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“Environmentalism of the Poor vs. Environmentalism of the Rich” by Sunita Narain


In June of 2017, Out My Closet (OMC) partnered with Apple Inc. to conduct the largest clothing drive in OMC history. The partnership was born when Apple’s very own Jeff Zweiman, (Store Leader at Apple Grand Central, NYC) conducted an on camera interview with OMC’s President and Founder, Michael A. Narain. The interview show cased the history of OMC and its mission to help displaced and under-resourced LGBTQ youth in New York City and South Florida.

OUT Magazine later interviewed Jeff about Apple’s partnership with Out My Closet during NYC pride month. Serving as a the voice for the work of OMC,  Jeff stated, “One of the big things we do is take clothing donations, whether it be new or slightly worn, and we set up a pop-up shop. Kids that are displaced and not living at home, anymore-they don’t have clothes, so we allow them to shop through the racks and pick out clothes they feel comfortable wearing.” Jeff echoed the mission of OMC’s Pop-Up-Shops.

OMC’s experience with Apple has been game changing, for little did OMC know that almost all of Apple’s NYC based stores would participate; resulting in over 125 boxes of clothing, shoes and accessories. With the influx of clothing donations, OMC’ storage grew from one to three units.

The rise in donations has translated into OMC’s increased ability to host Pop-Up-Shops at well-known community service agencies around NYC and Miami, Florida.  OMC doesn’t waste time trying to get clients to come to us; OMC takes it upon itself to go to the client instead. At each visit, OMC displays approximately 12 clothing racks and four shoe racks with an estimated 1000 articles of presorted youth appropriate clothing.

To date, OMC has donated well over 12 thousand articles of clothing and accessories.  OMC’s work continues as a result of grants, donations and amazing partnerships that reinforce OMC’s work and give clients a life changing experience.

“Out My closet not only provides much need high end “like new” clothing , but conducts meaningful interactive groups which not only encourages and teaches tolerance, but provides acceptance and guidance et GLTBTQ and any other vulnerable groups of youth.”

-David Sharfman Chief Operations & Technology Officer of Miami Bridge

“OMC would like to extend its gratitude and appreciation to the Aids Health Foundation and Our Fund Foundation, for believing in our mission and funding our work where every dollar goes to serve our clients. We would also like to thank Apple Inc., for their incredible support. Your donations have changed lives and saved lives by giving OMC the means to support our youth. Staying economically afloat is a difficult task for new organizations and it is reassuring, and truly a blessing, to have the support of such fine organizations and corporations. Thank You”

-Michael A. Narain, Out My Closet President and Founder


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I’ll post the trailer as soon as it’s available.

Description from EcoWatch:

Leonardo DiCaprio may be the star of his latest documentary, Before the Flood, but something much bigger takes center stage: Earth.

The Oscar-winning actor and longtime environmental advocate celebrated the world premiere of his climate change documentary on Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

In the documentary, the UN Ambassador of Peace journeys around the globe to highlight the perils of a warming planet. According to TIFF documentary programmer Thom Powers’ review of the film, DiCaprio travels to Alberta, Canada to see its toxic tar sands. He witnesses the frequently flooded streets of Miami Beach, Florida. He visits Beijing, a city shrouded by a constant cloak of smog. DiCaprio also explores Indonesia, a country toiling from forest fires caused by unsustainable palm oil development.

The film also features a roster of environmental champions as guest stars, from Tesla CEO and inventor Elon Musk, meteorologist and astronaut Piers Sellers, activist and environmentalist Sunita Narain and President Barack Obama.

Entertainment Weekly reported that after its screening in Toronto, Before the Flood will hit theaters in New York and Los Angeles starting Oct. 21. The National Geographic Channel will air the documentary globally in 171 countries and 45 languages on Oct. 30.

