• Naru: the stars are beautiful.
  • Mai: Yeah,     they are…
  • Naru: You know who else is beautiful?
  • Mai: *blushes*     Who?
  • Naru: Me.

Jajajajajaj they have to admit that is something that naru say.

I read this recently and I could not resist. Hope you like.

story by samantha-girslcout

Drawing by sukary

If anyone has any request for drawing, I’m open to suggestions.

By sukary (^ _-) ☆

anonymous asked:

Your for mandatory motherhood, even if the woman is a narcicistic user, hence abuser, ya'll would rather have a kid birthed and abused then aborted and not abused. Priority's, you have the wrong ones,..

We are not for mandatory motherhood.

We are not for mandatory motherhood.


You are completely missing the point. Once a pregnancy has already begun so has motherhood. Whether or not to have sex, whether or not to use protection and whether or not to initiate pregnancy is totally a personal choice. Whether or not to kill a living human foetus, is not.

But yes, I would have to say that a child abused is better than a child murdered. In my time I’ve read a few books on child abuse (Namely Child C by Christopher Spry and Deliver Me From Evil by Alloma Gilbert, amongst others, but those really stick out in my memory)

And if there’s anything I’ve learnt from them it’s that life and love really do prevail. And that people are more than the abuse they have suffered, more than their past, and can live their life to the fullest.

Here is an excerpt from Deliver Me From Evil

“At that point, I really did wonder if I could be a mother and offer a child a proper way of life. I didn’t immediately feel bonded with the little bean growing inside me and I did consider abortion.

But I also felt sorry for the baby. It wasn’t the baby’s fault that I had got pregnant, and it didn’t seem humane to destroy a child through no fault of its own. I had always had an affinity with all living things and I didn’t think I could bring myself to kill anything that was alive.”

In the context of this passage, Alloma had run away from her abusive foster mother and was living in counsel funded housing with a man she did not love. She was 18 and had been living independently for a year.

In all honesty, I don’t know if she’s a pro life advocate for sure, but she certainly writes in a very pro life way.

Let’s get some perspective and background information - shall we?

Alloma Gilbert was one of 3 children abused by Eunice Spry. You might recognise her name as her case was one of the UKs most famous child abuse cases of all time. (The Judge said it was the worst case of child abuse he had seen in 40 years of law). Eunice was a foster mother who tortured her foster children over the course of 19 years. For more information on the story go here or google her name.

The stories of the survivors are truly horrific, but inspirational also.

Now, was Alloma’s life not worth living? Should she have just been snuffed out? Should her baby, Ivy, cease to exist? And all subsequent generations from then on? No.

My point is, life is worth living. Recovery is possible. PTSD, memories of abuse, physical injuries and psychological trauma can be over come.

Anyhow, abuse isn’t predictable. You can never know if a baby will be abused unless you’re the mother and you plan to abuse it, in whaich case, a woman wouldn’t have an abortion anyway.

Stupid argument from a stupid idiot who needs to learn to have some respect for human life. - Gabbie