narcissism is an attractive qauality


Nate: What we’re really asking here is: “How would I destroy myself?”
Parker: Yeah, and you can’t say booze.

Sterling: And here we have the most valuable piece in that collection gone missing, and my favourite art thief on the premises.

I have so many feelings about these two, mostly about them being mirrors of each other. I will go into detail about that in another post when I have time. It’s very simple, the level of narcissism they excude is equal to the amount of attraction they have for each other. That’s really what differentiates them from the Parker/Hardison romance, they thrive on sameness. Sophie is like the epitome of loving yourself before loving another–she knows she’s a catch (lbr she is), and Nate had to take a few bullets to get there (~that’s my girl). I find that Nate this season is finally able to accept himself and his lifestyle, we never see him drink alone, and his demeanor has drastically changed. There are a lot of parallels to conversations he’s had with Sophie in Season 1 that they’ve worked out–certainly the way he can jest about it with her, and a truly stunning display of flirtatious mind games and bantering (foreplay?) that seem to disturb Sterling to know end. They are deliberately written as arrogant, obsessive, conniving assholes who delight in people who are exactly like them. Leave it to Sophie to orchestrate (yup, she did, Jon Rogers even said so, that friends with bennies business was all part of Sophie’s devious plan, bless) her very own time-honoured burgeoning love story in a dramatically satisfying fashion. And the functioning alcoholic mastermind fell in love with the ex-art thief and unrepentant, inveterate, professional liar.

Who else would have tell-all memoir with an obnoxiously long title: Repressed Insurance Cops Harassing Tragically Misunderstood Femme Fatales