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For those asking what my actual inbox is like. Fun fact: on the 1st of every month I hit the mass delete button on my inbox to try and save some of my sanity, operating under the vague notion of having some semblance of control over my life.

This is my inbox eleven days into the month

You’d be forgiven in thinking most of it is spam, and while I do get the odd one or two “crucifix nail nipples” interrupted occasionally by hot you Snapchat girlzzzz wanting to show me pictures of their cats (at least I think that’s what it said) for the most part it’s people asking questions, either for help or just wanting someone to talk to. And I’m not complaining, I cannot stress enough just how much I am not complaining. I am genuinely sincere in my love for you and being able to interact with all of you.

It’s just sometimes…a tad… overwhelming, and I can only apologize for the messages I never get to. I feel awful about them, but it’s that or go mad trying to answer them all.

So I fear I can only beg your forgiveness on that count and carry on trying to do the best I can do. I am but a humble smut pedler on the internet who has somehow been mistaken for someone important. I promise you, no one is more surprised by this than me.

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Tweek and Craig: do you guys go on dates? Like to the movies or anything? Love u both! (I also adore this blog<3)


the swans have technically been back for about two weeks, but this is the first time we’ve had any wandering by the front of our cabin. there’s still some ice on the river, but the swans stay to the clear areas and drift around the dripping icebergs seemingly without a care in the world. it’s nice to have our largest local feathered friends back. we missed their musical honks.

maybe you’re wondering - okay, cute animals, great, but what are You doing? we’re preparing to head downriver and make our move to southeast alaska. and a lot of that process is pretty boring, so i’m not taking that many photos of it. our brains are overflowing with lists of things to do, all the snow is melting and so on top of preparing for travel we’re also doing a very hurried spring cleanup both indoors and out to make sure we leave our place in great condition. in other words - we’re busy. and not with fascinating things like tanning hides or carving or trekking through sloughs. though luckily for us, even when what We’re doing seems hum-drum, our surroundings are still epic. so stay tuned, and eventually we’ll switch back from just-awesome-surroundings to us also doing awesome things that are visually obvious. -5/2/17

The Worldbuilder’s Future

Hey Everyone!  @aboleth-eye here.  I’ve been a bit inactive in a few areas of my blog since January.  The D&D 30 Day Challenge was a huge undertaking for me and I needed a bit of a break.  But I was inspired to keep making more original content!  I just need a plan, and want some input from the 460+ people who’ve found my blog since I started!  (So close to 500!)

Personally, I’m about to embark on a new job in the next week or so.  I might not be able to keep my queue filled every day, or at least much fewer things queued.  But hopefully once I get a handle on things I can focus on crafting more memorable content for you all. 

I’ve been thinking of a couple things I could try to make this blog better.  I’m definitely going to make at least one side blog–just deciding what it’ll be for is hard.  I know that I post a lot of different stuff here; this is my only blog and I’m interested in quite a lot.  

I’ve also been thinking of a couple other things: Creating a podcast about fantasy worldbuilding and tabletop games?  Hosting a D&D game stream vlog/podcast/etc?

All in all I’d really appreciate your input, Tabletop Tumblr!  What kinds of content do you want to see?  What kind of content would you rather be in one place instead of all mishmashed together on my one blog?  And would you be interested in a podcast–maybe I could host some Tabletop Tumblr people and talk in-character and ooc? 

Let me know by Friday the 17th!

What do you wonderful people of Fantasy and Tabletop Tumblr want to see Aboleth-Eye focus their gaze on?

Sorry I’ve been MIA, uni started up and, well, going to class is making a big dent in my free time.

Anyway, somehow, I’ve reached 400 followers, thank you every single one of you, I love you and I love the fact that you consider this blog worth following.

I wasn’t sure what to do to celebrate, but if anyone has a prompt (not just heith, but come on ye this is a heith blog) send it my way and I’ll write some drabbles ;)

It’s funny. I have worked to make my stance on things very, very clear. A psa, an about page, multiple asks, the very content of the blog… Now why would someone send curious anons when they have everything they need to know?

Friend, you know who you are, the only thing I can add is that I’m very much anti-hate.