nardi wheel


1995 Nissan 240sx
Pbm coilovers
T3 flca extend +25
Chopped knuckles
Rebuilt RLCA by Rob from T3
Isr pro adjustable arms kit
z32 front and rear
braided ss lines
326power 3dstar aero
Behrman dmd fenders
326power dlux roof wing
Custom retrofitted headlight
Royalnative clear headlight covers
Circuit Sport clear corners
Circuit Sport Crystal Tail lights with led bulbs
Custom bumper led running light and turn signal
Gpsport type III mirror covers.
Nissan window visor
Work schwerts sc4 18x9.5 +14, 18x10 +20
Pbm spacers
Muteki sr48 lugnuts
Nardi classic 330 steering wheel
Circuit Sport quick release hub
Drift button
Bride zeta 3 sparkle back bucket with back cover
Bride brix
326power head pillows
326power shift boot
Renstall shift knob
Led Bluetooth interior lighting.
Jvc double din w reverse cam.
Dashmat black
Dash Cam
J30 chrome door handles
Grey to Black interior swap


Installed some Defi gauges the other day and my new Nardi Classic steering wheel. Unfortunately the control unit for the Defi gauges shit itself a day later so waiting to get a new control unit. Otherwise this what the interior view looks like now.

It’s a little messy since I was working in the car and didn’t clean it yet but otherwise I’m pleased with the interior now.


Damage assesment from yesterday’s accident. Driver floor pan buckled, thr whole hatch floor scrunched up behind me. Gas tank crushed and punctures. Ripples in the roof, force cracked the front windshield. Front strut towers moved, rear strut tower fucked. The rear coilovers are pretty much toast. Hit so hard the rad fan got dislodged, the interior plastics broke off, trans tunnel tweaked. Also got pictures of the other car.

Holy shit how did I walk away from that.

Grabbed my Nardi steering wheel, sex I gauges, and some other miscellaneous shit.

The tow guy was nice enough to grab my Mardi horn button and out in the glove box when he found it on the street. Big ups to him.


1993 Mazda Miata (NA)
ENGINE  B6ZE(RS); stock internals, pod filter, Jackson Racing 4-2-1 CARB legal header, 2.25in catback exhaust, HKS Hi-Power muffler, timing advanced to 14°, 91 octane
DRIVETRAIN  Welded 1.6 open differential 
FOOTWORK & CHASSIS  CX Racing 32-way adjustable coilovers 8kg front 6k rear springs, Godspeed sway bars, Improved Racing front sway bar endlinks (short version), Boss Frog frame rails, extended rear upper control arms, Powerstop 1-Click Brake Kit
WHEELS & TIRES XXR 522 15x8+0; 195/50r15 Yokohama S-Drive (Front)  American Eagle wheels 14x6+10;  195/60r14 Falken Azenis RT-615K (Rear)
EXTERIOR  Knockoff GV front & rear lip, turn signal intakes, clear front side markers, Autokonexion NASCAR style spoiler, hardtop, rear bumper cut
INTERIOR  Six point cage by MFR Enterprises, F1 Spec Type 3 seat, G-Force 5 point harness, Nardi 350mm steering wheel with 1/2in spacer, JGTC shift knob with extender, Cusco drift knob, Jass Performance hardtop brackets, Clearwater door speakers, custom door pulls

秋山 渉 Akiyama Wataru’s Toyota Levin GT APEX (AE86)

Phase 1 (2nd stage):

TRD N2 FRP Spoiler, TRD N2 Aero Kit, Toyota OEM Door Visor, Blitz KKK K26 Turbo 280 PS, HKS Boost Meter, SSR Dori Dori Mesh wheels, Nardi Classic Steering Wheel, TRD Sports Seat, and a 6-point roll bar.

Phase 2 (4th stage):

TRD N2 FRP Spoiler, 6-Point Roll Bar, TRD Carbon Fiber Hood, Intercooler Grille, Toyota Door Visor, AE92 4A-GZE engine swap (stock supercharged 4A-GE), TRD N2 Aero Kit, Wataru-Made Mesh Rims (black) (early Arcade Stage games), Wataru-Made Gravel Rally Rims (white) (anime and late Arcade Stage games), and ItalVolanti Admiral Red Trim Steering Wheel.