please please please never take ibuprofen long term. even if naproxen is giving you stomach aches it just isn’t even worth considering. after a few months on ibu my anxiety skyrocketed due to increased blood flow, i had random bruises and mouth sores, i had nose sores and bleeding, and also was having tons of heart issues. no one told me any of this before I switched. so please stay safe.

15 Things That Make You Happy (With PICS Just Because)
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  4. MUSIC/SINGING                   

  5. BEST FRIENDS ken-you-not-leo & leo-ate-my-food 



  8. SWEETS 

  9. ANIME (Can’t you tell…) 

  10. CANDIED YAMS  (I’m a Southern Gal. What can I say?)


  12. YUHWAN 

  13. SUGA 

  14. JIN  

  15. CAP 

Nice Derrick...

sooo… I’m always looking for a way to heighten the high of opiates. and so I read that Naproxen Sodium was a good way, but I DID NOT KNOW that it causes stomach ulcers and stomach bleeding haha.

and the max amount a day is like 1000mg 

I took like 6000mg 3 hours ago.

I’m fucked. 

I’m gonna die. 

bye tumblr.

see you in my next life. 


lol so dramatic. nah I’ll be fine, but now it’s time for an 80mg oxy. here I come, daddys home oxy :D lmao

Naproxen and physiotherapy (at some point). Boo, hiss.

Finally went to the doctor about my ankle. She thinks I probably sprained it and tore some ligaments, and that walking around on it for 3 months hasn’t helped.

Sooo I have a 10 day course of Naproxen (radiation green tablets and fuck me, they’re strong) and the promise of some physiotherapy. At some point. Which, knowing the NHS, means it’ll be in 6 months.

Spent money I don’t have on a work skirt and shirt, 3 tees, 2 books and a DVD.

Had injection but felt incredibly sick on the bus back. I think it’s the antibiotics; I don’t seem to react well to anything will penicillin in it.

I got to see J for about 5 seconds. The bus stops directly outside where he works so I waved through the window and he waved back. Good to know he at least still recognises me.

I have cravings for green leafy veg again. Is that just something that happens when I’m on antibiotics? I want a load of lettuce and celery and cucumber and so on. Carrots as well.

The woman at the clinic recommended I take a multivitamin and/or have lots of orange juice because I’m on naproxen (I think she is actually some kind of god because she knows so much about everything and is just generally amazing) and that I should take it with food because it can damage stomach lining, and that arthritis can be controlled through diet and just wow so much knowledge and help about my health and I only went there to get contraception.