I saw Eric Andre live at the Echo. The show was a strange mix of what’s been in the show done up on stage and utter chaos. I loved it. Was hit by Milk, a shoe, some noodles and my friend was hugged by, then bitten on the ear by Eric (he took a piece of her earing with him). The worst part of the thing was basically every single person in the audience was a horrible person.

donrickles  asked:

Thank you for bringing about the best moment in the history of the world, in which Harry Dean Stanton demands to have twitter explained to him.

It was the best possible outcome to my first Doug Loves Movies experience. I was recently thinking I am way too proud of myself for causing that magical moment, so I appreciate other people appreciating it aswell…

yoce-la-negra  asked:

Once you get this message you must give five random facts about yourself and then pass it onto your 10 favorite followers.

Sure, I feel weird sending it to others though.

  1. Used to have Epilepsy.
  2. When I was younger I was weirdly into Mongolian throat singing and use to be able to kind of do it.
  3. Junior & Senior year I made good friends with my art teacher and I use to go in during lunch and play movies/tv shows I would bring in his room with friends and it was one of the few reasons i enjoyed going to school during that time.
  4. The first concert I went to was The Angry Samoans, I was 12 and I got punched in the head twice by accident maybe??
  5.  When I was little I had a series of these nightmares where I would wake up in my parents bed and Darth Maul would show up and tell me weird shit.