Geisha Strike - Osaka 1937 por Blue Ruin 1
Por Flickr:
A vintage Press photograph. “Sit-down strike visits Orient. Osaka, Japan… Striking geisha girls have entrenched themselves in the [Gyokuzō] Buddhist Temple [Mount Shigi, Nara] in an effort to force their employers to grant collective bargaining rights to their ancient guild of entertainers. The girls have decided on a rigid sit-down routine and have refused gifts of food, rice wine, bedding and other comforts from sympathetic businessmen. They give numerous performances by which they play their guitars and sing and dance…” The strike began on 26th February 1937 in the Nanchi gokagai (Southern five geisha districts) of Osaka, which at that time was the largest geisha district in Japan, about 60 geisha went on strike when the manager of the misē (call-office) refused to recognise their union. The strike succeeded after several days of negotiations and the industrial action spread to other geisha communities.

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