naracoorte caves

nekonotaishou  asked:

Of the species of dinosaur that have been discovered in Australia, which is your favorite? Also which is your favorite extinct mammal from the time of people-less Australia?

As far as Aussie dinos go I don’t really have a favorite, but I guess I’d pick Australovenator, it just looks like is belongs up around Darwin to me.

Personally, our megafauna was far more interesting than our overgrown reptiles.

Thylacaleo, the marsupial lion, is my absolute favorite.

The theoretical jaw strength on these skulls is mind blowing. They would simply be terrifying to have roaming the landscape, but I love them. I got to see a bunch of their skeletons at the Naracoorte caves and was enamored with them ever since.

Flat Darkling Beetles, Pterohelaeus sp..

Very interesting colour differences between these two individuals. The beetle on the right has a strong blue colouring that didn’t show up so well in the photograph.

I found many of these in the area on the barks of trees, where they seemed to be feeding on fungal matter.

Naracoorte Caves national park, South Australia

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