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“Endogenic multiplicity doesn’t exist, because Science. ~The Theory of Structural Dissociation~ and Science says that multiplicity has to be either DID or OSDD-1, and denying that Science is ableist.”

“Ok, well, structural dissociation and Science says that yall are parts, not people, and that being invested in your individual personhood is literally countertherapeutic.”

“That… sounds ableist????”

I’m sorry, I really shouldn’t have a pony in this race but I’m cackling

- Serpent

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Trump's advocating for racism, SJWs are advocating for homophobia by defending the gunner, Anti-gun nuts are advocating for anti-gun laws... I think I may just have to sit this one out, it's so disgusting seeing all these political agendas being pushed when the most important matter should be that PEOPLE DIED AS PART OF A HATE CRIME

Welcome to the modern world of sensational news outlets and narcissistic social media, nobody fucking cares about the victims, only how to make it about themselves.