i think that pearl acted a little rude this ep but it’s not really hard to see why, she’s an extremely clingy person and if anything she’s kind of telling the truth; rose seems to treat people as we treat fish in an aquarium right now, he probably really is a “novelty” at this point in their development, so she’s more or less calling it as she sees it

pearl has some issues which shouldn’t be excused but that doesn’t really make her a bad person

actually what /really/ bothers me about the american school system is its obsession with figuring out who to "blame"

because like

let’s say test scores are lowers one year


education system explodes into arguing over who whose FAULT it is

“oh the teachers need to teach better we should dock their funding if they don’t conform to THESE new rules”

“obviously the schools are taking all the money we need to lower their funds if they didn’t do good”


“their parents are obviously not trying hard enough, let’s crack down on parent child relationships”

and EVERY YEAR i hear this bullshit and it’s just

it’s not arguing “what can we do to make it better?”

it’s arguing “who can we blame for it and punish”

What I Like About Dragon Quest IX: Part 01

You see, in Dragon Quest IX, the bosses can be deconstructed to reveal their true purpose as the game goes on. They have some differences that, once you’ve played through the game, can be reviewed to show you the actual process behind their creation.

The first boss is the Hexagoon. This guy is your standard tutorial boss that you defeat by trading hits, but he at least has two attacks to change up the monotony.

The next boss, though, is where the design shows through.

The Wight Knight is a simple boss, with some special attacks. His true purpose, however, is to teach you how to use the party creation skill.

The Wight Knight deals decent damage and has a move that heals him for a very small amount of health. The trick is this: Up to this point, you have been required to play with a single character fighting small numbers of non-threatening enemies. Right before this fight, you are given access to the area where you can create a party and specify it to your liking.

The Wight Knight’s skillset is designed so that defeating him without accruing more helpers is an uphill battle. It comes down to two moves, the paltry healing attack specified earlier, and an attack type later enemies will use to a much more refined level… Multithrust.

The “Multi” attacks in Dragon Quest IX follow a fairly simple pattern. They are weapon based physical attacks that deal 70% of regular damage, making them seemingly useless. The trick, however, is that they hit four times on random enemy targets.

In other words, when you’re using a single character, the Wight Knight can choose to use an attack dealing 280% damage at any time, for no cost.

Additionally, remember that paltry healing I mentioned earlier? It’s only paltry if you are capable of doing the damage of four party members at once. A single party member will take some serious grinding to beat out his healing, meaning that he will last even longer to have a chance of crushing you.

Adding even a single new party member will severely circumvent this attack. The 280% multithrust can turn into 140% to both party members just with two, and as you add people the less and less terrible the attack becomes. Additionally, with more than one person his healing moves become essentially wastes of time, allowing you to kill the Wight Knight faster with minimal trouble.

This is an example of a boss who appears fluidly integrated into story as their character, while at the same time serving its purpose as a plot element easily.

so i actually really hate weeping angels right about now

it’s really a shame because the weeping angels were a fairly great idea… at first.

ok, so let’s go into blink. blink was an awesome episode. it was written well, the villains were clever and the tricks were clever, and its pacing was excellent. part of it comes from something i enjoyed about the davies run(though it had quite a few problems as well), the fact that it actually introduced its villains quietly and slowly so as to make it more interesting as you try to figure them out.

the angels were made to be related to the observer effect; they covered their eyes to prevent themselves from freezing, the freeze being something they absolutely could not control. the angels themselves were some sort of being which no one could actually see, the statue itself was simply a placeholder. this is why you couldn’t just take a sledgehammer to one to get rid of it, the statue is not in fact the angel’s true form and thus damaging it has no purpose.

then there was that one episode with river song and the crashed spaceship. here is where angels start to anger me. first of all, in this episode the angels are shown to apparently disintegrate if not fed for long periods of time. this doesn’t really seem to make sense, why would the statue malform if it’s not their true body? nevertheless, i don’t mind this plot point so much as the part where amy is moving through the angel forest with her eyes closed. the doctor says they’re freezing based on instinct. now hold on just a second, what the fuck does that mean?

in blink, they’re defeated because they CANNOT unfreeze at will. they auto-freeze if seen and can do nothing about it. yet here we learn that apparently the angels actually freeze intelligently and can, as we see when one moves its head, unfreeze at will if they think they aren’t seen. if this is true, why couldn’t the angels in blink unfreeze? it’s poor writing, plain and simple.

angels take manhattan is by far one of the most pathetically written episodes i’ve seen moffat make. not only do we have paradoxes fixing the situation magically without a single problem, but now we start seeing angels who can apparently “infect” statues and make more. this further changes the previous  idea that angels are creates that replace themselves and instead cements the concept that angels are just magic statue monsters, which is just kind of irritating. moffat has stopped writing them as alien beings, and started writing them as horror movie monsters with little semblance of continuity.

also, moffat, the fucking statue of liberty? are you fucking kidding me?

that is all.

i'd trust did-you-kno more if you know

their sources were like

actual sources

and not wikipedia pages and cracked articles

sure they tend to be correct but uh

there’s always the fact that wikipedia and cracked tend to link their sources bro

not that hard

let me correct something i said really quck

i dont mean that

just because you want to murder someone or inflict pain it makes you a monster

the difference between

a good person and a bad person?

self control

self control is what stops you from shooting someone or raping someone or hurting others

you can have visions of horrible shit running through your head all the time and be really nasty inside your head and absolutely want to destroy others all the time every waking moment

but if you don’t do that

if you resist the urge to tear other’s down

then you are a good person in my eyes

no matter what

i also want to say its

okay to say ‘well they’re mentally ill so the playing field is different’


when you actually kill someone i

think you’re past the limit

i dont even give a shit if you are a complete ass who refuses to believe in trans or non-binary gender/sexual identities, in the end it is none of your fucking business how other people represent themselves and even if it disgusts your very being then at least shut up about it and leave them the fuck alone. they’re just humans like anyone else, trying to have as happy a life as possible, and they don’t need you being an asshole at them.

because, you know, that’s kinda what having a capitalist system with no safety nets does

its a method of arbitrarily enforcing a game

and you know, making the economy a game and creating artificial poverty is ridiculous

example: houses. we have a massive homeless problem, yet we also have a surplus of empty houses. we artificially prevent people from getting houses simply because they haven’t, what, earned a place to live?

it’s the concept that you need to earn your place on this earth or you might as well die that is the real issue in a capitalistic system.

honestly, i don’t even have a problem with the fact that some people are insanely, ridiculous, bloodcurdlingly rich. i have a problem with the fact that they run the system and act like the fact that some people are dying on the streets is something that just has to happen with any system.

yeah, it wouldn’t fix everything to stop poor people from having to work themselves to death to live, but it sure as hell would fix some things.

dark secret #390218901

i dislike eeveelutions in general

bar maybe the first five (jolteon and umbreeon in particular)

i absolutely will not stand for fan eeveelutions though

it just irritates me

come up with something original for christ’s sake, it’s not like choosing a randomass type and sticking it onto an eevee makes anything creative

i've always hated those "DANGEROUS EVENT" hoaxes like the eggs used by outlaws or "AIDS NEEDLES HIDDEN IN GAS PUMPS" things

not only are they literally just fucking with people to put them one dge by presenting something as a very real danger (essentially saying “you will have a drastically shortened life span if this occurs”) but also because they could theoretically inspire someone who actually is a dangerous person to try such a thing

it’s just dumb and rude and makes me mad