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The Most Adorable Napping Photographs of Narcoleptic Puppy

Milo, a narcoleptic 3-year-old bulldog puppy, often lovingly called bedbound butterball or a narcoleptic nugget by his owner, has taken the internet by storm. Narcolepsy is a chronic brain disorder that involves poor control of sleep-wake cycles. Usually, people with narcolepsy experience periods of extreme daytime sleepiness and sudden, irresistible bouts of sleep that can strike at any time.

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Well here it is @kylerinvention < :) here’s ‘Day Naps’, your little gift i quickly made for you :D Tho, its not big as “Edd’s cola time” meme but this a relax and enjoy the fluffy cute and sweet tunes type <:) I hope you like it ^ ^ enjoy everyone ! :)