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I am awake before noon but at what cost.

Etd and I are headed up north for the weekend, he needs a break from work and I need a break from him needing a break from work.

I should still have signal up there, operative word there being ‘should’, so if you have need of signal boosting or something similar I should still be able to see it, I’ve also queued some recent request for signal boosting onto my queue as well and they should appear sometime this weekend.

If I do lose signal, I’ll try to snag some free WiFi and check in once or twice. In the meantime I hope you all stay safe and well and I’ll see you all properly on Monday 💖💖💖

It helps me if I see myself through his eyes sometimes: PART ONE: THE BLOG

This is not a meta where I’ll be theorizing or analysing some deep buried subtext, or what Sherlock is trying to solve exactly, my point is so bring to the surface some themes that explicitly tell us that season four takes place in Sherlock’s mind, because without it, it’s impossible to solve the previous problems. Let’s say his trance/dream/EMP/whatever starts in TAB, not because I think so but because the previous seasons are irrelevant here, this is tightly focused on TAB+S4.

Okay, let’s get started. I’m going to reference TAB a lot  because it gives us all the answers. (In the next parts though, instead doing a huge meta I decided to break it into a few parts).

This here is the key to understanding why S4 is the way it is. Keep it in mind at all times when thinking about season four, as it’s just a continuation of TAB.

Sherlock Holmes 28 March 13:08 : Also, please note that sentences can also end in full stops. The exclamation mark can be overused.

Sherlock Holmes 7 November:  I see you haven’t spent the last two years working on your writing technique.

Boop! And they were fine. Here’s the answer to all the Bond/horror movie vibes and even the unfired Chekov’s gun - in Sherlock’s opinion, John is a lousy writer (although I’m sure he just teases most of the time).

More examples of John’s blog coming to life:

The Great Game:  This morning, for example, he asked me who the Prime Minister was. Lestrade described Sherlock as a child and, in many ways, that’s what he is. = The Six Thatchers

The Great Game:  As is my sudden use of phrases like “regular readers of my blog”. It seems I’m starting to enjoy writing up my life. It helps, though, when I discover that half of Scotland Yard are reading it. = Lestrade in The Six Thatchers

The Great Game: He was an assassin known as the Golem. He killed people by squeezing the air out of their body with his bare hands!  The Golem was there and it killed her. Then, it attacked Sherlock. I don’t think I’ve actually seen him scared before. Me, I was bricking it! I’d seen horror in Afghanistan. But this man was barely human. He really was a monster! = The Lying Detective (Golem = Culverton, the hospital scene. Sherlock’s line ‘This monster must be ended’)

The Blind Banker: It was all very James Bond. = The Final Problem

Tilly Briggs Cruise of Terror: I’ve had to take this post down for a while as the ship’s owners are launching an appeal. = The Final Problem

The Geek Interpreter:  Three young men came to Baker St claiming that events in recent issues of a comic had started happening in real life.

The Geek Interpreter:  They’d been using Chris as a form of advertising. = The Lying Detective

The Aluminium Crutch: The play itself was mediocre but there was a murder! Live on stage! = The Lying Detective, Culverton

The Six Thatchers: We went to visit the people who’d been burgled and it turns out that they’d all bought one of the Thatcher figures. Nothing else had been taken during the break-ins which, again, was what Sherlock had expected to hear. We found the addresses of the people who owned the remaining two figures and contacted them. That night, I took one address and Sherlock the other.

I sat there, in the dark and waited. Then, hearing the sound of a window breaking, I hid. I watched as Beppo broke in and found the figure on the mantlepiece. I followed him outside and called Sherlock who joined me. We followed him to a bridge and watched as he smashed the figure to the ground. Something was inside it which he picked up, ready to throw in the river. Before he could, we stopped him and found that he was holding a penknife with his initials on it.

Knowing that it was all over, he confessed immediately. He and Pietro had had an argument and, in a struggle, Beppo had stabbed him. He’d seen the figures were about to go into the oven and had pushed the knife into the clay. He’d then smashed a window to make it look like there’d been a break-in. = The Six Thatchers and the greenhouse scene in The Abominable Bride

The Hounds of Baskerville: Doctor Louise Mortimer, had suggested he revisit the location of the attack in order to put old ghosts to rest […]  And so, Sherlock took the case and off we went into deepest, darkest Devon = The Final Problem

The Hounds of Baskerville:  There was one thing that had bothered Sherlock from the start and that was Henry’s use of the word ‘hound’. It was an odd word, old-fashioned. He wondered whether it was another piece of his memory trying to break through and whether it was actually an acronym he’d seen. = The Lying Detective, Faith’s one word name

The Hounds of Baskerville: I’ve ever seen him do - he made Henry look at the dog’s body. He didn’t need to, he’d solved the case but it was as if he knew that the truly important thing was showing Henry what was real and what wasn’t. = The Final Problem, Sherlock comforting Eurus/open your eyes, you’re not lost anymore

