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Can you write Shawn potty training ur son? Xx

Potty training

Shawn has been trying to potty training your 17 months old son for a few months now. But this one wasn’t decided yet. Anytime his Dad was about to put him on the potty he started to cry and ran to you. To Shawn disapproval his favorite word was mummy. But thing He didn’t know was that when he was away from home, “Daddy” was the only word getting out of his mouth.

Your two men were alone for the day. Your mum had invited you over to a spa day, you could not turn down the offer. And you knew Shawn needed time alone with your little one. He was still determined about the potty training.
As always he took your son’s pants and nappy off. Letting him ass naked with his shirt still on.
Shawn was setting up the potty, he has even bought a musical one thinking it would help. But being a musician’s kid he had plenty of other musicals toys. So he just ended up playing with something else instead of being on the potty.
Knowing that you wasn’t there, your little one did not wasted anytime and hide himself knowing what was waiting for him.
Shawn started looking everywhere but didn’t find him. Until he heard the music of the guitar toy. This was your kiddo favorite one. He’s a chip off the old block. He followed the sound, finding your son sat on the floor hiding in the little space between the two couches.
He couldn’t help but smile at the sight of his baby playing guitar like he taught him.
This little boy was everything for him.

“Come on buddy, it’s potty training time”

He stretched his arms for him and you son did the same thing back. Taking you tiny baby in his big arms, he made his way to the bathroom. Setting him on the potty. But he didn’t want to.

“Mummy” your son said hearing a car in the street and probably thinking it was you.

“Mummy isn’t there baby” Shawn said setting him for the fourth time on the potty. But your son still wanted to run away.

“Okay buddy, you need to sit there. Nappies are for baby your are a big boy now. Show Daddy what a big boy you are”

But this wasn’t changing your son mind.

“At least sit her for Mummy” Shawn said defeated.

For once your son stayed still, giving his dad a viscous smile.

“Such a momma’s boy” Shawn rolled his eyes, a small smile forming on his lips.

After half hour of waiting Shawn give up. Put back a nappy and your kid and let him play for a bit before lunch.

When you came back, your son was playing in the playing room while your husband was collapsed onto one of the couch, looking exhausted.
Your baby noticing you run into your arms.

“Hey baby, how was today with Daddy ? You had a good day” you kissed all other his chubby cheek and he hide his head on the crook of your neck.

“What have you done to Daddy ?” You sais pouting at him and your son shrugged.

You set him back on the floor. And went to your husband side, giving him a small peck on the lips.

“That’s all I get ?” He pouted “I was running after him all day trying to potty trained him and he has all the hugs and kisses” you smiled at him before laying on top of him, kissing him everywhere as you did with you kid. And then you hide your head in his neck, while his hand run on you back.

You guys were just enjoying the moment when you heard something rubbing against the floor. The noice wasn’t stopping, you were about to get up, when you saw it was your baby doing that. He was training his potty to the living room. You sat up as Shawn did the same.

You son left the potty and came Close to you.

« Daddy » he said while pulling his pants for his dad to help him. You could see Shawn smiling at this situation, proud of himself. He had not did all of this training for nothing.

As always he took your baby pants and nappy off. But this time your son went by himself on the potty. On for the first time started to pee. Shawn was staring wide-eyed, his jaw dropping open while a huge smile took place on his face.
Once your son was finished he started to applause himself, thing you and Shawn did all the time after he did something great. You guys followed and applauded him too.

« Good job baby, your a big boy now » you congratulated him.

Shawn dropped to his knees by your son.

« Look who finally learned » he said exciting and proud of his baby.
He put his hand in front of him waiting for an high fives.
That’s the moment you chose to take a picture, their two hands collapsing on one another, while a huge smile were on both of their faces.
You send the picture to your mom and Karen « Look who is a big boy now »

A/N : hope you enjoyed it