so my sister came in with this and said hello sylvan here is an early birthday present for you and i was like wow how mysterious i wonder what this wrapped metallic object containing liquid could possibly be and she said it is a mystery

i guess i better drink a soda while i ponder the mysteries of this object which certainly has no relation to the dr peppers in the fridge

my new years resolutions….

i want to be less worried about what others think about my work so im able to post up my creations without being afraid of people laughing at me or disliking it, so that i can get more practice and improve instead of constantly giving up all the time

i wanna get better at art and music, which means looking up tutorials and… asking people, i guess

and i want to pass all my classes again and try to avoid procrastinating, although procrastinating is gonna happen anyway so i might as well focus on the other things

apparently my dad said they did some research and sometimes when the cat does that high pitched meow thing we can’t hear they’re trying to mimic mouse/rat noises to lure them in for eating

so my brother’s like “so those cats that try to make human noises….”

ominous music plays