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The Most Adorable Napping Photographs of Narcoleptic Puppy

Milo, a narcoleptic 3-year-old bulldog puppy, often lovingly called bedbound butterball or a narcoleptic nugget by his owner, has taken the internet by storm. Narcolepsy is a chronic brain disorder that involves poor control of sleep-wake cycles. Usually, people with narcolepsy experience periods of extreme daytime sleepiness and sudden, irresistible bouts of sleep that can strike at any time.

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Recounting a funny anecdote at the hospital, he said:
‘I did all the first day’s worth of nappy changes, because [Cheryl] was so tired, she slept more or less.
'All day, there was no poo. I was like this is great, I can handle this. Liam then described how Cheryl woke up to Bear crying at 5am, saying that she wanted to change his nappy for the first time.
He said: 'I was like go on babes, this was her first ever nappy change. So he poos for the first time, of course he does.
'Secondly, sprouts off [starts weeing]. I’m looking at him thinking this didn’t happen to me all day.
'That’s so unfair. She had to give birth to him and she was the one who got weed on first.

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Human!Coran and finding out Keith is part Galra. Or him chewing out Keith because of his reckless actions during the Trials of Marmora, seeing as how I doubt Human!Coran could care less about what his student and team mate is.

Yeah, he pretty much wouldn’t give a shit. One more weird conspiracy, big deal. Now, Keith being a hotheaded dumbass, that’s a problem.

I am too old for this shit, he thinks, for what has to be the thousandth time since he followed a bunch of young twits into the desert to keep them from getting themselves killed by dehydration or God knew what else.

And currently? He’s also thinking that maybe he should have listened to Lance, considering he has Keith in a headlock to keep the younger Paladin from getting his ass handed to him by assassins with swords. 

Let go, old man!”

The longer you keep calling me that, the tighter I’m going to squeeze,” he drawls back. “Maybe nappy time will calm you down?”

That finally seems to knock some sense into the brat, or at least embarrass him enough to make him stop struggling, and Coran lets go, resisting the urge to roll his eyes as he does. “Let’s try this again,” he says to the man in charge. “You invited us here. At the cost of one of your own operatives’ lives, no less. Are you really going to be so bullheaded as to throw that away over a single knife the boy has carried his entire lifetime?”

He pretends not to notice Keith’s startled flinch and open staring, keeping his own expression perfectly placid.

Good God, he was going to have to teach the boy poker or something.

Late Afternoon Nappy Time 


I haven’t upload this blog in like forever TvT

anyway, the news is I’ve join the Supernatural fandom and been binge watching this boys for like, what, 4 months??? and now I can’t wait for the next ep *cries*