nara rouge

Here’s a preview pic (a very bad quality preview pic) of my Klara Prast costume for our Runaways group!!!

Forgive the wig, I did a super loose and fast braid and it just was like NOPE and fell out by the time I got the camera. I might also switch the wig out for a black one? Her hair color kind of changes panel-to-panel, but I think it's supposed to be black.

I’m a lot happier with it than I thought I’d be, and I’m excited for our group photoshoot on Sunday afternoon :D We have, I believe, the majority of the cast? So that should be PRET-TY awesome. 

I don’t know how I always end up cosplaying kids, but man, this is the third character under 13 I’ve done…I am way too tall for this. Gonna have to do some creative posing to hide my height!


Followers, I need help!!

I am trying to decide on a Sif costume to go with Toki’s super-realistic Lady Loki she’s planning for next Dragon*Con (yes, we plan this early because we are either totally lame or totally AWESOME, I believe it’s the latter). 

I am aiming to make it less cartoony/comic-esque, and more realistic, with textured fabrics, lots of details, some leather-work, and more metallic paint-jobs (for example, I’d probably end up painting the headpiece a pearlescent white or very whitish silver rather than straight white). 

The above costumes are the ones I am trying to decide between. I honestly love them all and I have no idea which one I want to do. It may come down to which I can better create with the skills I currently possess, but I’d like to get others’ opinions as well. Which do you like best, which do you think would look best next to a Lady Loki cosplay, which do you think could be made to look most realistic, etc.