Truth be told, I felt the last contest was a disaster. It took me about a week to get everybody their drawings, and it made a gap of time between posts. Since Twilight sent me to the moon I have time to do it again I suppose. So here we go I guess!

I will do a free OC drawing for 5 people who reblog this! The difference this time being is that I will give places!

1st Place: 2 ponies, optional one of my crappy backgrounds!
2nd Place 1 pony optional one of my crappy backgrounds!
3rd, 4th, 5th: Just a pony (give me a break, I am lazy)

I will give 2 here and 2 on DA the last one will just be a coin toss. Just Like this for 1 entry, and reblog it for another! (one per person/pony)

I will close this on the night of Friday the 25th!

In the meantime I am gonna practice drawing Batponies and Changelings. Just in case :P (Changelings will probably not be mastered in time)



Rainbow Tales #1 Starring Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash
The Comic that started it all…

Yes yes, the very first Rainbow tales will always hold a special place in my heart. Although I took no part in creating it, i can always respect the comic that started the project that I am currently running. The entirety of this version was coached by the original host narflarg. So in a way, this is how he envisioned it originally kinda. Also fun fact, if you go back you will see that the first was posted on April 2nd. Well that is because it was deleted and reposted once.

Although he thinks it’s cheesey, i requested he say some things. These are his own typed words: “Holy crap that comic looks a hundred times better than my s**t.” Profound words of a wise man. Im sure hes also excited to see how far we’ve come. You older followers may have chatted with him and though he doesn’t do ponies anymore, he says you 100 or so followers were fun while it lasted.

Now onto my own thanks, thanks. Yeah… Not much public speaking skillz like my friend. I don’t think i will do a remake of my first comic, because it isn’t as big, wasn’t that good of a joke and isn’t horrible compared to my current works. (No offense :P) But yeah, Happy Birthday Rainbow tales! On April Fools Day too! What a day.