nappun namja

“What would the world look like through the eyes of the one you love, Jaein-ah? I’ve had this thought. If I could see the world through someone else’s eyes, what would it be like?

Jae-in, are you doing well? You have to be happy no matter what. If you look at my world through those eyes… I’ll be able to laugh, too.”

It´s still an awesome drama after watching it a second time… And I cried almost as bad this time as the first… This drama just kills you…

I totally agree with Girlfriday though:

“For the sake of my fragile sanity, I’m going with: Gun-wook died twenty years ago that rainy night along with his dog, and Ghost of Gun-wook has been haunting us ever since. Think about it. It totally works. Yeah. I’m done.”