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Hey girl! I sent you a comment the other day about my bf and girlllll i have a update! So, later on that night we went out to a christian concert ( which was amazing by the way) and of course after it was over everyone was mingling and EVERY TIME he introduced me to someone they complimented me on how beautiful my hair was. That shut him up for the rest of the night lol

Lol GIRL  as soon as he woulda said that compliment I woulda been like this…..!!!!!!!

 Then allllll night when he was silent I woulda been like

ahahaahhaha girl shut him DOWN! AHAHAHAH looooove it!! 

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whats it like to be half Ethiopian and half african american?

Its amaaaaaazing!!!


It has its ups & downs…When I am with one side…sometimes I hear them talking about the other. Its more African Americans talking about Africans (in general)..but we LOOVE Ethiopians for some reason. And I hear more Africans (Other than Ethiopians) talking REALLY badly towards Africans Americans. Of course I go off a lil, but we ALL just need to be educated.

I relate to more African Americans…just because I live with my mom who is African American…but my dad is in my life…sometimes…and he would make me watch sooooo many documentaries on Ethiopia & Haile Selassie. So now I am at the point in trying to tap into my Ethiopian side its soo fun!

* I wanna know who asked me this!! (Was it my new Follower?!?)

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You look nothing like Raven or Marsha! GTFOH and take a look in the mirror

FYI I never said I look like either of them, so there would be no need for any of this “looking in the mirror” bull crap. If you can read, an Anon OBVIOUSLY Told ME who I resemble. I know what the freak I look like! Obviously you MUST be ashamed since you Anon. If you gonna come at me…COME CORRECT!