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achilles i remembered possibly the greatest competitor for greatest jojo narc, not going into detail yet but: the lingering consciousness of jesus christ trapped in his 9 scattered body parts


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Gator: "Ben, listen, your career is failing, your wife is a druggie famewhore, your son is a pillow, your friends hate you, your fans are leaving, but we will stick by you if you say sorry." Npdanon adds Emotional Abuse post, helpfully explaining how abusive people behave, including the fact that "Abusers often outright lie about how others speak ill, gossip about, and devalue the victim." Yeah, we had noticed that. On haters blogs. Frequently. So what does that make you?

Oh, Benedict

Remember how I said someone dun fucked up?  Looks like it was Benedict:

here is the original video, sent to me by someone who lurked on a nanny site:

But when they went onto Youtube, they were redirected to the Marvel site which had a DIFFERENT VERSION of the interview, deleting the shoehorning:

I think we now know why he was subdued today and why the rest of the panel was giving him grief.  

He REALLY needs to realize that DISNEY is who he should fear, not the narc.  Before he finds out the hard way.

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still no news on the musical box i mean come on they re-scheduled the warsaw show from last year to this and idk if i should return the tickets or not though if it turns out they cancel it im gonnabe so disappointed i cant imagine

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Skeptic blogs have the best video footage of Shadie being, well, an ass, so Enty knew what he was doing in directing those looking to learn more. Think of the stomp offs, the hand jerking, the disgusted looks all coming from her. Enty doesn't need to go all out when we've got the best archive around. This was from BC's side so people can learn what's been going on to put this marriage onto the rocks. A narc like Shadie isn't telling anyone anything besides her money train is in shambles.

And that’s why I am definitely taking today and tomorrow to blog the fuck out of those gifs, pic, and videos! And tagging them! Who’s with me ?

Misunderstanding {closed}


Kora had been left to sit for half an hour. It was a typical interrogation technique. Leave the perp sit for a while, let them sweat a little. Two could play at this game. She’d let them continue to think she was an addict looking to score. Kora enjoyed making fools out of people, however, she wasn’t very patient.

“This is ridiculous.” She sighed and began to pace. ‘I am never helping the Narcs with undercover ever again.’

Well, if there’s anything to be read into Scott D’s narc tweets, I think she is planning on being part of the DS promotion but he’s letting anyone know that as far as he’s concerned she’s not welcome. Not that that has stopped her before and BC, for whatever reason, goes along with what ever she pulls. It’ll be interesting to see if anything happens at SDCC this weekend. It doesn’t really seem like something a Theater Operator would be part of - but then I still haven’t been able to figure out what a Theater Operator does, so what do I know…


I’m torn about it.  I almost hope she shows up and interferes.  It might just be the thing that will make them finally get rid of her. Can you imagine Marvel fans trying to interact with HER at Comic Con?  

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In Honor of SDCC2016

And the debate over whether Benedict will show or not, and if Sophie will be there, let’s show the newbies why it’s even a question!  Let’s post pics and gifs of Sophie being Sophie and being the nasty narc that she is.  Today AND Tomorrow.  And don’t just post them…TAG THEM

#marvel   # sdcc2016  #benedict cumberbatch #doctor strange

Who’s with me?  I’ll get us started, with the moment we skeptics first went WTF?  The infamous “Stomp off” right after we were introduced to her:

Someone was mad she wasn’t allowed to talk to the reporter…sigh.  

I had this one teacher in highschool who was so against body hair that in summer even guys weren’t allowed to wear shorts in her class (unless they would shave but… you know). And i mean, on one hand, that’s pretty wow! No double standards here. But on the other? Hand? That’s just her aesthetic and she very well could say we can’t wear pink in her class because she doesn’t like it and everybody would think it’s ridiculous??