Thank you So Much for posting Curly-Haired Desi Women💙 It lets me know that I’m not alone. Im Mixed Indo-Guyanese (Dads side) Afro-Puerto Rican (Mums side) . I have naturally spiral curly hair thats thick . I was raised in an Indo-Guyanese Family , my last name is Narain. All I know and grew up with is South Asian culture & customs. When I wear a bindi with my curly hair around other Desi people I get looked down upon because I don’t look to Indian enough for them. It hurts that my own race doesn’t consider me Indian because of my hair.

Submissions like these are what this blog is all about :)

Happy to see that it is helping others!

DAY 2703

Jalsa, Mumbai              Sep ¾,  2015              Thu/Fri  12:42 am 

There cannot be any further regret .. there cannot be lamentation of missed opportunity .. there must not be a state of mind that may have missed the moments of truth and dimension to the mind of another ..

I am my Father’s son and there is belief in the mind of him that I could in many respects be the incarnation of his Father, for, when I was due to be born, my Grandfather had appeared in my Father’s dream and asked him to wake up from his sleep, since a son was being born .. he woke up and discovered that my Mother, not due for much later, was missing from the bed and struggling with her final labour pains …

Each passing day that I spend upon the words of my Father, I cannot but resist from accepting the truth in what my Father believed, that I was incarnated Pratap Narain, my Grandfather ..

My excessive joy and my desire to be within the words of Father’s writings has taken some strength and shape .. I have connected with some of his student contemporaries who had spent a great deal of their time with him, in debate, in literary discussion and in working along with him when he was compiling his entire works into 9 volumes titled well just .. “Bachchan Rachnavalli” ..

9 volumes of intense writing .. each word and deliberation so astutely expressed and composed and thought .. it is most difficult to tear yourself away from it without feeling the pull of literature and philosophy of his mind .. and the more you delve into it, you discover that the attraction is so vivid and compulsive that it has the ability to destroy your mind in even imagining what the inner of most poets and writers contain ..

For me though the disturbance is two fold - my incapacity to be able to reach a point of understanding and … the paucity of time that threatens me each hour .. each hour of my existence .. and the fear that I shall never be able to complete the learning that I so earnestly seek  … 

Sacrifice of worldly worth comes to mind .. to dedicate oneself in almost pious relevance, isolated, alone and with the immense jungle about, searching true meaning, experiencing what experiences he went through for him to express himself thus ..

This is a mission a sacrifice wielding atom, that hovers above, putting the unbreakable pressure of time and value .. tempting, teasing .. but eventually guiding one towards redemption in some way .. in an almost lust for knowing .. for being with each written word, each graph of rhythm, for appreciating not just the thought and the words that express it, but to find and gauge the music the orchestra, the symphony that plays along enhancing the readers inner self !!

Imagine a world that would exist in the performance of a background score in every instant of your life, your movement, your speech, your silences, your vocal performances .. the sound of life and the sound of mind .. the sound of environ and the sound of existentialism … a philosophical theory or approach which emphasises the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will.

Or so says the ‘whatchamacallit’ … err .. euphemism ? ahh .. yes the Oxford dictionary would and does say ..

For .. when the stage of such is obtained .. one, first off, begins to determine the need and the necessity of company .. there is a joy and a satisfaction in the conduct of the self .. of not depending on those that depend .. of being snared away from public scrutiny and presence .. alone uncared for and desolate !!

Because that is when the voice that one wishes to hear .. the sound one has longed for .. that rhythm that has eluded us all … comes within us … enlightenment, many have expressed, has been only in terms of divinity and the divine … but … if there were no human there would be no divine .. human, despairing from its existence and its complicated forms, has discovered the ethereal presence of that which he or she believes in .. belief of that which none have witnessed of seen in finite state .. and belief then, emancipated at times, becomes the ‘soul’ purpose, pardon the pun, of living !!!

I am alive today ….as are several others .. and may they continue to be so .. not all are as lucky as us .. 

Amitabh Bachchan