For those that have no idea what I just said, it’s been one year since I shaved my head and stopped using chemical-based products in my hair, aka ‘going natural.’ Most of the chemical processes I used to do, like most black women, was straightening my hair. While I won’t say that I will NEVER wear my hair straight again (I’ll need to change it up occasionally), it will never be with a relaxer/permanent (so-called because it’s pretty much irreversible) and I will mostly wear my hair the way it grows out of my head because fuck assimilation.

The first photo is of me on February 24th, 2012 and the subsequent photos are of me throughout the year at different stages of growth. The last one is of a blowout/twistout that I did a few weeks ago. I’m not actually sure what length my hair is at now - I’m not measuring it as much anymore - but I’d guess a little under five inches, putting my growth rate a bit behind the average ½ inch a month. I will say that it’s still grown faster than I would have guessed. It’s already much longer than it was when I shaved everything off (I had a pixie cut) and by next year it will most likely be longer than it EVER was before. It only makes me more upset that we’re so pressured to straighten our hair, considering the INCREDIBLE amount of damage it seems to do, all for a standard of beauty that calls us inherently ugly. I’ll stop here before I get into political shit and this turns into an essay.

'Scuse me while I tag-bomb this.


Today marks the day I finally big chopped and embraced my natural hair completely!

It’s been an awesome, sometimes frustrating, mostly amazing journey and my hair has grown so much! I feel like I’ve really grown to know myself more and it’s pretty cool being able to say, “This is the way it grows out of my head!" 

I love my hair and I can’t wait to see where it’ll be next year.


It’s up! 

My natural hair journey so far, the health of my hair and myself in general has improved rapidly. All I can say is bye creamy crack I’m deliverttt’!

By the way….I hit my Natural Hair Anniversary May 25th! One year in the game and many more to go. My journey has been a struggle but it has taught me more about me than I could imagine. Patience was never the virtue I was fond of but being a natural haired woman you must have patience in all aspects when it comes to your hair. This is truly a lifestyle and I am so happy I made this commitment. 😁