I’m sick and tired of gaslighting. That’s it. You can’t lie to me anymore. I know what you did. I can feel it on my skin. I know what you said. It’s still ringing in my ears. Wanna pretend that it didn’t happen? Wanna pretend that you didn’t do it? Wanna avoid all possible consequences of being an abusive, forceful, toxic monster? Over my dead body. You are responsible, and you will be held responsible no matter how much you pretend I’m crazy for speaking the truth.
—  You and me both know what happened, and you will bear the consequences just as I’m bearing them.

Pics from MCM!  I finally got a chance to meet with the lovely narcissse and got to see her AMAZING Five Nights at Freddy’s costumes!  I love those ears :D

I was surprised by how few FNAF cosplays there were.  Was expecting to see loads of Foxys and Chicas and Freddys.  I guess it’s harder to make them look good unless you are willing to go full fursuit or at least make a decent head (like these!)