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“I like a lot of things about yoga - its an intro to good music; with each good teacher you study with, you learn a lot about them personally; it’s not just about specific technique or poses. I also like Shavasana - not too many exercise routines let you nap at the end of them. You don’t see nap pods in CrossFit gyms.”

Got7 Imagine: Jaebum as University / College Student
  • Requested by Anon
  • Got7 X Reader
  • Order from eldest to youngest member
  • YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW OFTEN I IMAGINE THESE 7 BOYS AS UNI/ COLLEGE STUDENTS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR REQUEST! Also, I feel like I’d over-write for each member so I’ll put this into 7 separate posts!
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University AU list: Mark | Jackson | Jinyoung


  • Third/ Junior Year student
  • Major in Film Studies, Minor in Political History
  • Average grades
  • Best friends with Youngjae from the Music Department and Jinyoung who minors in Film studies as well
  • Known around campus as Daddy Material by the females and Badass with a sick bike by males. Chic and sexy by Jackson Wang
  • How he commutes to school: He rides his motorbike or drives the car if Youngjae or Jackson is late
  • Everyday outfit: With hair styled up, leather jacket, t-shirt, jeans, and converse. With hair down, oversize hoodie, jeans, and converse
  • Class Schedule: 11am-5pm classes. This boy dislikes waking up early or staying too late
  • At school majority of the time having himself stuck in the computer labs editing and analyzing film

During Class:

  • Sits near the middle/ and side of the hall, close to the stairs or steps
  • Has pen and paper and only jots down really important key notes
  • Sometimes he types his notes on his laptop if he feels lazy
  • Type of student to ask important or interesting questions at the professor
  • Hands in his assignment on time; fulfill the basic requirements
  • Tends to space out and or doze off, doesn’t try to hide it but does try to re-focus
  • Has a few friends in the same class but generally, his aura scares away some students
  • ALWAYS have at least something to drink in his bag or on the table
  • Only wears his glasses if he’s tired and not bothered to put in contacts
  • Scrolls his phone on pictures of Nora under the table if the class is boring
  • Gets to class on time and lingers for a while, chatting to his friends after class ends

During Breaks:

  • Can be seen around the cafeteria or at the school’s common area with his friends (the rest of got7)
  • If you don’t see him there he’s either napping by the sleeping pods on campus or in the computer labs working on his Film assignments
  • Sometimes he goes out of campus for lunch with his other uni/college friends
  • Or out to fill the bike’s tank
  • Usually, orders the chicken platter set and has any caffeinated drink
  • Talks to Jinyoung about their upcoming film projects while eating
  • Semi-controls himself when Yugyeom and Bam Bam messes with him
  • “Yah. If you don’t wanna die you better stop before I finish this drumstick.”
  • Wrestles Yugyeom and Bam Bam after he finishes his food
  • Has small domestic talks with Youngjae and Jackson since they are his dorm roommates
  • Probably plans in his mind what he should cook for dinner after school
  • And what to get later in the grocery store for the dorm and for Nora

During Exam Season:

  • He is like a stone sitting in front of the computer in the computer lab
  • His aura is so extra deadly and you can feel it from a mile away
  • Do NOT disturb him at any cost
  • Looks collected but is actually hella stressed inside
  • More easily to irritate and frustrate (Bam Bam and Yugyeom usually leaves him alone during exam seasons)
  • Mushroom hair 24/7. No time for hair when you gotta pass.
  • Type to work through the night and get a few hours of sleep before his morning class
  • Forgets to sleep or eat when he’s in high concentration mode
  • He is definitely the type to prioritize his major over his minor
  • Rushes his 10-page History thesis paper and studies for the exam the night before
  • Too tired to think after his exams are done and hibernate through the holiday
  • Relieve to find out he passes all his classes (It’s enough to pass in uni/college)

How he handles on-campus admirers:

  • Knows what the female population of the university/college thinks about him
  • Occasionally gets a screaming “DADDY BUM” at the hallways and gets embarrassed and a little annoyed
  • If he realized the outburst was actually from Jackson, he’d chuckle and patiently wait until when they get back to murder that poor child for embarrassing him in the hallway
  • If he’s approached with a confession, he’d be very flattered and shocked at the same time. (This boy honestly thinks he scares away people.)
  • Also would politely decline if he’s not interested, if the girl or guy persists, he’d tell them that he has Nora. (Not that they would know Nora’s actually a cat LOL)

How you meet him:

  • You actually first encounter Jaebum at a very very wrong way
  • It was exams season and everyone was stuck in their dorms working on projects
  • You were just taking a quick toilet break from studying one night
  • You were washing your hands when suddenly the water pipe bursts under the sink
  • It took you a while to shut off the water supply to your room and it resulted in a flooded bathroom
  • You were trying to drain the water from your tiny bathroom when you hear loud bangs on your complex door
  • You open the door to see a really pissed off Jaebum
  • Turns out the water that flooded your bathroom leaked into Jaebum’s personal bathroom
  • In which he used as a darkroom to develop films and photo negatives
  • Meaning that you ruined not only his darkroom; but also his final project for his class
  • Jaebum was actually fuming and ready to murder
  • But once he sees you apologizing non-stop, he was not as angry anymore
  • After all, it’s not like you intentionally flooded your own bathroom
  • Jaebum just sighs and walks into your bathroom, you follow behind
  • “If you have time to apologize, you have time to drain the water. I’ll help so hurry up.”
  • You apologize again and continued to drain your bathroom with Jaebums’ help
  • It took you guys a while and Jaebum was efficient enough to contact the student dorms landlord to schedule a plumber as soon as possible
  • You also go down to his shared complex and helped clean his bathroom/ darkroom
  • Jackson and Youngjae ends up helping as well while they subtly comforted you cause angry Jaebum can be very scary
  • By the end of all of the cleaning, it was already the next day at the crack of dawn
  • Jaebum sees you off at the stairs and you apologize again
  • “It’s okay, it’s not like you could control what happened.”
  • “I’m really sorry. If there’s anything you’d need me to do, I’d be more than willing to help.”
  • Jaebum takes your offer and promises to contact you if he thinks of anything
  • “Thank you for helping me clean up my bathroom.”
  • You were very still guilty and lowered your head to semi-bow at him
  • Jaebum genuinely feels bad for making you feel so guilty
  • He places his hand on your head and lightly ruffles your hair
  • “Don’t worry, I can always retake photographs. Thank you for helping me take my stuff out of my darkroom.”
  • He watches until you walks up to the upper floor and flashes you a reassuring smile
  • “Go get some sleep. Good luck with your exams.”
  • “Thank you, you too, Jaebum.”

Sleeping Pods

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Fandom: The Internship

Pairing: Stuart Twombly x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  Can you do a oneshot where Stuart &the reader make a habit out of meeting in the napping pods when there was something that kept them in the office all night& when they don’t have time to go home? Not much making out or stuff just a lot of cuddles?

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Reasons to work/intern for Google

I’m in this program called CSSI. High school seniors, apply if you are even remotely interested in CS. 

- Free unlimited 10/10 food. 

(i.e. customized omelets every morning, cups of blueberries, blackberries, & all the other fruit, grill, coffee bars, fro-yo, etc.)

- Napping pods

(…and various other locations for a quick or long nap. Bunk beds, comfy couches, private rooms, you name it.)

- Unparalleled office design

(Every wing has its own theme & is designed for uniqueness and comfort. Cooperation is encouraged in offices’ open space.)

- Friendly people 

(who all happens to be geniuses with their stories to tell. Come for the people.)

- Location in the city, amenities in the office, maternity leave, perks for employees’ family & friends, and so much more.

- Best part? Free & unlimited pads and tampons in the bathroom. Saved my life.

anonymous asked:

I've had such a terrible day and your drabbles always make my day. Could you write a tiny Dizzie drabble?

There’s a strict no-cuddling policy in the napping pods.

(Technically it’s a non-fraternization policy restricted to company-provided sleep space. Pemberley Digital doesn’t prohibit inter-office romance; the heart wants what it wants. But Darcy can’t sanction snugging on company property.)

But he’s launching the next gen of Domino, and Lizzie has a new channel about to launch, and there have been a lot of late nights in their offices apart. They were meant to have lunch today, but it’s three o'clock and neither of them have been able to get away. Until a half hour ago, when he was forcibly removed from his office–banished from his desk by Reynolds, who said he looks terrible, and strong-armed into a mid-afternoon nap by Fitz, who told him he looks like stir-fried shit. When Lizzie climbs into the napping pod, crawling over his legs to collapse with a sign across his torso, the no-cuddling thing seems cruel and unusual.

He slides his hand into her hair as she settles herself more comfortably against his side, muttering sleepily against her forehead.

“Thought you had graphics this afternoon.”

She presses her nose against his neck. “Rescheduled. Katie sent me home.”


“I fell asleep in my sandwich.”

He’s almost too tired to laugh, but the rumble in his chest makes Lizzie harrumph and squeeze him roughly around his middle. 

“You’re one to talk,” she says. “I heard you got soup on your pants. Mr. I Never Spill.”

“I shall never live it down.”

She shakes her head and hikes her leg across his body. He gathers her close, already fuzzy and drifting back into soft drowsiness. 

“We’re working too hard,” Lizzie mumbles.


“Miss you,” she says.

“Me also,” he says.

She giggles. “Vacation soon?”


Lizzie kisses his jaw and sighs. “Where?”

Darcy strokes the hair from her forehead. He rolls them onto their sides, spooning against her, and breathes her in. “Sleep now,” he says.

Lizzie takes one of his hands in both of hers. “Yeah,” she says. “Hawaii sounds good.”

It’s the best sleep they’ve both had in weeks, and when they wake to head for home, it’s almost dawn. They climb right back into the bed they share, where fraternization is not only encouraged, but strictly enforced.

I’m sorry you’ve having a tough day, anon. I’m right there with you. Hope this makes you feel better.

Observatory with an opalescent floor.

I wish I worked somewhere where there was a nap room that was like a planetarium, and the nap pods were slowly orbiting aarnio ball chairs with projections of planets on them. Ummm, does this exist?

Happy New Year!

Google in California perks: a swimming pool, free laundry, free food, and nap pods

Google in New York: there are not *as many* bums outside our building

Hey LBD fans!!

I left a small surprise in one copy of The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet at the Atlanta Highway Barnes and Noble in Athens, GA. It would make me really happy if someone went and found it. <3

(This is my calling now. I want to do this in every bookstore I go to. But maybe next time I’ll come prepared instead of having to grab a coffee coupon out of my purse…)