because like

let’s say test scores are lowers one year


education system explodes into arguing over who whose FAULT it is

“oh the teachers need to teach better we should dock their funding if they don’t conform to THESE new rules”

“obviously the schools are taking all the money we need to lower their funds if they didn’t do good”


“their parents are obviously not trying hard enough, let’s crack down on parent child relationships”

and EVERY YEAR i hear this bullshit and it’s just

it’s not arguing “what can we do to make it better?”

it’s arguing “who can we blame for it and punish”

the reason i don’t like it when people just combo out or commander damage early on in edh is because i don’t see the point of it

if you want to aggressively win turn 5

why don’t you just play standard, or legacy if you want more card selection?

i mean, really? i play commander because i want to play and play against cool unusual stuff, not boring shit like sol ring and wurmcoil engine