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Narco Debut - Apologia (New June 2013)

Ever Low is on the road to better-coast again. 
Armor Love, bitter fortuned. 
Soul, came back again, as they say… 
“Oh my God, my mistakes." 

You’ve got me, one arm tied. 
Outlaw, I will love your all. 
Said don’t let me go, again. 
I will let you all say, don’t let me go. 
She knows that. 

I have gone. 
Left her room, tonight. 
My soul, gone, a wreck again. 
This is a long time, telling you there’s a ghost. 
Coming back again. 
I settled down, I sell them all. 

Let her go. 
Let her back again. 
I’m telling you this, time tipping my soul: 
"I’m not going, Armor Love." 
"I’m not going, Ever Low." 
"I’m not going, Armor Love." 
You’re not going home.