The Hounds of Baskerville:  His mind just couldn’t cope with all the conflicting information - what he remembered, what he thought he remembered, everything. = Sherlock’s flashbacks in S4

The Inexplicable Matchbox: I’m afraid I can’t say anything else about the case other than it was probably the maddest adventure we ever had. I mean, Sherlock had to dress up as a clown! Mrs Hudson was pushed out of a helicopter! And me? Well, I had to do something I never thought I’d ever do. = The Final Problem and The Lying Detective (Mrs Hudson, the car scene)

Many Happy Returns:  But then there was this DVD. It was a video of Sherlock recording a message for my birthday dinner. = Mary’s DVDs

The Empty Hearse:  And all I could hear were children! Singing and laughing like they were in a horror movie. = The Final Problem, ‘Eurus’ and Mycroft

The Empty Hearse:  It was probably Sherlock himself. Set it all up just so he could save my life so I’d forgive him about what he did. = The Lying Detective, but John saving Sherlock

Happily Ever After: That night, the three of us (Mary insisted on coming along) broke into Chris’s office searching for signs of an affair. = Mary joining them in The Six Thatchers

The Bloody Guardsman: He’d nicked a hat, disguised himself as a guard and entered the building. = The Final Problem, Sherlock entering Sherrinford

The Hollow Client:  We’d been drugged on the way in and taken to an exact replica of 221B Baker Street where a camera was projecting the suit into the chair. = all the projectors and drugs in S4, 221B is different, as well.

The Hollow Client: Jack was dressed up in the same fabric as the chair... = The Six Thatchers, car seat case

The Hollow Client:  I think he [Sherlock] preferred the idea of it being some elaborate plot involving ninjas and a complex set of mirrors. = TAB+S4

The Mayfly Man:  We’d just returned from a quiet, civilised evening in the pub when our latest client arrived at Baker Street. She was a nurse. And, apparently, she’d been out for dinner. With a ghost. […]  Sherlock went onto the website and found a number of other women he believed had met the same man.  = The Lying Detective, Sherlock and Eurus as Faith

The Mayfly Man:  They’d swapped numbers but, when he hadn’t got in touch, she’d gone to his flat to see if he was okay. And it turns out, he wasn’t. Because according to his landlord, the guy who’d been in the flat had died over a week before. = The Six Thatchers, kid in the car dead for a week

The Mayfly Man: He’d found single recently-deceased men who had lived alone - and he’d taken the women back to their homes. = The Lying Detective, Eurus as John’s therapist

The Mayfly Man: Sherlock Holmes can really miss the bloody obvious. I pointed out that it was just a tiny bit possible that possibly there was a man out there who just, possibly, maybe wanted a few one-night stands. = John texting Eurus

Attempting to use my decrepit laptop to make posts and just generally work is an exercise in frustration and futility.

Fortunately ETD will likely have the workhorse PC back together by next week when the parts we need arrive, and then we can replace the things that need replacing. Until then I’ll likely be limited to mobile because using this machine is like pulling teeth. The typing even lags in Word when I have nothing else running, which is unfortunate considering I tend to type upwards of 70ish wpm when I hit my stride. Used to be over 90 but those days are long gone. 

Which is probably a good thing because this laptop might catch fire if I tried to do that. It certainly sounds like it’s trying.


Ava’s reading of M’s article here:

It’s another sunny day, I woke up fresh and ready for adventures. First thing to do after I got dressed, with my breakfast was to update my blog, about the “Perks of dating a Werewolf”, this part was about “How to get their fur away of your clothes”.

I logged in. The global Blog of/for mutants. I briefly checked if there was something new … there it was … this long and pathetic post of that girl, whining about her shapeshifter boyfriend. “Really, everyone knows shapeshifters are over-obsessive of their significant other. It’s clear like the air! They might be few, but this doesn’t excuse your stu … OK!”. Someone new joined her tirade. Apparently the mentioned one is having new partner now, and She wasn’t very pleased with M’s complaining … their conversation goes on and on … so I just started from where I was now:

M: He is a monster!

Ava: He is not!

M: Yes, he is!

Ava: Had he hurt you? Had he lay a hand on you?

M: No! But there is a thing called “Psychological harassment” and he is very good at this, trust me!

Ava: So, he did not really beat you, nor he scared you. As you described he was beyond caring of your wellbeing, am I right?

M: He is obsessive!

Ava: Come on, all shapeshifters are, that is how they become the best lovers/friends. Why else people and mutants created this blog? Educate yourself!

“I was right. It’s a common knowledge.”

M: He brainwashed you!

Ava: No, we simply talked.

M: Be careful, little girl, he will break you!

Ava: I am not an object, to be broken, nor I represent myself of one in front of others, I am not a prize to be won either …

“WOW, she’s good. This “M” keeps whining tho.”

Ava: … we simply talked. Yes he staled me, from time to time, I was perfectly aware of this, as you said, his magnificent Emerald green eyes always give him away.

M: So you are ok, with being owned?

Ava: I am not owned. I wonder around, play his game. Have fun. Did you at least try, before accusing him?

