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6) Tali’Zorah nar Rayya

“Shepard, I backed you when I was just a kid on her Pilgrimage, I backed you when the Normandy was a Cerberus ship. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t back you on this?”

ME1 Mako Headcanons
  • shepard: only permitted to drive on flat terrain due to habitual use of thrusters while reaching apexes of hills. further allowances are made while engaging thresher maws because to quote wrex, "only shepard is that crazy".
  • kaidan: granted nickname "roadtrip" by garrus after being the designated driver in mountainous areas due to his tendency to find paths around versus straight up. otherwise on hand to repair whatever breaks after shepard rolls them off another cliff.
  • ashley: permanently and unanimously banned from driving after asking the party if they ever thought about god while piloting too close to magma on therum.
  • garrus: handles the main gun. known to pout and pull his shots to the right on purpose while on foot if not allowed to handle the main gun.
  • wrex: relegated to the rear seats after intentionally bumping around the cabin too much while making comments about tomkahs having "a much smoother ride".
  • liara: has been requested thirty-seven times by squadmates not to argue with the mako vi when it is detailing local planetary history.
  • tali: hops out "just to flag a mineral deposit". spends the next fifteen minutes blasting an ambushing colossus with a shotgun while clinging to the roof.

So, because I’m still working on short story posts (conversions and building new scenes and creating new poses -.-;) here’s just random summary of sim I’ve completed  (which includes their correct outfits in-game more or less, which is why for example, Jack, isn’t included in the summary).

I really wanted to post something like this and I never really get the opportunity to post screens of everyone else besides John and Kaidan :P


So this is what I’ve been doing for four days.

V;LD x Mass Effect, featuring Commander Shirogane, Lance “Joker” McClain, and Pidge’Hollt nar Rayya (and Rover<3).

(Click through for captions!)



Just a little intermission I decided to make up. They’re supposed to be at the Mess Hall, on another part of the station. I thought it’d be fun to see Garrus try to sarcastically hit on Tali XD