For the individuals who want to know what I use on my face ( as far as makeup ) here’s my main products
Starting from the left my
1: Laura Mercier contour kit …THAT I NEVER USE 💀only on my good days when I feel like I can contour other than that I use some of the pallets for concealer . My girlfriend actually got me this from Sephora . It was $50 💀 (I got the one for darker skin )

2: Next is my favorite powered , Black Radiance pressed powder , so cheap (like $4-5) and so wonderful I’ve been using it for YEARS since high school ( my shade is creamy/beige) don’t have to apply that much unless I feel like it . I use my real techniques brush to apply my powder ( and foundation ) I know most professionals don’t do it that way that’s why I’m not a professional 😂 you guys asked I’m just answering . ( can be found in Walmart / rite aid , Walgreens etc )

Anyhow next is the most expensive foundation I have ever purchased , (it was like $50) I actually think it costs more than my clothes 😂it’s my new favorite 3:NARS all day luminous foundation in med/dark MACAO . To be VERY HONEST the foundation is one of the best I’ve ever tried but I don’t think it’s all that only because I think I still need to practice applying it , i just ordered new brushes and primer to make the application easier . It’s pretty watery so you have to shake it , it doesn’t oxidize too much to me , the coverage is pretty great , it’s build-able. Got it from Sephora btw

4: Kiss Beauty balm bbcream/foundation / concealer whatever you want it to be . Found this in the summer time while I was in Florida in a beauty supply store and I LOVED it . The coverage was amazing and fit my skin perfectly . Because my undertones change from red (in the summer ) to more yellow in the winter it doesn’t work as well as it did before but sometimes if I feel like my foundation is too light I mix this with it . My shade was medium/dark kbbo3 .I don’t think the price exceeds $7. (

5: my very first purchase ( foundation wise ) from Sephora , extremely light weight , no fragrance , cruelty free and the price is decent (like $28) I got color matched and the associate recommended this . The coverage was beautiful , color matched me perfectly ( shade 24-golden ) I used my real techniques brush to apply . This foundation I loved to it sit on my face for a while before I blended it .

6: my real techniques brush I got from Walmart for like $8-10, I don’t remember cause I think there was a sale, anyhows, no shedding , blends great . That’s all I have to say lol

7: Ruby Kisses concealers for contouring (the darker one in caramel ) and the lighter one for dark spot correcting ( shade chocolate brown ) the shades seem so backwards but that’s what they say ! They were $2.99 at the beauty supply ( where you can find them ) and I use my beauty blender to apply the contour shade . I really like them, they work well .

8: my “ beauty blender” I got from the beauty supply for $2.99 but I’m going to get the real one lol . Nothing is wrong with this one but I just know the real one is better . I think the brand was kiss

9: my favorite bronzer/highlight ever ( besides becca cosmetics topaz which I WILL be purchasing soon !) I got it for $3-5 at my favorite place …THE BEAUTY SUPPLY STORE 😂💁🏾. I only use it on my cheeks but in the summer time I’ll apply it to my shoulders and stuff for a bit of a glow . I THINK brand is ruby kisses in “ Bronze Glow ” which I think is beautiful for brown / darker skin . It’s not ashy looking and I just apply this with a blush brush from BH cosmetics .

And there you have it ! Again I’m not a professional / make up guru . Just another girl trying to fleek her face 💁🏾 these are just the products I use .

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The most important prompt tho: Sera steals all of Solas' pants and hangs them up as banners. Solas has no pants. Pantless egg-boy. Solas: boy it sure is chilly with no fucking pants haha I'll murder you later with no regrets


Isii strolled into the rotunda, surprised to find the room empty. She frowned, her hands slipping onto her hips as she looked up to the levels above. “Hey, Dorian!” After a moment the man appeared, leaning over the banister.  “Do you know where Solas went?”

“Are we really going to shout it out like this?” he asked, his eyes narrowing. “There’s a perfectly good set of stairs right there.” Isii lifted her brow expectantly and he sighed, shaking his head. “No. I don’t know where he is, nor do I know why you’d assume I would care enough to take note of his absence.”

Isii was parting her lips to reply when she heard a shrill peel of laughter echoing through the main hall, pounding footsteps drawing closer before Sera burst into the room, Solas tearing in after her. She had Solas’s breeches hiked up over her own, gripping the waist with her fist. The mage was left in nothing but his tunic and smallclothes. In terms of salaciousness, he was not overly exposed. His tunic provided him with some level of modesty and his smalls, though tight-fitting, covered him from his waist to his mid-thigh. Even so, the sight of him pantless and glaring had Isii desperately trying not to laugh, her hand moving up to cover her mouth. Solas blanched for a moment when he saw her before his anger surged even further, presumably fuelled by his displeasure at having her witness him in this state. He lunged at Sera but she darted away, keeping his desk between the two of them.

“Do I even want to know?” Isii asked, trying to stop the waver in her throat. Dorian was not so shy with his laughter as Solas shot a hard look up to the railing above.

“Thought you’d be happy, Isii,” Sera said, grinning like mad at Solas. “Everybody knows you’ve been trying to get his pants off of him for months.”

Isii barely stifled a giggle as Solas rushed forward again, trying to reach for the rogue as she howled at her own joke.

“Please refrain from moving too energetically, Solas,” Dorian called down from above. “Wouldn’t want your tunic to shift. For some of us it is far too early in the morning for that view.”

“Give them back, Sera.” Solas’s tone was low and stern, his nose creased tightly even as the tips of his ears were flushed pink, his cheeks as close to a blush as she’d ever seen. Even though Isii wasn’t pleased to see him angered, she could not help but find his embarrassment endearing. “As much as I can appreciate a well-executed trick, yours are little more than useless childish pranks.”

“Doesn’t seem to stop her from being effective, though, you must admit.”

“No one asked you, Dorian,” Solas snapped.

“How’d she manage to get them off of you, exactly?” Isii asked, her brow lifting.

“Waited ‘til he was takin’ a bath,” Sera answered cheerfully. “No one guardin’ the clothes you’re gonna change into when you’re in the bath, right?”

“And you didn’t think to go to your room and change into another pair before tearing across Skyhold in your smalls?” Isii asked, addressing Solas. He opened his mouth to respond but Sera gleefully interrupted.

“Pfffft. What? Like I wouldn’t clear out his room first? What would be the point?”

“That is a private space,” he snapped. “You have no right to enter, let alone rummage through my things.”

“How do you even squeeze yourself into these, Baldy?” Sera asked, tugging on his breeches while looking down the length of her legs. “You’re a right size bigger than me, too. No wonder they’re so tight.”


“Though I guess they’re roomy where it counts, eh?” she added, disregarding his snarling as she wiggled her eyebrows. “Gotta make space for your staff, right?” She shoved her fist down the front of the breeches, pulling it forward on her hips, accentuating the vacant space between her legs. “Does this mean magey-pants is packing a big one?” Dorian tittered above them. Solas was practically growling as he lunged and she backed away with a snort. “Guess that’s why Quizzles likes you so much.”

“I wouldn’t know,” Isii added. Solas shot her a look while Sera hunched over, losing herself to a laughing fit.

You’re not helping,” he hissed.

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