M: I tried, he said I am too “human” to play.

Ava: No, you are not supposed to play like one of their own; they will never date someone of their kind. They will be too … the same.

“Ha! Another “common” knowledge I have!”

M: How do you play then little girl?

Ava: Like the actors do! I play every “me” I ever wanted to be!

“Ava, you got a fan in me! I am totally staying! The update can wait! This is a free show, and I even had food to watch it with.”

M: I suppose he approves of your behavior?

Ava: As I said, I am not an object to be owned and I don’t need his permission, about doing something.

M: So he doesn’t know?

Ava: I just read your article, last night, he has no idea either. Last night he was very exausted, and now he is off to work.

M: Oh, he is working?

Ava: Yes, aren’t we all?

M: He was lazy as fuck, he dropped his job, so he can stalk me!

Ava: Maybe he was just worried?

M: He wasn’t!

Ava: Ok, listen now M, I will call it an end here, we have been talking for an hour, I bothered comment at first place, to calm you down, and explain that he was not acting as you described him anymore. Every relationship is different, people change. However, I refuse to be here, listening to your rude comments, and exposing my personal life here. Yes, I know this is what people and mutants do here, but for an advice or to share experience, not to brag and ruin their mood.

M: Sure, sweetie! And don’t forget to show him my article, I want him to know what he did to me!

Ava: I am not interfering in your past relationship, whatever happened was between you and him. And I will inform him, but it will be his decision if he is going to read it or not.

M: I see why he likes you, you don’t need master to obey.

Ava: I am pacifist.

M: Complicated word for a little girl.

Ava: Have a nice day, miss M!

“Nice move, Ava, very nice!”. The so called “M” kept on her hate a little longer, as I supposed she didn’t manage to understand her ex. Just like us, mutants have their own way of thinking, it doesn’t matter if “he” was a human or mutant. They are just like us, but with powers. Everyone tries to think there is something different with them , the way they thing, they act. This Blog is desperately trying to show, we are the same, they just have cool powers, and we are dull and lame. What I wo, is simply giving an advices on how to cooperate with fur everywhere, an advice you can get from a dog owner too, but mine will be respectful enough to count the furry creature as alive.

Eventually in an hour I was ready, but the thought of Ava, was stuck in my head. Her blog was active a way longer than mine, and I have this for like 7 years. Damn with this girl, she was good! I ended up reading the whole thing. People and mutants were going nuts. Although they all agree, on the fact everyone changes and every relationship is different. There were opinions on how mutants prefer to keep their humans under control, how humans always think someone is enslaving them, because that’s what they do to everyone else. Someone also said that it was M’s fault and with behavior like hers, their relationship lasted too long. The poor guy maybe just followed the “bitch” to make sure she wasn’t “banging” someone. And so on and on …

It was dinner time, my Wolf would be back soon. “Shit how did I manage to spend all my day in here?!”. After a little debate with myself I decided to write to her.

“Dear Ava,

Today I logged in the Blog to mind my own business, of course, but I saw your “conversation” with M. I had to say I am 100% you girl. My bf is a werewolf, I am a human, so I know what it is someone to be looking at them like they are masters. So I just wanted to say I am your biggest fan from now on. And if you are free, sorry, if you are allowed / ha-ha/ , I am free the next couple of days. We can go and grab some nice coffee and sweets from the Orange shop in the Green Woods. :)


“Ok, let’s hope so I won’t sound like a jerk in here. She really felt like me, while defending her man.”. I heard the door being unlocked. “Shit, my lazy ass promised to make dinner!” …


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The Worldbuilder’s Future

Hey Everyone!  @aboleth-eye here.  I’ve been a bit inactive in a few areas of my blog since January.  The D&D 30 Day Challenge was a huge undertaking for me and I needed a bit of a break.  But I was inspired to keep making more original content!  I just need a plan, and want some input from the 460+ people who’ve found my blog since I started!  (So close to 500!)

Personally, I’m about to embark on a new job in the next week or so.  I might not be able to keep my queue filled every day, or at least much fewer things queued.  But hopefully once I get a handle on things I can focus on crafting more memorable content for you all. 

I’ve been thinking of a couple things I could try to make this blog better.  I’m definitely going to make at least one side blog–just deciding what it’ll be for is hard.  I know that I post a lot of different stuff here; this is my only blog and I’m interested in quite a lot.  

I’ve also been thinking of a couple other things: Creating a podcast about fantasy worldbuilding and tabletop games?  Hosting a D&D game stream vlog/podcast/etc?

All in all I’d really appreciate your input, Tabletop Tumblr!  What kinds of content do you want to see?  What kind of content would you rather be in one place instead of all mishmashed together on my one blog?  And would you be interested in a podcast–maybe I could host some Tabletop Tumblr people and talk in-character and ooc? 

Let me know by Friday the 17th!

What do you wonderful people of Fantasy and Tabletop Tumblr want to see Aboleth-Eye focus their gaze on?